Scott Sanders

Scott sanders by gage skidmore
known for his work with the films Black Dynamite and Thick as Thieves.

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suckapunchy562 karma

good. I am of the belief if your girl doesn't like Black Dynamite you should get a new one.

suckapunchy460 karma

your wish is my command. dj-funparty.

suckapunchy332 karma

Take your hands off the presidential dinnerware, Moon Cricket... maybe because I wrote that one.

Almost everything was scripted but "I sell drugs to the community" wasn't.

suckapunchy329 karma

are you Fiendish? That seems to be all thats missing.

suckapunchy324 karma

ummm... yes.

suckapunchy279 karma

Mr Michael Jai White came up with that. I milked the silence in the editing room though.

suckapunchy268 karma

that is a pacifier by the way. you can buy little tiny black dick pacifiers.

suckapunchy244 karma

okay, then done.

suckapunchy232 karma

I'm not of the belief that movies have much effect on anything.