Hey! We're the team of Size Specialists at myONE Condoms. MyONE makes a whopping 60 condom sizes, and today is Measure A Penis Day!

Sure…you can fit a condom over an arm. But that’s a lot different than putting it on a penis. For some, standard condoms are so tight they cause instant erection loss or the red ring of death. On the flip side, standard condoms can be too big and cause slippage.

So we launched myONE Perfect Fit condoms in the USA back in 2017. MyONE has 10 lengths & 9 girths, for a combination of 60 sizes. Enough sizes for you, your partner, your friend, and foe.

Through our customer support, we've talked to men, women, moms of college students, those getting ready for their first sexual experience, people ages 15 to 80+ – pretty much anyone and everyone who needs advice on condoms. So in honor of February 1st & Measure A Penis Day, come ask us all your myONE and condom fit queries. AMA!

Here’s a bonus one to get us started: Do we get pics? Yes. Do we like it? No. Should you send one? We’re sure it’s really nice, but your length and girth measurements will do just fine.

Proof: Here's my proof!

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Newnewhuman220 karma

What size is really the average size?

Sterwin35 karma

Some say 5" long, some say 5.5"

r/bigdickproblems can help if you need it, their toolbar is very useful in figuring out what you're dealing with. I found out about mySize on there, and I can definitely recommend it over the over the counter products(loss of erection or too tight).

ONEcondoms102 karma

Yep - typically around 5-5.5" in penis length. Standard condoms are usually 7.5" long, which is why so many people struggle with that extra latex that bunches at the base & feels like tight rubber band. Or what our customers call the "red ring of death"

poonsweat22 karma

Are you measuring from the top or bottom?

nosferatWitcher190 karma

From the butthole

ONEcondoms3 karma

Lol the taint doesn't need to be measured for condom fit. Just start at that magic spot under the erect penis where the shaft meets the rest of the body.

Joe434212 karma

I always lose my erection when wearing condoms, any tips?

ONEcondoms308 karma

Have you found that the condom is way too tight? (kinda like putting a rubberband on your penis)

If it is, getting a wider fit has helped our users who experience erection loss!

Condoms shouldn't be cockrings lol

--Ty--28 karma

Condoms shouldn't be cockrings lol

Hi there u/ONEcondoms, I have a genuine question about this:

Why WOULDN'T you want your condom to double as a cock ring? Given that the whole reason cock rings are worn is to maintain a harder, and potentially larger erections for longer, I feel like the vast majority of men would love if that was a secret ancillary benefit built in to condoms.

You'd be able to pretend/lie to your partner that your size is natural, all the while being enhanced by the cock-ring-like condom.

ONEcondoms20 karma

In end it's personal preference, so there are people that use condoms that way

Ornery_Pride9448142 karma

Does the fit of a condom have any impact on one’s longevity?

ONEcondoms154 karma

Yes! On one hand if it's too loose and falls off that can really cool things down, and on the other hand if it's too tight it can cause pain and erection loss which cuts you off (literally and figuratively).

Our users always comment how having the right fit help keep them more in the moment instead of focused on keeping the condom on.

jackkieser24131 karma

How can manufacturing a product with that much variance and need for quality control be cost effective? Do you have specialized machining and processes in place, and can you tell us about them?

ONEcondoms143 karma

Not gonna lie -- it's complicated to manufacture this many sizes. It requires the creation of cylindrical glass moulds in all the 60 different sizes. Normally, over 3,000 expensive glass molds are on a production line for each size of condom. So having 60 different sizes is not only incredibly expensive, but the time to change the lines over is a challenge. But at the end of the day, we believe in myONE and what it can do to improve condom fit and condom usage over all. It's kinda like if forever every shoe was a size 7. Bringing more shoe sizes to market would be a challenge. But you know people's feet come in different sizes (just like penises), so the product just makes sense to bring to market. And penises agree. Here's a video about the overall manufacturing of condoms.

vintagesauce101 karma

Why are so many condoms still made from latex?

Flammy347 karma

I think they are a bit more durable than non-latex ones.

ONEcondoms219 karma

Good news is we have a non-latex condom material in research & development now. Our condom engineers are on it. But because condoms are medical devices, bringing new materials to market takes a bit. Hoping for next year, though.

