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I played low-level foosball tournaments back in the day. What's your opinion of players who stop the ball, then proceed to play mind-games, circling their man around the ball before slapping it in a table shaking strike.

I used to play against Italian fellows who never let that ball stop for more than a split-second---it was a pleasure to be beaten by them.

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"Countdown to Dethklok"

In this episode, in the minutes leading up to the Brendon Small interview, the entire membership of Reddit is slaughtered in various manners, to the pounding beat of a DethKlok song. Leaving no one for Mr. Small to converse with.

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I have been an investigator since 1975

Did Doctor Jeffrey MacDonald (Captain, US Army) kill his family?

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And here we are fifty-years later, and he has yet to confess. It's beyond my ability to explain human nature.

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There was a Los Angeles broadcaster, a restaurant critic named Elmer Dills who claimed as part of his resume that he had served in the US Diplomatic service.

After a couple of decades on the air, near the end of his career he said that enough time had passed that he was now able say that as part of his work in the Diplomatic service he worked for the CIA.

These days it seems that people leave the CIA and immediately start talking about it. Are there no rules on how long one must wait to speak about their service?