My name is Timo Vuorensola, and I'm a filmmaker from Finland. I just finished and premiered a film called Iron Sky at Berlin Film Festival. Iron Sky is a scifi comedy about Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon, an English-language film with 10 million euro budget (of which 1 million was crowdfunded through Internet).

We released a trailer on YouTube a week ago, and it got over 5 million hits so far. Check it out here:

As a proof, I've shared info about this AMA on my Twitter feed (@LeonBlank).

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the questions! I need to go now and enjoy my immense popularity and get drunk on other people's money.

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TombSv1087 karma

Will the sequel be mars communists? The soviet didn't fall.. They just left for Mars!

LeonBlank2107 karma

It's known as "The Red Planet" for a good reason..

TombSv635 karma

I take that as a yes.

haxwellmill650 karma

Lets focus on the movie Iron Sky people.

LeonBlank357 karma

What's funny is that you linked to an unlicensed poster that's been printed off a jpeg from our website and sold as genuine :D

So if someone buys it: Sorry it looks like shit, we got nothing to do with it.

MiracleBlue346 karma

I expect a plethora of follow up films that paint the entire solar system as a haven for space-faring tyrants.

LeonBlank667 karma

Yeah, Communists from Mars, North Koreans from Venus...

theropod624 karma

How did the Germans respond the premier of a Nazi-related film being in Berlin? Did they take offense or see the funny side? Can't wait to see the film by the way!

LeonBlank894 karma

They really really loved it, found it hilarious and said that no german director could've done the film this way.

[deleted]596 karma


LeonBlank734 karma

No, we haven't. That would be a great marketing idea, actually!

ohthatdave506 karma

Is it too early to call "dibs" on being an extra in the sequel?

LeonBlank500 karma

;) Let's see what we can cook up!

gtr427321 karma

I'm so fucking excited for this movie. I just needed to say that.

LeonBlank410 karma

I grant you that right.

fobin78317 karma

Since the production of the film took really long did you ever get the feeling that the script could be outdated when you finish the film?

LeonBlank489 karma

Many times, and many times it sort of did, but then it became suddenly up-to-date again; it's quite hard to do a scifi set in 2018, just few years from now, you have to be careful to not to over- or underdo the future too much.

BloodSpillXXT391 karma


LeonBlank695 karma

There's nothing that can change that :)

apz1306 karma

How much of your success do you attribute to the novelty of Iron Sky's premise?

LeonBlank466 karma

A huge load, it's a great premise and easy to get people excited with, without having to show anything to them.

MiracleBlue260 karma

Where did the bulk of your spending go into? Was there any particular area of the film production that took the lions share of the funding to achieve? I guess that's a general film making question but it would be interesting to know certainly from the perspective of not having unlimited funds like hollywood studios :)

PS: I'm a donor! :D you guys rock!

LeonBlank367 karma

And a good one indeed! The bulk of the financing went to shooting, but CGI was also quite a big part. But having said that, the CG budget was about 1.1m€, which is very low given that the film has 890 CG shots, which is a ridiculous amount.

MiracleBlue148 karma

Thanks for answering my question. Follow up: was there any particular scene that cost the most to film, or was the most challenging technically? If you could possibly give some hints without spoilers. If not, a funny joke would suffice as an answer :)

LeonBlank255 karma

Yeah, there certainly were scenes that were way more expensive than others, but the one that topped them all was when we were attacked by flash floods in Australia, and had to create (otherwise a very simple) forest clearing set completely in a very complex set-and-bluescreen environment inside the studio.

Wardoghk219 karma

Is Sarah Palin really the president in the movie?

LeonBlank223 karma

No, it's not Palin.

Javafant193 karma

When will it be possible to get the film on dvd or as a download?

LeonBlank240 karma

Don't know exactly the DVD release dates, a lot has a lot to do with the distributors, so that info is not available at now.

mynameisrainer192 karma

This is such a wonderful idea with a movie. How did you or whoever come up with the idea? And Have you seen Dead Snow? it's Nazi premise is almost as out there as this...except your Nazis are really out there

LeonBlank305 karma

The idea was born in the very head of Jarmo Puskala, one of our lovely team members. He had had this idea for quite a while and eventually, in a Sauna, told us about it. We had few good laughs, but when we really started to think about what to do next, the idea became a reality. I have seen Dead Snow and I think it's one of the best films I've seen in few years.

wiegmin173 karma

How do you feel about people downloading this movie of the internet?

LeonBlank539 karma

I don't really care, but I hope that people would at least try to get it through legal means. We've done so much work on this, so all kind of support back to us would be important.

ry4165 karma

Will there be a full release in the US?

LeonBlank303 karma

We will have a release in US, we are right now negotiating the width of it.

ry476 karma

Is April the month or is that just the release in international markets?

LeonBlank132 karma

Hopefully for US as well. That's not yet set in stone.

tuhoojabotti149 karma

I bought a ticket for the preview tour! Can't wait to see it. What was the funniest part of making the movie?

LeonBlank263 karma

The fight in the War Room. You'll see it then :)

SeriousBlack130 karma

Why are Nazis just so awesome as movie villains?

