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I kind of thought that the whole Tesla vs. Edison thing was a bit biased toward Edison because, y'know, he was American, and Tesla was just some immigrant. That episode sort of breezes through the details to make Edison look like the good guy; a huge buildup, then he loses the current war, but let's not focus on the details as to why Tesla won, let's just focus on how Edison lost, because it fits into the rest of the story in a patriotic glamourous way. Too little emphasis on how AC won, it just sort of jumps over your part (Tesla) to prop up the American side of things. In context, I suppose it works, when Edison put so much work into it, failed, JP Morgan bought out Westinghouse, then Edison GE, then combined them. Capitalism, amirite? The whole series was great, but the Cole's notes version of Tesla's constribution to science is my only problem with it.

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Brick Hardmeat?

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1.) How did Brian Posehn get involved with the video for Wires?

2.) How brotherly is the Portland stoner rock scene? I recently caught Black Pussy opening for Vista Chino in Calgary and had a chat with the guy doing BP's merch about the goings on of Portland's heavy music scene... Scott I think was his name? Anyway he said you guys either jammed or recorded just a few blocks from where they do their thing. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if there's any cross-collaboration going on behind the scenes between Portland stoner rock bands in the same way that we see the So-Cal stoner rock bands all sort of being involved with each other's projects, and if not, is it out of the question in the future? I'd love to see Black Pussy/White Orange and Red Fang split, or something that sets out to be representative of the Portland wizard/beer/fuzz-rock scene, ya know? Does such a compilation exist? Alternately, because you guys are on Relapse and Black Pussy/White Orange are on Made In China, is there anything stopping you at a bureaucratic/legal/red tape/record label level that prevents this kind of thing from happening? I.e., You're on Label A, and when you signed on the dotted line you forfeit any legal way to collaborate with a band on Label B? Just wondering how that works.

Anyway, keep on kickin' ass, and if you ever decide to come back to Calgary, I'll be there. Cheers!