I'm Brendon Small I am the guy who from Metalocalyspe, Dethklok, Galaktikon, Home Movies, and now Metalocalyspe: The DOOMSTAR REQUIEM a klok opera 1 hr special premiering OCT 27th on adult swim soundtrack out OCT 29th

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shizmcgrizz401 karma

How did you ever get anything done while making Home Movies? I would imagine most of the day was spent just sitting and listening to H. Jon Benjamin's glorious voice.

therealbrendonsmall659 karma

He is so quiet in person that all you hear are these little mumbles. Then he gets behind the mic and these amazing things just fall out of his brain, That dude is on another level.

therealbrendonsmall381 karma

Hello! It's me Bkjwerb SMlkjsfhda!!!! Good to be here again. I'm here for a couple hours and will try to get to all of your questions.

therealbrendonsmall324 karma

oh also here's the track list for the new record- released only an hour ago

OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK TRACK LISTING: 1. The Birth/ Fata Sidus Oritur/ One of Us Must Die 2. Magnus and the Assassin 3. Partying around the World 4. Tracking/ Ishnifus and the Challenge 5. How Can I Be a Hero? 6. The Fans are Chatting 7. Abigail's lullaby 8. Some Time Ago… 9. The Duel 10. I Believe 11. A Traitor Amongst Them 12. Training/ Do it All for My Brother 13. The Answer is in Your Past 14. The Depths of Humanity 15. Givin' Back to You 16. En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti 17. The Crossroads 18. Morte Lumina 19. Blazing Star 20. The DOOMSTAR Orchestra

harrison-from-TN235 karma

Have you considered making character mini-albums, like a Snakes N Barrels album? Because I would buy that shit so fast.

therealbrendonsmall262 karma

If I had all the time in the world I would! It's nice playing other styles, it's a cleanses the palette

PrimeLiberty186 karma

I've always thought the idea of a death metal band "100 times more popular than the Beatles" as being one of the best premises for a TV show.

Where did you come up with that idea?

therealbrendonsmall376 karma


The premise is that because we didn't want to do the "band that can't get a gig thing" or the "band on it's way out thing" those premises have been nailed by Spinal Tap and Tenacious D and Fight of the Concord brilliantly- why not go the other way and make them the largest cultural force on earth?

unadventurer169 karma

Hi Brendon! Thanks for doing this AMA.

I have two questions..

1.)If you could be a guitarist in any other metal band, who would it be?

2.)What’s your favorite metal opera? And why is it Ziltoid the Omniscient?

therealbrendonsmall284 karma

Hmmmmm. . . Good questions.

  1. I wish I were in Queen. I know it's not metal but I love the guitars so damn much that I pretty much rip them off everywhere.

  2. and Ziltiod is amazing! I love Devin! But I grew up listening to the Who's TOMMY and JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and EVITA and was heavily influenced by those records as a kid- also loved the story telling by KING DIAMOND- my favorite things in the world are comedy, music and storytelling and I'm lucky guy to have found a place to do all three.

therealbrendonsmall145 karma

I hope I made a dent in your questions. I can't believe it's been 2 hours already. I must go BUT-

Thank you guys for the nice words and the interest in my stuff. I really can't wait for you all to hear/see/hear DOOMSTAR I think it's both my and my team's best work. no joke. I love you and I like you.


N3rdLink130 karma

home movies is extremely underrated and one of my all time favorite shows. Focus grill is one of the best ending eps for any show I've watched.

  1. Are there any lost or unreleased episodes? Will they ever be released?
  2. Are there any Home Movies production art available for fans to own? I've looked and asked around and cameup short!
  3. Were there any credence to the rumors for any new HM EPS?

therealbrendonsmall84 karma

you know what is a great show that I just watched every episode of for the first time in its entirety? Yup the Sopranos. God Damn if there is one true genius out there it's David Chase. He is coming at it from another place. I worship him. AND do you know Dethklok makes a small appearance in the 2nd to last episode?

Lurkbasket117 karma

Hey, Brendon! Just wanted to say I really appreciate a show that doesn't treat my favorite genre of music as anything less than the narrative powerhouse it can be.

Two questions:

  1. Your fanbase is known for creating some pretty interesting supplimentary fanwork (art, musical covers, hilarious textual overlays of screencaps, etc). Do you have any favorites?