TheChickening36 karma

Just FYI, you replied to an answer to the original question, not the question itself.

ONEcondoms116 karma

Dang it. Thanks for letting me know. Just trying our best over here.

HugoZHackenbush297 karma

Is the competition stiff in your marketplace ?

ONEcondoms51 karma

Stiff..? I’d hope so otherwise we wouldn’t be in business ;) Anywho! MyONE is the only place you’ll be able to find a full range of condoms. No one else compares. -Lola

goonerlagooner97 karma

why'd you guys discontinue the small packets of lube in your new packaging? they were so convenient 😩

ONEcondoms199 karma

HMM.. That’s an interesting question, we tend to agree with you. We actually got a lot of customer complaints on this. Customers started requesting that we stop sending lubricant with their condoms because they were just throwing it out, or it wasn't enough.

If you shoot me a DM I can hook you up with some sachets of MOVE ;)

PS. the little packets were MOVE lube, which is AMAZING!!


mawkish75 karma

Isn't every day on reddit Dick Measuring Day?

ONEcondoms61 karma

Pretty much. You know Dick Measuring Day has a nicer ring to it than Measure A Penis Day.

GinormousDookie74 karma

Is it length times girth over angle of the shaft or how else do I calculate my T.M.I (Adjusted penis size)?

ONEcondoms35 karma

Just your length and circumference measurements will do. No other math required.

Birkeland199238 karma

Just so you're aware, I think that redditor was trolling. They just used a classic South Park reference on you lol

ONEcondoms49 karma

Oh word consider me trolled then. Guess we gotta binge South Park later once the penis and condom fit day is done.

NelsonMinar71 karma

In this 2017 NYTimes article there's a long discussion about the difficulty of getting an FDA waiver for the variety of sizes you sell. Do you still have problems with regulation? Or is that mostly solved now?

ONEcondoms49 karma

Solved now, until we want to bring more condom sizes (larger or smaller than what we currently offer) to market.

Enchantelope55 karma

You can offer a lot of sizes, but that doesn't mean people will pick the right one. How do you get people to measure themselves correctly? The same issue plagues bra sales.

ONEcondoms85 karma

We have 10 lengths and 9 girths, and 60 size combinations of those. People can either measure with our FitKit tool, use tape measure and enter their measurements on our website, or they can answer a quick questionnaire. We have condom sample kits, so people can check their size before they buy. And if the initial sample kit doesn't fit, this team of Size Specialists will recommend & send a sample kit of another size. People can get started here.

Gantores37 karma

Any progress on the legal woes of launching the MyOne brand condoms in the US with Non-Latex material?

I have been a subscriber to the brand for almost 3 years now and swear by them! Having a non-latex option however would be amazing.

ONEcondoms35 karma

Good news: We now have a non-latex condom in research and development. Hoping to launch next year or in 2024.

MendaciousTrump19 karma

Do you provide measuring devices like those foot measurers shoe companies provide? With sliders?

ONEcondoms57 karma


So, we have this thing called a FitKit, which helps penis owners measure themselves. This is how you'd find your size!


- Lola

zxilofon18 karma

How does telling people irl about your job usually go?

ONEcondoms97 karma

I have no shame. I scream it from the mountain tops that I'm a size specialist. However, most people either have a pure look of horror or ask me what real estate office I work for... get it condominiums.

- Lola

idownvoteanimalpics9 karma

Size specialist is a very fancy way to say you're a size queen

ONEcondoms28 karma

Size queen implies we have a preference for a specific size. Size Specialist is more of a connoisseur; one that has vast knowledge of all penis sizes & condom fit with a daily mission to help people find a properly fitting condom. Really sweet title to have on your business card TBH.

ashyzup17 karma

Which size would you say is your bestseller so far? :D

ONEcondoms64 karma

Our top sellers tend to be the widest myONE sizes, in various lengths. Makes sense why so many people say standard condoms are too small -- what they usually mean is the condom is too tight in circumference. Our smallest size is also our #2 seller, but that one is close to average penis length & we hope to have shorter and smaller sizes in the future. - Milla

nankerjphelge16 karma

I don't care much about size issues, I've never had an issue with standard condoms. My issue is about the almost complete lack of sensation just about every condom I've tried imparts.

Is there any way around this, or is this just the bane of condom usage for me?

