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I just want to thank you for Home Movies. I thought that ending the show the way you did was phenomenal, and actually brought closure to the character, and the conflicts he was feeling throughout Season 4.

That being said, how awesome was it working with H. Jon Benjamin? Dude is EVERYWHERE now (Archer, Bob's Burgers, He Has a Van).

therealbrendonsmall797 karma

benjamin in person is a quiet mumbly guy but when you put a VO mic in front of him these gigantic overpowering super specific things just keep coming out. he's really the funniest VO guy in the biz.

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I want to second that. Home Movies has a very special place in my heart. In its own way, it was such a true and thoughtful show. Bredon's relationship with his mother and his friends and life in general was beautifully articulated. I love how he worked through his problems with his movies; such a good use of a creative outlet.

How autobiographical was Home Movies? How many of the characters were based on real people? Did you make movies about stuff that was bugging you?

therealbrendonsmall325 karma

it more reflected my life as a guy in his early 20's than me as a 9 yr old. and it also reflected my creative relationship with the HM team.

the only thing that really is part of my life was the making HOME MOVIES part- I did that as a kid, like most of america.

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I, too, have no particular questions, but wanted to thank you for the wonderful show that is Home Movies. Watching the last couple episodes still gives me that feeling of sweet sadness, like the end of a great summer as a kid. Coach McGuirk is one of the best characters of all time. "Brendan." Awesome. Thank you again.

Dr. Rockzo is also one of the best characters ever, his music videos are to die for.

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therealbrendonsmall587 karma

okay guys, thanks for having me. I gave out a lot of NEW info taht I havent talked about yet, so there! I have so much work to do but please check out metal season 4 premiere THIS SUNDAY the 29th and download my record Galaktikon on - you guys rule! let's do this again sometime, eh?

therealbrendonsmall323 karma

hey guys its brendon small here- I'll be jumping on at 11AM pacific- 2pm eastern, looking fwd to it!!

plyeng276 karma

Does Metalocalypse have a clear direction (as in, are we going to get the satisfaction of having all the loose plot ends tied up one day)?

Also...Is CFO really who he appears to be?

therealbrendonsmall481 karma

yes, there has been an ending in mind since the show's beginning. . .

and you'll see during this season that we start to go there.

and you're going to find out a lot more about CFO's fake death this season and where he was. . .

Eeechurface157 karma

Why did you decide to switch to the half hour long format for season 3 and why did you go back to 15 minutes for season 4? Any plans on the Dethalbum 3?

therealbrendonsmall382 karma

quarter hour format best served this particular season for the season arc- thats why.

and we are plotting dates to get in the studio for DETHALBUM III NOW!!!!

sum_dude86 karma

Would H. Jon Benjamin do a cameo on Metalocalypse?

therealbrendonsmall308 karma

sure- BTW did you know I wrote the theme song for Jon Benjamin has a Van?

kronicfeld86 karma

Do Brendon, Jason and Melissa ever get a new video camera? This is a real question.

therealbrendonsmall234 karma

the question is- do they need the camera anymore?

AnomalousX1281 karma

I know you’re going to have a lot of questions coming in, so feel free to only answer those which feel most relevant to you if you can’t answer them all.

Charles Foster Ofdensen is one of my favorite characters in anything ever. How did you come up with him? On one hand, he’s almost just a generic Chief Financial Officer, but at the same time, there are levels of CFO that I think we haven’t even discovered yet. He’s a caring part of Dethklok even though he can seem cold to the band members sometimes. He’s a ruthless killer to all who “F*** with his bread and butter.” He’s even a world-class fencer.

1) So how did you come up with this character? Where did your inspiration come from?

2) Have you considered starting any other projects? Considering the vast difference between Home Movies and Metalocalypse, what would it even be related to?

3) H. Jon Benjamin has become quite a success as a voice actor. You worked with him on Home Movies, but he didn’t show up in Metalocalypse. Was there a reason for that or did you just not feel the need for his specific voice in Metalocalypse?

4) What’s something that most people just don’t know about you that you’d care to share?

5) Will you be my friend? I’m sorry. You’re just too awesome not to ask.

therealbrendonsmall114 karma

  1. the starting point of CFO is RObert Duvall from THE GODFATHER- and then you add in that he's always undermined by a bunch of rude celebrities- and then you give him some secrets. . .