  2. Will there be a final tour? I missed it the last time 'round because of that whole "Sandy" thing.

therealbrendonsmall173 karma

Oh jeeze, I have seen so many pieces of fan art I don't know that I can pick one. The homosexual stuff is amazing!!!

  1. Final eh? I'm working on trying to get this KLOK OPERA out as a tour but it's tricky because it's not just metal- it has a whole bunch of different styles in it- don't know if it's a metal tour a comedy tour or a theatrical musical tour.

gangnam_style107 karma

What happened to Fatty Ding Dongs? That was my favorite episode ever.

Also, how's working with Gene Hoglan, the greatest drummer of all time?

therealbrendonsmall170 karma

Fatty Ding Dong is still living amongst the kitties. He may have feline AIDS.

Gene is a prince to work with. a true talent who really cares about every drum note he makes- and that's a lot of caring.

tokiistheking97 karma

Hey Brendon, I’m honestly not sure if there is a question limit or not but being a big fan of Metalocalypse (it’s my favorite show ever and I thank you for it), I have a lot of questions so if this is too much feel free to pick and choose or simply not answer if you’ve seen these questions before. I tried to cut it down, promise.

1) Have you known since the start of Metalocalypse what direction the plot/storyline was going to go and how the series was going to end? If not, when did you decide that you were going to take a comedy and turn it into something with more plot?

2) We know your least favorite character is Dr.Rockzo so who is your favorite character and why?

3) What is one thing you like about your fans versus one thing you dislike about them?

4) I’ve seen a lot of fans that are really curious about the band’s ages, is there an answer you can give us to how old they each are? Or at least list them oldest to youngest? And about how tall they each are?

5) If we aren’t going to know Pickles’ real name (or maybe we will find out one day?) can you give us a reason behind why the hell he goes by Pickles? Will there ever be a Snakes n' Barrels album?

6) I don’t know I really just like to hear things about the characters. Is there any random facts or thoughts you’d like to share about any of them?

therealbrendonsmall243 karma

first off thanks for saying nice stuff.

I'll answer a couple and make sure I have time for more- I'm a slow typist.

Ages- Pickles is the oldest, then Murdeface, then Nathan who is the same age as Skwisgaar, (i just made that up so I guess it's sticking) and of course Toki is the youngest.

and yes we are about as annoyed by DR ROCKZO as Dethklok is mainly because we don't try to make him good in any way - in fact he's a real piece of shit and yet he is insanely popular.

OverBlackwaterPark95 karma

Will Pickles be singing in more songs on the soundtrack?

therealbrendonsmall180 karma

yes. Everybody sings on DOOMSTAR. EVERYBODY.

DankSinatron90 karma

you are endowed with vast amounts of talent. please tour again as the first time i saw dethklok live it completely jiggled my gibblets

therealbrendonsmall68 karma

thank you. I would like to.

androx8786 karma

Brendon, I have loved every second of Metalocalypse and Home Movies that you have given us, and I have just one question for you:

Which do you most can't the least?

therealbrendonsmall97 karma

the answer is yes.

wait NO. thats my answer?

Screwbit77 karma

I dont have any questions, just wanted to let you know that I love you.

therealbrendonsmall157 karma

I love you too screwbit. I fucking always have.

givemeyourtoast68 karma

Are there any plans for more solo albums in the future? “Galaktikon” is glorious! I’d love to see some of the tracks performed live someday

therealbrendonsmall79 karma

Thanks for the nice words. I really enjoyed making that record and throwing more melodic vocals into the mix. I'd love to continue in that direction in the future. No plans as of yet. It's been a pretty busy year!

sicPlooki58 karma

Do the artists on Metalocalypse ever get tired of drawing Murderface's penis?

therealbrendonsmall182 karma

This is funny and true-

The artist (who are incredible) in the past may have gotten some proportions wrong, like small feet or arms but there are two things they never screw up, TITs and Murderface's dick. Professionals

ohbranders56 karma

Hey Brendon!

Been a fan since Home Movies. My question is what is your favourite Dethklok album? Does any particular one make you prouder than the others? Favourite song from that album?

therealbrendonsmall58 karma

Thanks for digging the old stuff.

