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I kind of thought that the whole Tesla vs. Edison thing was a bit biased toward Edison because, y'know, he was American, and Tesla was just some immigrant. That episode sort of breezes through the details to make Edison look like the good guy; a huge buildup, then he loses the current war, but let's not focus on the details as to why Tesla won, let's just focus on how Edison lost, because it fits into the rest of the story in a patriotic glamourous way. Too little emphasis on how AC won, it just sort of jumps over your part (Tesla) to prop up the American side of things. In context, I suppose it works, when Edison put so much work into it, failed, JP Morgan bought out Westinghouse, then Edison GE, then combined them. Capitalism, amirite? The whole series was great, but the Cole's notes version of Tesla's constribution to science is my only problem with it.

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Brick Hardmeat?