LeonBlank282 karma

They are just the very concept of Evil.

Kozimix118 karma

You were very public about the production of the film and the progress you were making. Was this an attempt to get the "greater internet" on your side in the hopes that people would pay for a ticket/buy the DVD rather than download something they have been following for so long?

LeonBlank200 karma

I think the fact that we were very open with the production, worked with the people and try not to be as net-minded as possible that once the people go to pirate the film, they'll think at least twice if there'd be another way to support these guys.

jsalo96 karma

Did Laibach provide entirely new material for the soundtrack? The various previews and trailers featured F.I.A.T and B-Machine snippets.

LeonBlank148 karma

Yes, 100% original Laibach everything.

MartRJ91 karma

I've got two questions:

  • Do you think this production model is feasible for films without a high concept (i.e. not about Nazis on the moon)?

  • Have you had any problems with swastikas on posters in Germany, or does that fall under scholarly use?


LeonBlank161 karma

What I think is that any film hoping to pursue crowd financing need to make their concept easily graspable. It can really be about anything, as long as you can present it in a way that it gets people's attention. I think it's more about how you sell the concept than how high it is.

Swastikas we just removed them from German posters. It's not allowed by law there.

Jonny_Osbock90 karma

You have been beaten up in Frankfurt/Germany by Police, how did this happen?

LeonBlank123 karma

Personally I wasn't, but two members of my team were. If you do a google search we've told all we can on our blog. It's still being investigated by Interpol.

Setekki84 karma

Your movie has the biggest budget in the Finnish film industry, why didn't you hire a director and screen writers who has many successful films under their belt?

LeonBlank486 karma

Because they can be damn boring bunch.

beatmaster2377 karma

I'm one of those cheap people who contributed with 1 euro to be able to read the comic done for Iron Sky. A few questions: 1) will there be more comics coming soon? 2) what do i need to do in order to have a copy of the film shipped to costa rica? 3) will it come with subtitles in Spanish?

LeonBlank87 karma

1) Yes, there's two more in the pipeline, and coming out very soon! 2) you can preorder the DVD from our store already! 3) I'm sure it will!

axolotl_peyotl68 karma

This question is a bit different than the others in this thread.

I know this is going to sound weird, but how much was this movie based on reality? Obviously I'm not talking about literally Nazis hiding out on the moon after WWII. I'm referring to a more subtle parallel with reality.

For example, Project Paperclip was responsible for "importing" thousands and thousands of Nazis and assimilating them into the science, espionage, and government agencies here in the US (the Soviets got their fair share too).

Similarly, Allen Dulles literally struck a deal with the devil by allowing the notorious Reinhard Gehlen to maintain his secret spy ring for decades after the war.

And the thing that struck me most of all (I haven't seen the film yet), I noticed you actually used the name of Hans Kammler in your film! For those that aren't aware of Kammler's reputation, this was a man who not only was in charge of all of Nazi Germany's secret weapons/project production, but he infamously redesigned the concentration camps for more brutal efficiency.

But, most importantly, Kammler was head of an actual antigravity project known as "Die Glocke" (or The Bell). More and more evidence suggests that Kammler did not die at the end of the war, and he may have escaped with this device.

Obviously your movie is satire, and obviously it's meant to just be loads of fun (I can't wait)!

But I can't help but wonder, whose idea was it to use the actual character Hans Kammler? It seems someone must have done their research, and perhaps is trying to hint at something?

For those interested in the physics and story behind the mysterious Die Glocke, I recommend the work of Igor Witkowski, Joseph P. Farrell, and Nick Cook.

Thanks so much, good luck with the film!

LeonBlank56 karma

Suprisingly many people ask about Hans Kammler, but he isn't a character in the film. He's just part of the backstory.

I wouldn't say Iron Sky is based on reality, but it's certainly based on real conspiracy theories. We're very familiar with them.

omplatt63 karma

If you could make any movie, what would you like to work on next?

LeonBlank155 karma

Star Trek movie.

CarlWeathersRightArm75 karma

With or without Lens Flare? Goddamn it JJ Abrams. Sulks away silently

LeonBlank333 karma

MORE lens flares. Damn, there'd be a Lens Flare Monster attacking Enterprise!

xvaara61 karma

Did you run in to any problems with law in Germany considering many Nazi related stuff is prohibited there?

LeonBlank157 karma

We had to ship our Nazi uniforms through a specified entity to get them there, and had to cover all the swastikas and so on whenever not shooting, but that was mostly about it. It's funny, in Germany if you walk with a Nazi uniform, I think everyone understands it's probably a movie, not a real nazi :)

Hail-Of-Bullets48 karma

I supported the film and I am unbelievable excited to see it, although I wasnt able to go to Berlin and missed a lot of sneak peek stuff the last months.

  1. Will there be synchronized versions for the non english market cinemas? (residing in germany atm and this would be a huge flaw)
  2. After the big impact at the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival) do you think the movie will start in almost every cinema in germany?
  3. The movie will be an instant cult classic -- are your prepared to be the fininsh Tarantino?