Each record has a highlight for me personally and places where I wish I had more time but I guess that goes for anything I do. Some songs I listen to and hate my guitar playing or tone and some I really like. I listened to ANDROMEDA a week ago and really liked everything about it. GO figure

bbooth7653 karma

Is there going to be a season 5 of Metalocalypse, and if so, when can we expect it?

therealbrendonsmall88 karma

I never give satisfying answers when asked this- but I'll try to help without giving anything anything away. but I think you'll understand the answer when you see our next installment this weekend. Again sorry for protecting the story and stuff

triple11042 karma

Have any notable metal bands criticized your approach to visualizing and satirizing metal?

therealbrendonsmall149 karma

Only Led Zeppelin and the rolling stones but who cares about them anyway right?

qwasderf42 karma


therealbrendonsmall115 karma

Well, Queen & Metallica were my starting point and if you listen to "Go into the water" i tried to combine Flash Gordon and Am I Evil (which I guess is a diamond head song) but as you go on you can tell that other stuff inspired me too. Everybody from Anthrax, to Exodus, to Aman Amarth, to Black Dahlia Murder to Gojira, to Mastodon. . .

ohwaitiforgot37 karma

Do you plan on making shows reminiscent of Home Movies in the future? I loved the impromptu, conversational humor. Even if you weren't watching it, you could just listen to it like a radio show.

New idea: RADIO SHOW!

therealbrendonsmall74 karma

I love character based dialogue driven humor a lot and I have a project that has a lot of those qualities that I'm developing.

carcomimrates37 karma

Hey Brendon, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a big fan, and I'm crazy excited to see what happens to Toki. My only question is where can I find a THAT'S DOABLE shirt? I didn't grab one last time Dethklok came around, and I'd love to have one.

therealbrendonsmall71 karma

Hmmm. Good question. I do not know. Adult Swim kind of doesn't have a T shirt dept anymore and when we tour we ARE the T shirt dept but we're not touring right now so- I guess I'm saying I don't know.

What a great answer that was

ROUND_TWO37 karma

Hey Brendon,

Tremendous fan. There was a time when I used to listen to "Galaktikon" on repeat for weeks on my walks to class. I've become super invested in the story. My question is: when you go falsetto, is that you as the ex-wife, or still Beastblade? Also, any chance of turning it into an animated musical? If so, can I help?

therealbrendonsmall53 karma

You are right- falsetto is sometimes the villain trying to lie and be sweet and sometimes it's her. good guess!

and it's funny I would consider animating or doing something else with this visually but it's nice just to imagine it in your head with the music sometimes!

HerbLarious37 karma

Is this going to be the conclusion to Metalocalypse? Or will there be another season/movie? I need more!

therealbrendonsmall56 karma

again you will have all of your answers in a few short days. . . I apologize.

megadethklok1337 karma

how is your dog :)

therealbrendonsmall143 karma

He pretty good. Moments ago he was rubbing his butt across the carpet. What a dildo. time for a new carpet

AdrianoA37 karma

I'd just like to say I'm a huge fan of Home Movies, and have been for as long as I can remember. I was wondering:

  1. What's your favorite episode of Home Movies?

  2. How much of the show was improvised, or was it mainly just stuck to the script?

therealbrendonsmall79 karma

I don't think I have a favorite and haven't watched it in like a decade! I normally don't go back to stuff after I've finished it. But I loved making it.

and Myself of Bill Braudis would write all the scripts and myself and the cast would read them through a couple times then turn the page over and put them into our own words- though benjamin would usually shoot off into left field early and we'd be smart and follow.

Valhalla_Awaits36 karma

Hello Brendon! Really excited you are doing an AMA. I've been a fan of your show and Dethklok for years.

How did your original pitch for the show play out? Metal as a whole is still popularly conceived as "unaccessible" to the masses, so when I heard about Metalocalypse originally I was surprised a network decided to go for it. Did it take any special convincing on your part?

What are some bands you can't get enough of right now?


therealbrendonsmall57 karma

The show is on the air because I pitched it to Mike Lazzo and he immediately got it. There's no other network where this pitch would've been taken seriously. He's the reason the show has a home.

