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My last name is Wu, and I recently received my Ph.D. I have also been studying kung-fu for the past 6 years. May I have your permission to tell everyone to call me "Fiendish Dr. Wu?"

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are you Fiendish? That seems to be all thats missing.

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I should add that my Ph.D. is in biological science transmogrification, which is only outmatched by my (fiendish) zest for kung-fu treachery.

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okay, then done.

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A lot of my friends have a tradition of cementing a relationship by watching Black Dynamite with their lady friend. I'd just like to thank you for that

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good. I am of the belief if your girl doesn't like Black Dynamite you should get a new one.

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Wow, I'm glad I couldn't fall asleep tonight... Possibly my favorite scene, where Black Dynamite out of nowhere blows up and yells "Euphoria, shut the fuck up! I know that was you! I ain't even gotta look! I should send you to Crenshaw Pete with his hot-ass coat hangers, bitch. Would you like that?!" Who was the genius behind that writing? It was so out of the blue and completely against the character of Black Dynamite, and it was absolutely brilliantly played after with the awkward silence that ensued.

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Mr Michael Jai White came up with that. I milked the silence in the editing room though.

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Until need to STFU while grown folks is talking.

I might just be a bad parent, because my 5 y/o son and I love watching BD. My white, blonde hair son jumps around doing kung fu, singing, "Black Dynamite, black Dynamite". He once told me he was blacker than the Ace of spades. Damn we love your movie, thanks man.

suckapunchy170 karma

Thank you! little white kids doing Black Dynamite bits is my favorite thing in the world!

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Idea for Black Dynamite 2. BD reveals that he has been a long time coal miner (hence the nickname Dynamite). Long story short, he's actually a china-man covered in soot. Now, I haven't worked in the details yet but throw in a roller rink competition and a car chase scene and you sir have a sequel.

The ball's in your court Sanders.

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you don't mind if i take this do you?

suckapunchy117 karma


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How about some real proof?

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Is that Charmane Starr? Holy fuck, I need to get into movies.

suckapunchy157 karma

yes it is.

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Awesome. I loved Black Dynamite, but I felt like you really could have pushed the envelope further. Did you ever release a really tasteless dvd version?

suckapunchy213 karma

nope but i'm hanging out with some wild porn stars from the movie and a black dynamite mannequin. what do you wanna see?

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This is pretty much the single most awesome thing Ive ever read ever.

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shoe on head, boobs, and some other kinky stuff. got it. Actually the hotel we are in doesn't have free internet in the rooms and i'm too cheap to pay for it. So I'm in the lobby doing this. They are upstairs with mannequin BD right now do silly shit as we speak. I'll post pics later.

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I feel like a Black Dynamite toy range and video game would be awesome and popular. Any desire to go down this road? also, can you get those two fine bitches to make out with each other? (for science)

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your wish is my command. dj-funparty.

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  • First off Thanks for a great movie!
  • Second any plans for another movie, be it a sequel or a whole new movie?

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Thanks! i'm gearing up to do a non BD movie which is coming together soon. Also we've been talking about a sequel our attentions have just been on the animated show, comic books, and some other tv stuff.

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Oh man, this is one of the few movies that has my laughing throughout the entire movie. Thank you kind gentleman. I have two quick questions:

What was your favorite line/lines from the movie?

Were any of the lines made up on the spot, or was everything off the script?

suckapunchy332 karma

Take your hands off the presidential dinnerware, Moon Cricket... maybe because I wrote that one.

Almost everything was scripted but "I sell drugs to the community" wasn't.

Mageimin213 karma

Wow, that was actually one of the funniest lines/deliveries in the entire movie. I understand why you kept it.

suckapunchy198 karma

it was awesome as soon as he delivered it.

kmmental102 karma

Did you wake up the rest of the bitches?

suckapunchy132 karma

nah. I held up my "reddit" sign quietly, as not to wake them.

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I want to have your babies.

Did you plan the stage direction/line: "The militants turn, startled?"

suckapunchy128 karma

yep. that was in the script. it took a long while for people to get that one.

suckapunchy53 karma

thank you. You can have my babies. and then take those babies far away from me. Yeah, that line was planned.

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  1. How do you feel about writing a movie that was a critical success, but a commercial failure? Would you prefer to have made a movie that got panned by critics, but was a commercial success?