Anyway: You guys are awesome and I am so fucking happy that there is finally a movie who deals with the nazis in a funny way instead of the way the generic european nazi movies do it.

LeonBlank117 karma

  1. Yes, synchro for German market for sure.
  2. I would assume we get quite a wide release in Germany.
  3. I'm prepared to finish Tarantino's reign!

esophus46 karma

Was this concept originally a satire? The first images I remember seeing of this project seemed to suggest otherwise.

LeonBlank85 karma

Yes, it was. We started out a bit more serious with our first teaser, but it was always to be a comedy, yes.

eu-de-citizen44 karma

Just wanted to say "Great job". Been looking forward to this movie for months :-)

I sincerely hope that I'll be able to watch the original version in Germany (voice and picture-wise). Will I?

LeonBlank40 karma

For sure!

themidlandmaster41 karma

Did you ever think of doing a straight up serious film? When I saw the second trailer, I almost thought it would be better without comedic elements

LeonBlank111 karma

I did but never really cared to go there. It's - in the end - Nazis on the Moon. Can't get too serious with them :)

Yaamboo36 karma

What was the biggest thing you learned during making the film?

Also, will you make a Star Wreck sequel at some point? ;)

LeonBlank86 karma

"Be more polite". We Finns are not very polite.

Star Wreck sequel is for sure in the drawing board!

Mitochondria42034 karma

Forgive me, but where did the idea for this film come from? Did you write it yourself?

LeonBlank77 karma

It's actually quite a well-known conspiracy theory, and no, I didn't write the script myself.

vadmarh33 karma

Iron Sky in hungarian cinemas? Is it possible?

LeonBlank48 karma

We have a distributor in Hungary. Cinemas not 100% sure, but why the hell not?

ajmmin28 karma

Will it be in theatres in the US? If not, when can we expect a DVD or streaming release?

I really want to see this!! Thank you!!

LeonBlank51 karma


handen25 karma


LeonBlank35 karma

To be honest, I wasn't into UFO lore that much, I've always had fun reading about conspiracy theories, UFO stuff and so on, but it never really meant too much to me. When I started to work with Iron Sky, it, on the other hand, became quite an important point.

DasNeueFleisch23 karma

Which films do you consider to be your main inspiration, stylistically speaking? Obviously 50's and 60's Sci-Fi films were an important influence, are there any specific ones though?

LeonBlank57 karma

Actually, I've never seen 50's or 60's scifi, I'm strange in that way. I'd say rather 2001, Stalker, Red Dwarf and Alien.

dschultz7622 karma

Hi Timo,

how was the feedback in Berlin? I didn't find something in our german newspapers!

Thanks for your time Dirk

LeonBlank82 karma

Feedback has been awesome, audience loves the film, some critics praise it, some whine about it, but altogether veni, vidi, vici; we came to berlin, smashed the festival in it's face with Moon Nazis and leave as winners. Good times.

zebraphenia21 karma

What are you past experiences of film making and how did you first get in to the industry?

LeonBlank35 karma

I had done one feature called Star Wreck in 2005, a non-budget film, and that got me into the industry.

themidlandmaster21 karma

I purchased one of the 100 euro supporter kits. What's thge profit on those, because it comes with a lot of cool stuff!

LeonBlank36 karma

It's actually quite a good "profit" (or "support") on the film.

bulletbillx17 karma

Will there be a bluray release?

LeonBlank35 karma


karbl05816 karma

How did you deal with the fact that it took so long to complete the movie, with regard to changes to the locations used, technical advances in cameras & post processing, changes in actors appearances, etc?

LeonBlank29 karma

Actually, the very shooting period of the film was quite short - only 40 shooting days - so during that moment in production none of that really changed.

karbl05818 karma

I see. Were there technical advances that you wanted to use which meant you had to redo any post production stuff like CGI etc again later on?

LeonBlank20 karma

Yeah, we changed between programs a bit and tried to find the best combo for us, so yes there was a bit going back-and-forth on this.

Whenthenighthascome12 karma

What was your decision on how to approach the distribution of the film as serious or completely farcical? Did you think that a movie like this would never go over without a necessary amount of humor in the trailers before the release? Other than that thanks for making a fantastically funny film.

LeonBlank17 karma

The humour was always there, absolutely, and it I think was very important in all distribution things.

7echos11 karma

Any hidden tributes to Pink Floyd? I mean Darkside of the Moon and all...

LeonBlank13 karma

Of course there are.

kaarne10 karma

Please tell us something cool about working with Johanna Sinisalo (screenwriter, for those not in the know).

Also, great job & looking forward to the screening in Hämeenlinna.

LeonBlank31 karma

Working with Johanna was insanely fun. We learned that the the effective work time when you're holding creative meeting is almost exactly 4 hours. After that it's best to wrap up the loose ends and go for a beer.

lordmalifico8 karma

How long was the production of this film, and has the response been what you expected?

LeonBlank14 karma

From the sauna where the idea first came up to the premiere, almost six years. The response has been better than we hoped for, especially in Germany.