ONEcondoms8 karma

Do you find that when you put the condom on, it feels super tight or constricting? That’s usually a common issue why people say they have a lack of sensation, which can be fixed with a wider condom. It can also depend on the brand and what type of latex they use, how thin the latex is, etc.


Nifty-Beans14 karma


ONEcondoms20 karma

We hope so! We definitely get a lot of requests for tighter and shorter sizes. It all depends if and when the standards will change again to allow more sizes than what we currently offer. Condoms are a medical device, so there's quite a lot of regulations around them.

WaitingForEcstasy14 karma

When are you going to make an assorted pack for women (or men who have sex with men) to buy to have on hand for their hookups?

ONEcondoms14 karma

We've been doing a lot of development for myONE in the past few months, so look for that this year. :)

Karf13 karma

Do you find people send you over inflated penis metrics? We know most dudes exaggerate - do you find they also do it when signing up for your service?

ONEcondoms42 karma

People coming to myONE® are already having issues with fit, so they know if they give measurements that are wrong they’re just gonna get another condom that’s the wrong size. So we don’t find that people lie.

chipaca12 karma

My size varies a lot. Sometimes the condom is painful to put on, sometimes it's fine. Sometimes things change up and it gets more painful (or less so) during the ensuing activities. I kinda live with it. Is there an option to that?

ONEcondoms10 karma

You should certainly be enjoying intercourse with out pain! So it sounds like the condom is too tight! We get it with the size variation, that's normal for a lot of people. I'd honestly recommend sizing yourself and trying a custom sized size. You can measure yourself a few different times (when the sizing is variating) and take an average. That should make the experience with a condom so much better :)

ONEcondoms9 karma

Appreciate the convos and questions today, 10/10. Now we know the South Park penis measuring method, and have a lot to think about. Your Size Specialists are signing off, so we can be fresh for another day of condom fit queries tomorrow. Come live chat with us business hours at myonecondoms.com, DM us here, or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Happy Measure A Penis Day to all, and to all good night.

MattWey8 karma

Does your company conduct penis inspection day?

ONEcondoms33 karma

We don't do house calls...but if you're volunteering lmk ;)

ForkShirtUp7 karma

Why should I buy a condom for my foe?

Also who declared it measure a penis day? You guys?

ONEcondoms5 karma

Maybe you're trying to make foe into a friend? We declared it Measure A Penis Day. Two weeks before Valentine's Day and the first day of National Condom Month, so it's a good day to whip out the measuring tape and get a myONE sample kit.

Caius_I6 karma

Are you planning on doing international shipping yourselves?
Or are you going to make a warehouse/store in Europe?
(I know that you have retailers in the EU)

ONEcondoms14 karma

We have a warehouse in the UK that ships to some countries in Europe. Brexit has thrown that into a wee bit of a logistical challenge. So now we’re setting up a separate warehouse also in Europe.

TheseNamesAreLames5 karma

My question comes with a "fun" story:

Before my first time, I had no idea about what I needed, my instinct was to measure and search for that specifically. But everywhere I looked, it said that one size fits all, and that the sizes are just a marketing thing or whatever. So I believed that, thinking that so many people can't be simultaneously talking out of their butts.

So I got the most basic generic looking ones from a well known brand I could find, assuming that it should be fine. When it actually came to the time to use it, it didn't go on, not even a bit. In this moment, I decided that there must be something wrong with me, and that I've probably wasted the time of the girl I was with, and that I should go live in a cave as a hermit, away from functioning humans. I was literally a moment away from explaining this to her and about to apologise to her, when she told me that I needed a different size. I was extremely sceptical, but agreed to try anyway. So we just did other stuff, and the next time we met, she had some of a different size. These actually went on, and I didn't become a cave hermit.

I still see many people online spreading the one-size myth, any post on Reddit relating to condoms is immediately full of "I put one on my arm once" and various snarky remarks. I've even heard of sex-ed classes being taught in a way that reinforces the myth. If my partner hadn't been as smart, I would have entirely given up on sex and dating, so I don't even want to imagine how many guys have had the bad outcome.

So my question is this, how can people dispel this nonsense myth, when any company trying to make different sizes gets it referred to as a marketing gimmick, and any individual gets told they're a lier or trying to show off?

