Timo Vuorensola

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has directed Star Wreck movies Star Wreck V: Lost Contact, and Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

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LeonBlank2107 karma

It's known as "The Red Planet" for a good reason..

LeonBlank1000 karma

That I know already, it's going to be about Mars, the red planet. Communists. On Mars.

LeonBlank894 karma

They really really loved it, found it hilarious and said that no german director could've done the film this way.

LeonBlank734 karma

No, we haven't. That would be a great marketing idea, actually!

LeonBlank695 karma

There's nothing that can change that :)

LeonBlank667 karma

Yeah, Communists from Mars, North Koreans from Venus...

LeonBlank539 karma

I don't really care, but I hope that people would at least try to get it through legal means. We've done so much work on this, so all kind of support back to us would be important.

LeonBlank500 karma

;) Let's see what we can cook up!

LeonBlank489 karma

Many times, and many times it sort of did, but then it became suddenly up-to-date again; it's quite hard to do a scifi set in 2018, just few years from now, you have to be careful to not to over- or underdo the future too much.

LeonBlank486 karma

Because they can be damn boring bunch.