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How do you discern between what is genuinely erotic, and what is cringey? I find that as soon as writing turns sexual or sensual, the sakes are higher than when writing about nearly any other topic. It becomes an incredibly fine balance between feeling real, and human, and intimate.... Or feeling like a frat boy describing his most recent lay.

Get it right and it strikes clean through to the hearts of people... Get it wrong, and it feels like a perverted, obsessed loser is writing about some anime waifu he fetishizes.

I personally have no idea how to NOT come across cringey when writing about someone, even when I'm not talking about anything sexual! I'll write in a journal about some friend I miss, and when I read through it again and my descriptions of the person, I think "my God, I'm unhinged."

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Oh, this thread is sure to turn out to be a fascinating one! I've never been able to understand how a person reaches the level you've reached. Thank you for doing it.

I have two questions, I think a lot of others will want to know as well:

  1. If we're looking to increase our lung capacity and oxygen efficiency, are there any programs or training regimens you swear by, or would recommend to a beginner? Or was it as simple a matter as "Just try to hold your breath longer and longer each time you swim."
  2. Have you tried Wim Hof? If so, what are your thoughts on it, and if not, why not?

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Sweet-talk your partner

Bold of you to assume I'm not dying alone.

But no, really, thank you for your reply!

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I've seen you say that it cost about $95-9800 for your trip. Would you be able to break down how much of that was living/eating costs? Where did you sleep at night, and did you mostly eat out, or buy groceries?

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A question: were you an experienced bike rider before you set off on your trip, or did you decide to use a bike on a whim, and learned as you went? How much biking experience would you recommend to someone before they try a trip like this?

Also, what are your thoughts about using a bike vs a car? With a car, you can sleep in the back, making accommodations cheaper, and maybe a bit more luxurious than a tent, but they're also larger, more unwieldy things that cost more to fuel and repair.