And I'm listening to a Warren Zevon compilation right now- Also been listening to Utopia lately. Todd Rundgren is a song machine.

fuzzythecat29 karma

What's it like playing with arguably the best metal rhythm section? I bet bryan beller is a kick ass guy to drink beer with.

therealbrendonsmall55 karma

Beller is a treat to be around. SO is the whole band, But Beller isnt a beer guy he drinks what I've deemed the "beller special' which is 30 parts vodka and a one part orange juice and cranberry and ladies perfume. Bryan is a great laugher too- always good to be around when you're in comedy!!

jcnelsen26 karma

Hey Brendon! Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a big fan. Discovering Home Movies in film school was a treat.

1) What's been your funnest character to voice to date?

2) Was there particular inspiration for the characters Walter and Perry? They're my favorites.

therealbrendonsmall53 karma

I really enjoy doing Dick Knubbler on Metalocalypse. I also liked doing Ken Addleberg. That would be a fun and horrible spin off show.

bigtice24 karma

Hey Brendon, I’ve been a fan of yours since Home Movies (Coach McGuirk was awesome) and still like to randomly listen to Duane’s “Guitarmageddon” solo… I honestly just wish there was a longer version of it. Anyway, I have two questions I'd like to ask you:

  1. I remember reading about your nervousness in your first public performance. Although it took a while, how did you get over this fear?
  2. The various personalities of all the characters for Metalocalypse, from Toki’s sensitive nature to Skwisgaar’s love for GMILFs, are a large part of why the show is so great in my opinion. How did you come up with the motivation for each characters personality?

therealbrendonsmall37 karma

Thanks and I loved making that episode of the show!

  1. Yeah I had paralyzing fear in high school and early 20's I guess that you have to keep doing it and learn how to breath. It seems simple but it relaxes you. A couple beers don't hurt. But I can't drink and play guitar. also you don't want to fully cure it- you want a little but of that excitement when you perform.

  2. good quesiton- I thought their instruments defined them. Toki is in SK's shadow, Murderface is not heard in any mix, these little things spread into their personalities. and then long sessions of improv and dialing in voices. But as you can hear the character voices settle over the years and define themselves.

ty502021 karma

  1. How much practice do you do with your guitar now and in the months gearing up for Dethklok?

  2. How about that Buckethead guy he's released 20 albums this year more to come, thoughts?

therealbrendonsmall47 karma

  1. I play every morning for about 45 minutes and when i get a new piece of gear i play even longer. I love playing guitar and i'm sometimes late to things because I'm jackin off with my guitar.

  2. Buckethead rules. Thats what I think about that.

theC4K3is4lie21 karma

Favorite non-death subgenre of metal? any interest in any stoner-related metal (i.e. kylesa, bongripper, black sabbath, etc.)?

therealbrendonsmall87 karma

I like whatever we're calling HIGH ON FIRE.

pocketnectar21 karma

Hey Brendon! Me and my brother grew a serious bond over Home Movies. I can't tank you enough for that.

Do you and HJB hang out on the regular?

therealbrendonsmall28 karma

Jon and I will get together every once in a while. We go to a restaurant called Jitlada here in LA when he's in town.

p5ych08218 karma

Big fan of your music, it got me to pick back up my Gibson after years of not playing. I think I own all of your music and tablature. I would like to know if there are any plans to put out a Galaktikon tab book? Also I would love to see some sort of music video, maybe something like the old Heavy Metal movies for Galaktikon. Would love to see that story animated!

therealbrendonsmall42 karma

thanks. MAybe I'll just put out a GALAKTIKON HOW TO video and you guys can learn it. I need to relearn it first though.

Foobeh17 karma

Brendon, you're amazingly talented and fantastic and I'm kind of starstruck right now even though this is just through text. But I actually do have a question. Galaktikon is easily one of my all-time favourite albums, do you know if you'll ever be able to perform it live again?

therealbrendonsmall28 karma

Thanks. Hey you guys are way too nice with these compliments but don't worry, I'm not a huge fan of my work so they wont go to my head.

But maybe I will- I did it once earlier this year but I had an 11 piece band covering all my parts and overdubs and vocal harmonies. But the question is can I tour with all of that?

