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Hey I love Black Dynamite, thank you for making it!

How much improvisation was there by the actors? Do you have any memorable stories of stuff they said that you didn't expect, but kept in the movie?

How is the show coming along?

Your proof picture isn't working for me, by the way.

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I know you probably won’t, but I ask you to please, please reconsider adding cycling! Because otherwise, SimCity will, again, be SimCity US.

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Why, though? I mean, he’s not breaking any reddit rules by doing this AMA, is he?

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Hey Kurt, just want to say I love(d) Web Urbanist back in the day?

Where do you get your urbanism/urban planning/urban design news? Any websites/accounts/channels you'd like to recommend?

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Hey Hannibal, we love you in Europe, too. Do you have any plans to tour in the Netherlands? Or elsewhere in Europe?