  2. Do you think Hollywood is more likely to give a director/writer work if they direct/write a critical success or a commercial success?

suckapunchy165 karma

it is awesome and blows ass all at once, but mostly is awesome. I would rather make a critical success, though. Not so much a critical success, but a movie in my heart of hearts that i think is good. It makes me feel warm inside... honestly. Hollywood responds to commerical success more, but a critical success is better than shooting a blank.

dudewazup65488 karma

Just one question, can you dig it?

suckapunchy121 karma

yeah, baby. i can dig it.

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Is it possible to make anything as funny as BD ever again? What I'm really asking is what are you working on?

suckapunchy123 karma

Honestly I don't know if I can. I'm gonna try though. I'm about to do a non-BD movie hopefully soon. then probably the sequel.

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Love this movie! I have to ask, did you plan to use that many pornstars? My brother and my dad watched it together and it was awkward because I blurted out several of their names while watching

suckapunchy124 karma

I'm porn friendly as you see in my proof pic. I was surprised we ended up with 5 of them though.

_stillz_66 karma

How did you select them?

suckapunchy324 karma

ummm... yes.

suckapunchy166 karma

they had to be all natural that was the first thing. and then they had to look kinda 70s.

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Why is Black Dynamite no longer on Netflix Instant Watch? I keep telling my friends to watch the movie. It's tougher to get them to watch it when it's not on Instant Watch.

suckapunchy148 karma

I think it was part of the whole Starz deal. Starz probably pulled it. More people saw it on Netflix probably than the theaters and DVD combined, like, 20 times over.

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Thank you for making Black Dynamite, it seriously is one of my favorite genre movies.

How long did it take to film Dynamite's conspiracy monologue? Was it done in one shot or over several different?

suckapunchy94 karma

Mike wrote that... it took him a whole day... and then legal would ruin parts of it, so he had to reassemble it and connect everything all over again. We shot it in a variety of shots.

mpcuniverse42 karma

Thanks again for taking the time it took to make this masterpiece

suckapunchy51 karma

Thank you.

kittycuddler61 karma

no question, but thank you for making such a hilarious movie. My friend and I had to pause it several times because we felt like we were laughing ourselves inside out and were worried we'd die.

suckapunchy219 karma

excellent. because we were trying to kill people.

framk2055 karma

Do you feel blacksploitation films help or hurt the black movement?

suckapunchy232 karma

I'm not of the belief that movies have much effect on anything.

Mizghetti55 karma

Any update on when the animated show is going to start? The pilot was amazing and I am really hoping you guys do an entire season.

suckapunchy90 karma

thanks! July 8th I think? we definitely have at least a season.

Bryanv745 karma

What was your favorite scene to do in the movie

suckapunchy139 karma

Actually a scene that a lot of people aren't crazy about. When Black Dynamite and Gloria are talking about the orphans on smack in the hospital, there aren't any jokes in it, and Sally Richardson is playing the scene with tears in her eyes, and it feels like the movie isn't trying to go for comedy at all, like we are almost taking ourselves seriously. I just felt like that scene was dancing on the edge of playing it really dry.

AndrewR3241 karma

what about the small penis scene?

suckapunchy268 karma

that is a pacifier by the way. you can buy little tiny black dick pacifiers.

Odiddley42 karma

What was the writing process like? Did you guys watch a bunch of old blaxploitation movies to get ideas, or were you well versed enough?

suckapunchy69 karma

Byron and Mike were pretty well versed. I got there by the end. We watched pretty much everything, including stuff like Black Gestapo, and Black Shampoo and crap like that we watched.

Odiddley30 karma

Well suffering through all those awful movies paid off well. Thank you very much for making one of the funniest movies of the last ten years

suckapunchy61 karma

thank you, because alot of them are god awful. try darktown strutters or soul sisters revenge.

mfured2042 karma

Sorry, I have no witty comment. Just... you know. Thanks. A friend loves watching that film with me, not because she loves the film, but because of how much I love the film, what with my squirming, hoarse laughter, and flowing tears. Apparently its amusing; she likes it.

Thanks again.