Number_Kyle15 karma

Hi Brendon, first I Just wanted to say I saw the 5 minute preview and loved it....but thaaaaaat was yesteeeeeerdaaaay. What's your favorite show/project that incorporates humor with good music and why? Also, would love to hear your thoughts on vinyl.

therealbrendonsmall42 karma

Hmm. Well Spinal Tap nailed it amazingly.

and Mr Show had amazing musical sketches. That show in my opinion was the best sketch comedy show of all time. There I said it. And I'm standing by it. they were like the perfect band with a totally unique voice. God dammit I wish I could've gotten in on some of that stuff.

and Vinyl is good but my system sucks I need a new one and need recommendations.

goborage14 karma

Ever think of making of making a Home Movies sequel? I know myself and a lot of others would love to see the kids grown up.

therealbrendonsmall49 karma

but what if they turned into assholes?

GrievousMouseMan14 karma

So Bren Bren, what's your thoughts on touring Doomstar Requiem as a live show? With the screen showing it as you play like normal but with the orchestra and all?

therealbrendonsmall35 karma

I am trying to put that together and the ultimate goal would be to play with an Orchestra. But that may be incredibly expensive and at the end of the day I work in cable cartoons, Hello sponsors?

guitarplaya16114 karma

Brendon, you are awesome! What/when was the turning point for you that caused you to stop playing metal as more of a joke and start working on your material more seriously?

therealbrendonsmall34 karma

Well as guitarists know, you don't start playing as a joke, you start playing because you wish you were Eddie Van Halen. and you have to practice and practice. But you're right I did start taking it more seriously because of DETHKLOK because DETHKLOK would take it more seriously

trolltollforboyshole14 karma

What's your favorite adult swim show apart from your own?

therealbrendonsmall54 karma

I like Tim and Eric and Venture Bros and Aqua Teen a lot. Those shows are run by funny dudes and they make me laugh. There are some I haven't seen yet but need to!

Raiden_Gekkou13 karma

What was the most difficult guitar riff you remember from Metalocalypse?

therealbrendonsmall38 karma

They all start out really hard. even the simple ones. but hmmm- oh, okay the descending muted riff from DETHSUPPORT is the ultimate forearm workout. It burns just thinking about it!

LovelyMetalhead12 karma

Hello Brendon, I just want to first off, thank you for the creations that you've made, and that without them I wouldn't have made the friends that I have today. Secondly, I want to know: Since you've said that Brendon Small's Galaktikon is an audio comic book, how would you feel if a fan took it upon themselves to make an actual comic book of it?

therealbrendonsmall31 karma

fans make some of the best art and I wouldn't stop them!

Somebody made a great storyboard or MURMAIDER II the water god. Really great stuff!

YSCapital12 karma

Brendon huge fan, but whatever lets get to the meat & potatoes of why i'm here

When is the new season of Metalocalypse coming??
Is it going to be the last one?

Hamburger time

therealbrendonsmall27 karma

watch our big special this weekend. That's the next thing. I'm telling you here, boy am I ever. . .

GoatCheez6667 karma


Been a huge fan since Home Movies. Love the music and comedy. No question. You improve my quality of life, so thank you :)

therealbrendonsmall20 karma

you are welcome I'm a big fan of these compliments.

Chappy327 karma

How was it transitioning from music to comedy? And how exciting was it to be able to do both of those at the same?

therealbrendonsmall12 karma

It's the ultimate dream for me and I'm a lucky guy to be able to have a venue to do it!

Rynomite19927 karma

  1. Would you rather only play your own music, or only play other band's music?
  2. Whats the strangest thing you've seen a fan do?
  3. What was it like working with Jack Black?
  4. How hard has it been to keep the ending of Metalocalypse a secret since literally the beginning of the show?
  5. Whats the biggest problem with the world today?
  6. Did you use Metallica’s S&M as inspiration for the Doom Star Requiem?
  7. Did you hear that Metallica took a page from Metalocalypse and is going to play in Antarctica this December?
  8. You said you would like to keep making more Dethklok songs after the show ends; where will you draw inspiration from without an episode to go along with it?
  9. After working so hard the past several years on Metaocalypse, what will you do to keep busy once it's over (any other shows on the horizon)?

therealbrendonsmall11 karma

  1. I like playing covers as much f not more than playing my own music. I'd like to just start a cover band sometimes and play Guns N Roses.

  2. Jack has an incredible singing voice. I love his music and he's fun and a sweet dude.

lindenflynn7 karma

Hey, Brendon! Linden Flynn here. Couple of questions. Given that you've been really drawn to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, do you ever think you'll do something in that style of writing? Or is it not comedy oriented enough for you? Also, how would one go about working with/for you? Give me a week from Doomstar, and I'll send you pics of my new Dethklok tattoo (#3!).

therealbrendonsmall18 karma

hi Linden

I really love those shows. And both of those shows have extremely well constructed drama and incredibly strong comedy. ie Peter Dinklage is really fucking funny.