  2. I have some other projects in mind that I'd like to make that have very little to do with HM or Metalocalypse. I'm only interested in stuff I haven't done. I'm very disinterested in the the things I have done.

  3. he'll show up some day.

  4. here's something that not everybody knows my dog ERNIE is the HAPPY DOG (the viral smiling wiemaraner dog pic)

  5. sure.

guitarnoir77 karma

Whenever I see the Dr. Rockzo character, I think: David Lee Roth.

It that what you guys were thinking when you developed the character?

therealbrendonsmall101 karma

Rockzo is a combination of all of our favorite classic rock and modern rock frontmen- we were influenced by Steven Tyler, PAul Stanley, Axel Rose, and yes the amazing DLR.

DCBizzle75 karma

What was your favorite memory of making Home Movies? How similar was the character Brendon Small's life compared to your own?

Also just wanted to say I am a huge fan of Home Movies and Metalocalypse and thanks for making great shows and music.

Edit: spelling.

therealbrendonsmall113 karma

The recordings were incredibly fun and alive- it was fun (after laboring a script) to throw it away and just improvise with some of comedy's best improvisers- jon benjamin.

Play_by_Play58 karma

I always knew Jon Benjamin was some of comedy's best improvisers. How was Mitch Hedberg's character formed? His child character from your show seemed just like his onstage persona.

therealbrendonsmall133 karma

mitch hedberg was such a nice dude- I'll awlays remember the spending time with him in the studio talking to him about comedy. What an incredibly great talented dude.

benttwig3359 karma

Hey there Mr. small, first of all (rhyme, heh), you are absolutely amazing. the comedy is so simple, yet so great! It's the little moments of the shows that really bring dethklok together (heh, the food libraries...). also, you are the fucking man on guitar.

Dethklok question: Are we going to get any more background on Toki? It was mentioned that dethklok is his very first band, and that another guitarist played before him in the show. Will we get to see how he got to be in the band, and the previous guitarists background at all?

Thanks for doing an AMA man!!

therealbrendonsmall155 karma

good question. the plan is to reveal their origins in the future.

but I'll tell you this: you'll get some back ground on MAGNUS HAMMERSMITH- original Dethklok guitarist THIS SEASON

paradoxikal53 karma

Hi Brendon, just popping by to say I'm REALLY looking forward to the Metalocalypse season 4 premiere, it's my all-time favorite show. So few things exist that appeal to my sadistic sense of humor, so thanks for providing me with endless hilarity, excited for another season's worth!

What is your favorite moment from behind the scenes? Who is your favorite character to voice?

therealbrendonsmall71 karma

hey guys, thanks for having me and all that garbage. I've got about an hour here and then I've gotta go back and finish the season finale music due tomorrow!!

to answer- thanks for digging the stuff- I love playing the band but I relly get off on playing some of the guys you don't se that often like DICK 'magic ears" Knubbler and EDGAR JOMFRU

MGaber52 karma

When are you going on tour again? Will you come back to Columbus Ohio?

therealbrendonsmall66 karma

we should have a lot of great music and touring info very soooooooon!

raveway45 karma

What made you choose to do voice acting/music instead of being in front of the camera?

therealbrendonsmall77 karma

I love all acting and have been studying more of it the past few years. . . I'd love to create a live action show for myself to act in and have been quietly developing one. . .

reburn44 karma

I'm a big fan of your work! Thanks for doing an AMA. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the genesis of your idea for Metalocalypse. I know you are a big metal fan and a fantastic guitarist, but where did you get the idea for a band so influential it controls world economy?

therealbrendonsmall133 karma

that idea came about because we found that every other musical comedy was about a 'band that can't get it together' and it's been done brilliantly by Spinal Tap, Tenacious D, and Flight of the C- so we thought: why not make a show about the biggest band ever??? simple right?

Trust_Me_IAMA_Wizard41 karma

  1. What creative work of yours are you most proud of?

  2. Besides your own stuff, what's your favorite [AS] show?

  3. To whom do you owe a great deal of thanks for helping to get you where you are today?

  4. Many people here have a very deep sense of connection to Home Movies. What do you, personally, think made it so heartfelt?

Thanks for everything! I can't wait for GALAKTIKON!!!

therealbrendonsmall67 karma

  1. uhhhh. . . I like that I get to make records. because a lot of those guiatr parts are over 20 yrs in the making.

  2. I like venture, squids, ATHF, really excited about eagle heart- chris elliot is a hero of mine.

  3. loren bouchard saw me doing stand up in harvard square and gave me a huge opportunity- he rules.

