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So I can't be the only one who enjoyed watching the trainwreck of the sex factor, is there anything that can be said which wouldn't get you sued on that whole experience?

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That's not Emirates, That right there is Singapore airlines.

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On your live shows it seems like the focus is on the projections. Although cool, I dont like it as the main thing. I'm a fan of real dethklok, not animated dethklok. So would you consider changing that? I would also like to know what you will say when dethklok has the first death metal album to debut in the top 10? Thanks for this, dethklok is one of my favorite bands.

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Let's say you're solicitor general of the United States. How would you if challenged in court defend the actions of the Obama administration (drone strikes, Guantanamo bay, the kill list, etc) and the alleged NSA file on every American?

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Why Is Axl such a shitty human being?