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This question is a bit different than the others in this thread.

I know this is going to sound weird, but how much was this movie based on reality? Obviously I'm not talking about literally Nazis hiding out on the moon after WWII. I'm referring to a more subtle parallel with reality.

For example, Project Paperclip was responsible for "importing" thousands and thousands of Nazis and assimilating them into the science, espionage, and government agencies here in the US (the Soviets got their fair share too).

Similarly, Allen Dulles literally struck a deal with the devil by allowing the notorious Reinhard Gehlen to maintain his secret spy ring for decades after the war.

And the thing that struck me most of all (I haven't seen the film yet), I noticed you actually used the name of Hans Kammler in your film! For those that aren't aware of Kammler's reputation, this was a man who not only was in charge of all of Nazi Germany's secret weapons/project production, but he infamously redesigned the concentration camps for more brutal efficiency.

But, most importantly, Kammler was head of an actual antigravity project known as "Die Glocke" (or The Bell). More and more evidence suggests that Kammler did not die at the end of the war, and he may have escaped with this device.

Obviously your movie is satire, and obviously it's meant to just be loads of fun (I can't wait)!

But I can't help but wonder, whose idea was it to use the actual character Hans Kammler? It seems someone must have done their research, and perhaps is trying to hint at something?

For those interested in the physics and story behind the mysterious Die Glocke, I recommend the work of Igor Witkowski, Joseph P. Farrell, and Nick Cook.

Thanks so much, good luck with the film!

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I would tell you that my greatest achievement was defeating the Democrats and Republicans and actually getting elected.

Do you think that's the reason you were interrogated by the CIA shortly after you were elected Governor?

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Could you expand on this, I'm actually really curious?

Who is "Victoria"?

My question ITT wasn't answered, although it received more upvotes than many of the questions that were answered.

Was someone picking and choosing these questions?

Jesse really likes to tell the story of him getting interrogated by the CIA after being elected Governor, and I think he would've jumped at the opportunity to talk about that.

Also, did you notice that only the initial posts were replied to? Whoever was providing Jesse with the comments didn't send him a single comment reply.

Is this usual for AMAs? Something about this whole situation seems off.

Edit: According to the mods, it is quite normal for celebrity AMA's to only respond to initial questions, and skip the comment replies so that explains that.

However, they only were able to tell me that "as far as they knew" Victoria wasn't picking and choosing and they couldn't confirm otherwise. So there's that.

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No, it wasn't.

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Hello Jesse, thank you for taking the time today to brave the onslaught of truth and reason that is reddit!

I just have a few questions, thanks in advance:

  1. When you first became Governor, you claim to have been interrogated by what I believe you said to be both FBI and CIA agents. I can understand what a jarring experience that must have been. Do you think this was just standard procedure or were you singled out because you ran as an independent and came from an "unorthodox" background? What do you think they were trying to accomplish? What was the CIA doing interrogating a Governor in the United States?

  2. Do you feel that the smear "conspiracy theorist" is losing its potency? When do you think it will become socially acceptable to entertain conspiracy theories and question the actions of governments and corporations? Do you feel that this shift in public opinion and awareness somewhat validates the work and research you've done?

  3. In your work with the conspiracy TV show, what were one or two experiences you had that you still firmly maintain are evidence of an extremely important conspiracy? What will it take to raise greater awareness in these instances?

Thanks again! Be sure to check out /r/conspiracy and know that you are welcome to host your own AMA there anytime!

I don't know if you're familiar with the research of Thomas Townsend Brown, a physicist whose work in exotic propulsion technologies has been classified for the better part of a century, but his only surviving daughter, Linda Brown, just hosted her own extremely fascinating AMA at /r/conspiracy.

Much love. You've been the inspiration for more folks than you might realize.