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have you ever drank anaconda malt liquor?

suckapunchy193 karma

nope. and you can see the evidence. in. my. pants.

getatmebro4437 karma

In the scene when the guy gets slapped and he turns and says "motherfucker" was that planned?

suckapunchy52 karma


A_Handy_Job36 karma

Did you try to recruit Samuel L. Jackson for any role in the film? I loved it, but kind of felt like he was missing.

suckapunchy173 karma

We did not. People ask that alot though. For some reason, I think that would have been too easy. Like casting Katt Williams as a pimp.

sweetmachine36 karma

  1. What's the most valuable lesson that you learned in school that has helped you throughout your writing and directing career?

  2. What's the most valuable lesson that you learned outside of school that has helped you throughout your writing and directing career?

  3. How does someone outside of Hollywood break into the industry as a writer? How would someone break into the industry writing for cartoon shows?

  4. What do you hate about Hollywood (or the industry)?

  5. What's the last book you've read?

  6. What's your favorite book?

  7. What's your favorite cereal?

  8. What advice would you give to someone trying to break into Hollywood as a director?

  9. What are some of your favorite Blaxploitation films?


suckapunchy87 karma

okay 9 short answers. 1. nothing. I learned nothing studying film in school. 2. write what you like. 3. go to LA. Write. eventually you will meet people. 4. They don't care. 5. I have not read a book in ages. I read one about Harvey Weinstein years ago. 6. Within the Context of No Context. 7. i forgot the name of it. it's a healthy cereal though. 8. get a camera and shoot a short. if you have something with awesome special effects in it made on the cheap people will go ape shit. 9 the Mack.

suckapunchy54 karma

I'm gonna get back to this one. 9 questions? I'll answer 'em all though.

Dorminmonro34 karma

How much of the subtle jokes and background stuff was planned during writing and how much of it was done while filming and someone just had the idea so you threw it in? I've always wondered about that kind of thing with movies like Black Dynamite and Airplane.

suckapunchy67 karma

alot of stuff were just real accidents, like the car door getting stuck on the sidewalk, or the mob guy forgetting to put the car in park and it kept rolling, but most stuff was planned. Then sometimes crew members would come up with stuff like my production designer came up with the asian guys carrying eggs in the open carton for cream corn and bd to run into. but most of the stuff was planned.

Philthy4233 karma

No question, I just had to share this.

A few weeks ago, I'm trying to get to sleep and flipping channels. I watch a few minutes of "The Pursuit of Happiness" (which I had never seen). Every 20-30 minutes I flip past it again and watch a few minutes. At one point I get back to the channel and am surprised by the strange twist the movie had taken. That's when I realized I was now watching Black Dynamite.

suckapunchy32 karma

Ha! You must have been pretty out of it though, to not notice.

ohdamnitsdevin32 karma

Do you admire Christopher Guest? Your movies are as dry/hilarious as his. That's a feat in itself. I got every joke instantly the first time. Thank you :)

suckapunchy40 karma

I do! I love him and the whole SCTV crowd he hangs with and puts in his movies.

flobin30 karma

Hey I love Black Dynamite, thank you for making it!

How much improvisation was there by the actors? Do you have any memorable stories of stuff they said that you didn't expect, but kept in the movie?

How is the show coming along?

Your proof picture isn't working for me, by the way.

suckapunchy79 karma

dammit i'm lame... okay this will work!

Show is going fantastic.

Tommy and Cedric improvised the most. But there wasn't as much improv as most people think.

tomcat2330 karma

Who would win in a fight, Black Dynamite or Pootie Tang?

suckapunchy134 karma

What does Pootie Tang do? swing a belt at people? Come on, man. Black Dynamite!

DrProfJd30 karma

I have wondered this for a while now and this seems like the perfect opportunity to ask it: do the pornstars (adult film stars if we're being politically correct) receive awkward or less-than-stellar attention on set from the cast and crew or is it just like any other talent? I guess the reverse could be asked too, do the pornstars have strange expectations or notions about what it's like working in standard films? I love "Black Dynamite" btw, can't wait to see what you do next.

suckapunchy59 karma

porn stars get naked with out alot of fuss. and they are game for anything, so that's great. Everybody is cool. I really prefer shooting porn stars if there's nudity if i have choice.