ONEcondoms9 karma

Love the story, and the question. We really hate it when people put a condom on their arm or foot to prove condoms fit everyone. We've gone to a bunch of education conferences & work with educators to rethink that condom-on-the-arm activity. Why? 1) It completely forgets about the people who experience condom slippage because standard condoms are too long or loose on them. It's a super common issue & not talked about enough, which makes a lot of people assume they are the only person who experience slippage. 2) There's a big difference between a penis and an arm, and it's silly how often we have to point that out. There's a bone in your arm. But a penis has to work super hard to pump blood & stay erect. So when a condom is too tight, it can cause instant erection loss or a painful red ring on the penis (like when you leave a rubber band on your wrist too long). At the end of the day, it's all about education & we focus on that a lot. Every penis deserves a condom that actually feels comfortable.

1337h4x20r5 karma

I can understand why it would be problematic if a condom is too short, but are there any real issues that can arise from a condom that's too long?

ONEcondoms12 karma

When there’s a bunch of extra latex that rolls up at the base because the condom is too long — it can feel like a tight rubber band squeezing the base. That can lead to erection loss, or the red ring of death (where people have painful purple rings on their penis after sex). We’re all about making the condom experience feel comfortable, so people can focus on the sex part, and not constantly worrying what the condom is doing.

Catm4n4 karma

What's your favorite combination?

ONEcondoms12 karma

Mac & Cheese.

- Lola

ONEcondoms14 karma

Chips & Guac


Orangebeardo4 karma

What is the proper fit? Like, how is it supposed to feel?

ONEcondoms7 karma

It's suppose to feel like your condom is the best thing that ever happened to your penis. Okay, maybe that's too far. All seriousness, when it comes to length: It's supposed to be long enough to cover the penis from base to tip. That way, you're protected from STIs that are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. But it shouldn't be so long that there's a bunch of excess latex that rolls up at the base, which can feel tight and uncomfortable. When it comes to girth, the condom should feel snug enough so it stays on -- but not so snug that it feels like a rubber band or cock ring. It's all about comfort. That's why we have 10 lengths and 9 girths.

YoungManFromAus3 karma

What do you think the best way to combat the idea that condoms are 1 size fits all is?

ONEcondoms5 karma

It's all about education. Usually what gets the conversation going is asking someone to imagine that there was one size shoe or one size bra out there. We'd all think that was crazy, because feet and boobs come in different sizes. Penises do too, so it makes sense to have condoms in different sizes. People tend to want to wear things that are comfortable. The other thing is sharing the thousands of customer reviews we've had along the years; our customers love to send long stories how proper condom fit changed their sex life.

PurplesFather3 karma

Do you measure from the base or the balls?

ONEcondoms9 karma

We get this question alllll the time! It’s important to measure from the base of the penis to the tip. Since condoms don’t go over your balls measuring from the base of the penis is where you need to start from - Lola

ian21213 karma

How come people say a cock ring extends an erection but that a tight condom causes an erection to go away? Does this just vary from person to person?

ONEcondoms7 karma

It all depends on how tight we’re talking about. A cock ring constricts blood flow to help maintain an erection, but doesn’t feel like your penis is in a WWE chokehold. On the other hand, if the condom circumference is way too tight — that can be so constricting that it’s an instant boner killer or leaves that painful purple ring behind (like when you leave a rubber band on your wrist for too long).


The_Blurst_OfTimes3 karma

Why are condoms so baggy?

ONEcondoms5 karma

It sounds like you're not using the correct size! Depending on your exact measurements, I can't give you an exact answer. The "baggy" could either come from the width being too wide, the length being too long, or both. I would recommend you size yourself. Even if we don't have the exact size for your dimensions, we still have plenty of offerings that will accommodate your penis better than a standard sized condom.

toast_creator3 karma

Do you have any thoughts on the way size (and therefore condom size) is perceived in society? Size is placed on a hierarchy and it's so shameful to be anywhere near the bottom. There's so much pressure to be big these days but we can't change our size. Having to special order the smallest condoms online is embarrassing and I know many guys who simply choose not to.

ONEcondoms5 karma

I have so many thoughts on this. Now keep in mind I do work for a condom company, so I’ve heard/seen/researched soooooo many things about the penis. And, I really don’t find it funny when people make weird sizing jokes.