  4. maybe because we put a lot of ourselves into the show?? I really don't know.

and thanks yes GALAKTIKON is days away!

Rob_Saget38 karma

Hey Brendon! Thanks for doing this AMA!

  • What songs from season 3 will be on Dethalbum III? Please tell me the song from Klokblocked will be on there!

  • Have you considered using the "Tupac hologram" technology for live performances of Dethklok?

  • Will we ever see Home Movies make a comeback?

  • What's it like working with H. Jon Benjamin? And will he ever make a guest appearance on Metalobstertits?

  • Will you release a tab book for Galaktikon?

Thanks again!

therealbrendonsmall45 karma

Galaktikon tab book eh? You guys think people will buy it?

Which song was the Klokblocked song again??? I seriously forget sometimes.

I'd also be interested to see what other songs fans would like to hear on DETHALBUM III.

PieMaster6433 karma

How long have you been into metal/death metal music? Who were your inspirations?

therealbrendonsmall92 karma

over 20 yrs.

I love metallica, queen, slayer, king diamond. yngwie, vai, satriani, and tons of modern stuff- gojira, cannibal, amaon amarth, arch enemy

but i also love non metal stuff like ELO- Jeff beck, David Bowie, and yes Steely Dan (no joke)

OptimusPrimeNumber30 karma

Will Dethklok ever cover the Franz kafka rock opera from home movies at a live show or during the one of the episodes?

therealbrendonsmall32 karma

there's a little of the KAftka rock opera in the theme song... so kind of??

AtWorkButSawBrendan28 karma

Hello Brendan! Thanks for Home Movies! I'm a huge Metalpocalypse fan as well. I also loved your voice work on the Venture Bros. I'm a huge fan- I even have the music from Home Movies on my iPod. Keep on making more things!!

therealbrendonsmall57 karma

thanks! Please don't stop complimenting my work, Thank you.

captaincrawdad26 karma

What are your thoughts on Iron Maiden?

therealbrendonsmall44 karma

love them. they're a big part of my early teen years!

FMRYP24 karma

First off, Big fan here, and THANK YOU for doing this!!!

1) Did you like the Halloween costume picture that Mr. Clattenburg showed you of Doctor Rockzo? That guy's one of my good friends and I think he did the doctor some justice, but wanted your thoughts on it!

2) Have you been planning Metalocalypse since "Thor Von Clemson"? Or was it some of the more ridiculous, black metal, axe swingin, forest jumpin type bands that gave you inspiration?

3) After seeing Hologram 2pac at Coachella; Has this given you any desire to play with Hologram Dethklok on stage? There is a lot of detail in the animations for the show (such as finger placement during songs), so do you see this technology as something that could be plausible, or had you already considered this (Because of bands like Gorillaz) when you first started touring?

Thanks again! Keep doing what you're doing, because you're out there totally rockin it!


therealbrendonsmall60 karma

i'd love to find a way to incorporate holograms! we just need a HUGE budget!

planet_smasher23 karma

Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? Has that changed at all since you started working on Metalocalypse?

Which Dethklok song is your favorite to perform?

Does Skwisgaar actually believe that Toki is a terrible guitarist and all-around inferior human being? Yeah, I know it's kind of ridiculous that I care about this. But I think their rivalry is interesting, even if it's just supposed to be funny.

therealbrendonsmall50 karma

sometimes I am. But not always.

I love playing hatred copter. the middle section. also love Black Fire upon us.

sk thinks toki could work a bit harder- thats all. I personally know Toki is good, he just gets nervous.

somejane22 karma

Hi Brendon -- thanks for coming out to hang with the fans! Always and ever a huge admirer of your work.

  1. About the show: You're always emphatic that you've always had an end in mind for Metalocalypse; I really admire that you're sticking through to the vision -- has anything changed, though, from your original concept? Either the characterizations, or the humor aesthetic?

  2. About the music: The samples for Galaktikon are incredible. Do you have any project ideas for the future where we'll get to hear you sing more?

therealbrendonsmall36 karma

  1. you always have to yield to the show- meaning it will naturally take a course that it takes with all the info you give it- the characters have come to life and grown by leaps and bounds from season 1, and you just have to let it happen.

as for the ending- there are a lot of ways to skin that cat. one of which involves skinning an actual cat.

  1. thanks- again we'll see if people buy it and that will tell me everything i guess . . .

