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best known as the creator of the animated series Home Movies and Metalocalypse and as the creator of the virtual death metal band Dethklok.

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benjamin in person is a quiet mumbly guy but when you put a VO mic in front of him these gigantic overpowering super specific things just keep coming out. he's really the funniest VO guy in the biz.

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He is so quiet in person that all you hear are these little mumbles. Then he gets behind the mic and these amazing things just fall out of his brain, That dude is on another level.

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okay guys, thanks for having me. I gave out a lot of NEW info taht I havent talked about yet, so there! I have so much work to do but please check out metal season 4 premiere THIS SUNDAY the 29th and download my record Galaktikon on - you guys rule! let's do this again sometime, eh?

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yes, there has been an ending in mind since the show's beginning. . .

and you'll see during this season that we start to go there.

and you're going to find out a lot more about CFO's fake death this season and where he was. . .

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quarter hour format best served this particular season for the season arc- thats why.

and we are plotting dates to get in the studio for DETHALBUM III NOW!!!!

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Hello! It's me Bkjwerb SMlkjsfhda!!!! Good to be here again. I'm here for a couple hours and will try to get to all of your questions.

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The premise is that because we didn't want to do the "band that can't get a gig thing" or the "band on it's way out thing" those premises have been nailed by Spinal Tap and Tenacious D and Fight of the Concord brilliantly- why not go the other way and make them the largest cultural force on earth?

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it more reflected my life as a guy in his early 20's than me as a 9 yr old. and it also reflected my creative relationship with the HM team.

the only thing that really is part of my life was the making HOME MOVIES part- I did that as a kid, like most of america.

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oh also here's the track list for the new record- released only an hour ago

OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK TRACK LISTING: 1. The Birth/ Fata Sidus Oritur/ One of Us Must Die 2. Magnus and the Assassin 3. Partying around the World 4. Tracking/ Ishnifus and the Challenge 5. How Can I Be a Hero? 6. The Fans are Chatting 7. Abigail's lullaby 8. Some Time Ago… 9. The Duel 10. I Believe 11. A Traitor Amongst Them 12. Training/ Do it All for My Brother 13. The Answer is in Your Past 14. The Depths of Humanity 15. Givin' Back to You 16. En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti 17. The Crossroads 18. Morte Lumina 19. Blazing Star 20. The DOOMSTAR Orchestra

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hey guys its brendon small here- I'll be jumping on at 11AM pacific- 2pm eastern, looking fwd to it!!