So, I’ve talked to thousands of penis owners. It’s true there’s a ton of stigma about size and there is no reason for it, we’re all human here.. Think of how many products come in different sizes - shoes, bras, socks, pants, shirts...etc. That’s why we exist. After being a size specialist I can tell you that it’s more likely than not a standard condom will never fit most men comfortably.

Penis size always seems to be associated with “masculinity”. Obviously, not the case. What contributes to this is also the fact that “standard” condom sizes are way too long for a majority of condom users. A lot of people assume because it’s standard size, it must be closely related to average penis size. But that’s not the case. So as size specialists, we also try to help reduce some of the anxiety with facts about penis size, their wide range, and how having one “standard” size never made sense.


cgaroo3 karma

What’s the biggest one you’ve manufactured?

ONEcondoms3 karma

G22 is 9.4 inches long & 64mm in nominal width. (Nominal width is the width of the condom when laid flat, a term used in the manufacturing process.)

Plus_Web_22542 karma

Do you sell in canada? How can i purchase some?

youdubdub2 karma

How does the math of 60 sizes from what appears to be 90 possible combinations....

Am I doing this wrong?

ONEcondoms6 karma

Ah yeah, that's a common question. We don't make every possible size combination. For example, our tightest width and longest length.

Faulconer2 karma

Can poor fit contribute to condoms breaking? What’s the fix?

ONEcondoms3 karma

Yes, when a condom is too tight it can contribute to breakage. So getting a wider size can help. Also lube. Lube is your best friend. It really does help with comfort, pleasure & reducing condom breakage.

znavy2642 karma

Have you seen the South Park episode about penis size? It's funny but has some real implications about how to measure and what is considered average based on how you measure. What, if any, are your opinions about this?

ONEcondoms6 karma

Seems like an over complicated way to do penis math. We don't need the weight either, that's for extra credit. For myONE Condoms, we just need the length and circumference.

Caius_I2 karma

Are your condoms safe to use with silicone lubes?

ONEcondoms3 karma

YES! All myONE condoms are actually lubricated with premium, medical grade silicone based lubricant.

1amtheone2 karma

Presumably you have to categorize every condom you sell as XL to avoid people buying the incorrect size do to internalized shame - does this make selling so many different sizes of condoms difficult?

ONEcondoms4 karma

We find that the people who come seeking myONE just simply want a condom that fits. They know what it's like to experience condom slippage, for example, and they just want to solve that. So that's why they don't lie about their size -- because they know they'll just get an ill-fitting condom all over again. Our sizes are coded (like S66 and E55) so we don't use terms like XL or XS. We also spend a lot of time educating people about standard condom sizes and why they don't work for a lot of people. For example, the "standard" condom is typically 7.5" long, whereas the average penis is around 5". So a lot of people assumed the standard condom must correlate to average penis size, when it doesn't at all. And ultimately that's why we're excited to finally have such a wide range of condom sizes on the market that actually correspond to the wide range of penis sizes out there.

meted1 karma

What is the reason you decided that making condoms is the right career choice for you? Did you have a bad experience, are a penis aficionado, have penis envy, etc.?

ONEcondoms2 karma

I'm a penis connoisseur, so it just seemed like the perfect fit (get it? fit?)


publicenemy921 karma

I'm 6 inches long and I've pretty much only use Trojans because in college I would try other ones and they would feel really tight. Are magnum condoms just longer and girthier and are they that much bigger than regular condors?

ONEcondoms3 karma

Most standard condoms are 7.5 inches long, and 53mm in nominal width. (Nominal width is the width of the condom when laid flat, a term used in the manufacturing process.) Magnum is around 8 inches, and 55mm in nominal width. The typical issue is that off-the-shelf condoms are too long for a great majority of people, and that extra latex bunches at the base and causes a tight feeling (like a rubber band). So when they go out and get an XL condom, they get more length - but not much more width. So that issue of the unrolled latex gets even worse. That’s why myONE comes in 10 lengths and 9 girths, so people can customize their fit.


NickelbackSuperfan-10 karma

Do you sell or have you considered making and selling condoms that are Nickelback themed? That would be bad ass.

ONEcondoms10 karma

If Nickelback approves I might be able to get my boss on board with this. After all we all just wanna be rockstars

- Lola