Poo_Brain_Horse20 karma

I want your Gibson Explorer. Can I steal it from you?

therealbrendonsmall64 karma

guys good news.

the Thunderhorse did so well that Epiphone wants to make a lower priced one that totally rules

also be on the lookout for the GIBSON DETHKLOK SNOWFALCON FLYING V coming soon!! I just got the prototype, holy shit this guitar rules!

Professor_Lurker19 karma

Thank you so much for doing this! As a grad-school, classical musician about to enter the "real world," I aspire to be much like you when I grow up.

So many questions, but here are two:

What musical training do you have? I really loved the less-used meters (like 7/4 in Don't put marbles in your nose, etc) in a lot of the Home Movies stuff, and the fast-paced harmonies in Metalocalypse would probably make Bach roll in his grave and make bumping noises with his boner.

Also, what advice would you give to musicians that want to have fun with music and create truly original sounds like you do? is it really about who you know in the big leagues?

Thanks again, keep being awesome!

therealbrendonsmall47 karma

I graduated from Berklee College of Music in BOSTON.

and a lot of the tricks I use are those that I learned from listening to QUEEN- and taking traditional harmony classes at school- also I took a lot of HArmony and chord analysis classes which really help to paint you out of a corner when you have a lot of music deadlines!

and the best advice I can give is WRITE. write lots of music. and do what I did- create a project and hire yourself as the main musician!!!

earthbound0118 karma


Will Home Movies ever come back?

therealbrendonsmall63 karma

No. We finished the show and feel that we said what we needed to with it. It's a very lucky person that is allowed to end their show on their own creative terms and we're forever thankful that we had that opportunity.

seaniemack1115 karma

thanks for doing an IAmA! couple of metalocalypse questions:

  • do you ever get geeked when you realize, "holy shit, matt pike just did the voice to one of my characters!!!" personally, i would.

  • what's the process of doing the voice acting on the show-is it similar to the way that adam reed does it (ie-everyone is remote & then it's edited together)?

  • will there be more talk of dildos this season?

  • what album is totally giving you a chub right now?

therealbrendonsmall43 karma

also digging the new meshuggah- and cannibal corpse

love new mastodon

for guitar nerds check out aristocrats- guthrie govan rules

therealbrendonsmall32 karma

matt pike rules. BUY THE NEW HIGH ON FIRE CD. great stuff

for VO as many actors in the room together is the best sp that we can develop a conversational rhythm and improvise

but for special guests we record them singularly. for example this season SOUNDGARDEN recorded from seattle with me on the phone directing them- last week I recorded CHRIS ELLIOT whose on the east coast

JMce8914 karma

Are you a fan of anime?

therealbrendonsmall37 karma

I like a few things NINJA SCROLL- AKIRA but i don't know that much more. . .

and1813779 karma

On your live shows it seems like the focus is on the projections. Although cool, I dont like it as the main thing. I'm a fan of real dethklok, not animated dethklok. So would you consider changing that? I would also like to know what you will say when dethklok has the first death metal album to debut in the top 10? Thanks for this, dethklok is one of my favorite bands.

therealbrendonsmall29 karma

we are on stage and you can see us and watch us play and watch our fingers and stuff but we've always been careful to stay out of the spotlight since we're more of a "pit band" to the big projection. It's a fine line to walk but I'm glad you dig us more than the cartoon- that's nice.

raveway8 karma

This is timely because I just watched a Metalocalypse marathon. I believe you're best known for Home Movies and Metalocalypse. Which show did you enjoy making the most? The one that began your career, or the one that, seemingly, took a lot more hard work and involvement?

therealbrendonsmall19 karma

they're so totally different production wise. Metalocalypse is way harder and takes so much more time but is way more satisfying musically. HM was incredibly fun and easy and effortless- making that show was a breeze and I loved it.

guitarnoir7 karma

I like Metalocalypse. Especially the part at the beginning with the flashing screen that induces a brain-seizure, and I wake-up the next day with a bloody tongue.


therealbrendonsmall16 karma

thanks. I'll be thinking of your bloody face tongue

alycenwonder5 karma

what was it like working with Brian Posehn?

therealbrendonsmall8 karma

Brian Rules. He's a write on this season. He's naturally funny and writes from a personal place which makes him a commodity in this business. also we saw van halen together a coupe months ago. and we saw yngwie and satriani together too- needless to say he likes the shred.