I really like these shows with ambitious worlds and think that is totally where my head is at.

Working for me? hm good question. I'll get back to you on that.

moonshield_6 karma

Hello Brendon! I'm a big fan of both Metalocalypse and Dethklok from Turkey. Thanks a lot for doing this AMA. I have a couple of questions and I'd be delighted if you could answer them;

1-Did you get inspired by someone in particular while creating the unique characteristics and personalities of Dethklok members or other major characters?

2-Considering the mind-blowing originality of episodes, how do you come up with all these ideas in such a short time?

3-Is there any way for us poor non-US fans to watch the Doomstar Requiem shortly after the release?

4-What are your favorite bands?

Again, thanks a lot for doing this AMA even when you're really occupied. Have a nice day, and please don't end Metalocalypse with this 1 hour special!

PS- I'm hoping that I misinterpreted the meaning behind the 5 minute preview and Blazing Star... But if someone really has to die, it can be Dr. Rockso, really!

~Lots of love from Istanbul! :)

therealbrendonsmall23 karma

  1. we usually have an okay amount of time to write. for example I was writing a lot of DOOMSTAR while on tour this time last year.
  2. I really don't know. How has everybody watched it before??? I hope adultswim can help answer that.

  3. I have a lot. I usually say Queen first and then Steely Dan to ruin all my credibility

invalid_character5 karma

u know what would be awesome?! if you gave me a shoutout during in ur next song! ♪ (metal lyrics) invalid character (metal screech) ♪ could u do that, if you wanted to?

therealbrendonsmall30 karma

okay. this one goes out to you, PERSON!!!

throwashadow4 karma

We know something about every character's acestral lineage except for Murderface's. Nathan is part Yaneemango, Pickles is Irish, Skwisgaar is Swedish, and Toki is Norwegian, of course. What is Murderface's ancestry?

Also, are we ever going to get some more Snakes 'n Barrels tracks? Maybe a mini-album?

therealbrendonsmall11 karma

Well Murderface's grandfather was THUNDERBOLT, which has a native american thing going on soooooo. . . .

TheDethklokGuy4 karma

Do you plan on releasing the music videos for "Ghostqueen" and "Andromeda" or is that mainly in adults swims hands?

therealbrendonsmall13 karma

I'd like to and can't believe they are not out already? Whose being so stingey?

iPcsIV3 karma

Hey Brendon!

1.) What is your favorite arpeggio?

2.) What do you see in the future of Metalocalypse/Dethklok?

3.) If you had to be roommates with any one of the members of Dethklok, who would it be and why?

therealbrendonsmall8 karma

  1. It's a P minor arpeggio
  2. You'll know soon enough'
  3. Not a member but maybe Charles?

RebeccaNightrod3 karma

Hi Brendon! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I am a big fan of your work, especially Metalocalypse (hence the user name). Few questions:

  • Will you be performing Galaktikon live anywhere in 2014?
  • Will there be a Dethklok tour in 2014?
  • If there will be a Dethklok tour, have you considered using holographic technology to bring Dethklok onstage? I think that would be totally amazing.

therealbrendonsmall11 karma

It' would be awesome to have holograms. Then I could just stay at home and catch up on some Netflix.

Reddit_Wingman3 karma

Hey dude!

Wish I could have met you at the Kidrobot [adult swim] toy release in LA. Metalocalypse is some seriously amazing stuff.

So, any live action content happening in your near future?

therealbrendonsmall12 karma

I have some projects in the works. I love animation but it is a lengthy process. Live action is something I'm very excited by.

ExplodeME2 karma

Hey Brendon. Just curious, what do you think about people getting tattoo's for your shows? like a gear on the back of their neck or something?

therealbrendonsmall8 karma

I think it is a true honor that they would do that and I also think they can cover it up with another simple procedure if they want to.

rockstarradio2 karma

What Metal Icons, if any, were the direct inspiration for the Metalocalypse characters?

therealbrendonsmall7 karma

George Corpsegriner Fisher

and a little bit of Yngwie's attitude.

thats all though!