BBrains28 karma

Any negative feedback from Black Dynamite?

suckapunchy81 karma

surprisingly, very very little. Armond White, but that's to be expected. 85% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. It didn't make that much money but we got alot of acclaim.

jarjack26 karma

Congratulations! BD was brilliant. what were your influences?

suckapunchy66 karma

Dolemite, Avenging Disco Godfather, the Mack, Truck Turner, Black Belt Jones were the big ones.

[deleted]26 karma


suckapunchy38 karma

ha probably not. He was an extra. I don't even know how we could find him.

anothermoron23 karma

What's your personal opinion of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song and it's follow-up documentary Baadasssss!?

suckapunchy35 karma

that movie is insane. It is so raw. I met Melvin and he was really cool with me. was there a documentary? I saw Mario's flick about it and liked it.

vancartv22 karma

Black dynamite is easily one of my favorite comedies of all time. You guys did an excellent job satirizing the genre without being hokey. I bought five copies to give as gifts last year.

suckapunchy24 karma

thank you, my friend.

jmanpc20 karma

Awesome movie!

What was your favorite unscripted part of the Dynamite?

suckapunchy44 karma

besides the often mentioned Chocolate Giddy Up part, Cream Corn singing "I'm Runnnninnng Thhhaaanngs!"

trolltherich20 karma

Was racism a large deciding factor for your film? Was there a certain message about it you were trying to convey?

suckapunchy55 karma

I think Racism is just treated like a joke in Black Dynamite. We were just coming up with things to say for black people like "Moon Cricket" and "Blueberry." I don't think it has the same context as it did in the past, and we were kind of laughing at it.

izwald20 karma

What is the status of the animated series? The pilot was pure gold.

suckapunchy42 karma

We're in great shape, we almost have the whole season in the can.

[deleted]19 karma


suckapunchy28 karma

Hope to have a new movie going in the near future. Hopefully i'll be announcing my next movie soon.

spate4218 karma

sequel ideas?

suckapunchy37 karma

yeah we got some. what are yours though? we havent written it yet.

Eggbird18 karma

Have you ever seen Kung Pow? And if there was ever a sequel what would happen? Black Dynamites nam experiences?

suckapunchy32 karma

I have and I like it. It's a little broader than BD though. I still like it. We are debating what happens in the sequel. The nam experiences are definitely something that's been discussed.

andanampersand18 karma

Can you tell us about farrante jones?

suckapunchy49 karma

ex running back for the Baltimore Colts. Miraculously came back from breaking his neck. Unfortunately he can only turn to the left. Which hinders is kung fu.

Midgetfinger16 karma

Advice to an aspiring screenwriter?

suckapunchy21 karma

write what you love... and try to go hard, and be as unique as possible, and stand out.

mcwilly15 karma

I recently wrote a paper for a University class focused on parody that analyzed Shaft and Black Dynamite, and I was wondering what other Blaxploitation films inspired/influenced you while writing and filming Dynamite? Thanks!

suckapunchy21 karma

The Mack, Dolemite, Black Belt Jones, Truck Turner, Willie Dynamite.

Gryffes15 karma

Apart from Black Dynamite, what films do you enjoy rewatching?

suckapunchy40 karma

The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia for some reason.

Sjgolf89115 karma

Love this movie so much. Thanks for making it! I was wondering about the creative process. The plot...did it change a lot throughout the writing process or did you always have a solid idea of where you wanted to go with it?

suckapunchy25 karma

there was a ten minute stretch in Black Dynamite we cut out, which would have really changed it. It would have really become a blaxploitation film, and not in a good way. There was lots of noodling around with this, because we really had a license too.

Sjgolf89115 karma

mind telling what these ten minutes were like? I write a lot of stuff myself and find the process of refining a script to be pretty interesting

suckapunchy23 karma

they got pretty tedious. BD goes to a banquet after he finds out about the dick shrinking poison, and goes after Rafelli and congressmen James, then some other stuff that loses the sense of urgency. you can see some of that stuff in the cleaning up the streets montage.

IcedPyro13 karma

If you were given a bigger budget to do BD, what would you use the extra money for?

suckapunchy29 karma

i have to say that the tiny budget really did help. we really had to figure it out like a real blaxploitation movie. The next one though I want more money to make it.

Quinnjdq12 karma

What is your thoughts on the character from "The boondocks" 'bushido brown'?

suckapunchy41 karma

Bushido brown and black dynamite are the same dude. MJW plays em both.