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Have your parents always gone all out to decorate the house for Halloween like this?


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Not a question, I just wanted to share this.

A few weeks ago at trivia, my team won "best name" with "Ben & Jerry's Westboro Baptist Crunch".

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I live a few blocks away, I always look forward to seeing his displays.

I expect to see "IAMA Holiday Installation Artist" on here soon!

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No question, I just had to share this.

A few weeks ago, I'm trying to get to sleep and flipping channels. I watch a few minutes of "The Pursuit of Happiness" (which I had never seen). Every 20-30 minutes I flip past it again and watch a few minutes. At one point I get back to the channel and am surprised by the strange twist the movie had taken. That's when I realized I was now watching Black Dynamite.

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Is there any truth the allegations the cats in the Kitten Halftime show were on catnip at the time of filming?