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cutietarantula206 karma

what was the most annoying thing about the halo? are you still friends with that friend?

oscarbower09226 karma

The most annoying thing about the halo was that I can’t shower. And yes, I am still friends with the friend.

clumsykitten90 karma

Any long term issues or good as new?

oscarbower0980 karma

I do have a long term issue. It’s called klippel fail syndrome... or whatever it’s called. I’m not too sure.

My_Cat_Snorez43 karma

OMG! I actually born with Klippel-Feil Syndrome! First time I’ve ever seen anyone mention it. Not every doctor even knows what it is and I have to explain the whole being born with fused vertebrae thing. My x-rays look neat tho. It’s annoying AF! Can’t keep my neck 100% straight and my range of motion sucks. I get so many neck and back aches. Lots of migraines and headaches. I’ve done physical therapy 5 times throughput my life to help strengthen my neck and back muscles. Also, chiropractors won’t touch you, and you have to let massage therapist know about it. Oh, and a massage ball is a great tool to keep around. They work wonders.

Sorry you had to go through all of that. Glad you’re getting better! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

oscarbower0914 karma

Thanks so much for the ideas!

MustacheKid-9 karma

Are you experiencing any forms of Ligma?

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MustacheKid-7 karma


oscarbower098 karma

I thought that might happen. Not funny.

strum-0573 karma

How much were your medical bills?

oscarbower09299 karma

Nothing I believe.

I live in Australia where most healthcare is free.

BatXDude108 karma

Got bless socialised medicines

Im_ok_but27 karma

It is rather nice, just don't mention the parking fees.

oscarbower0926 karma

Or the tolls!

Protoguy24 karma

My cancer surgery was $85,000, so I wouldn't stress over parking fees.

oscarbower098 karma

I’m so sorry you had to go through that... it’s worse then breaking your neck.

BatXDude60 karma

Was it just the bones that were broken with no spinal cord damage?

oscarbower0953 karma

I honestly couldn’t tell you! Me and my parents don’t know how to read x-rays and I was pretty preoccupied with other things, obviously, so I didn’t know what was going on.

mck111756 karma

...so nobody asked the doctors?

oscarbower0940 karma

My parents knew, I didn’t because I was just too overwhelmed to pay attention at the time. I had so much running through my mind.

JackG7914 karma

Simply put did you have to go to physical therapy to learn to walk again or did you maintain your ability to walk

oscarbower098 karma

I will have to go to physio for my neck.

llmercll3 karma

can you walk

oscarbower098 karma

Yes, yes I can.

deadtoaster236 karma

How did your parents react? Are you allowed to see friends anymore? Lol

oscarbower0949 karma

My parents were shocked when they heard I broke my neck because we all thought I had just fallen over. And yes, I can still see friends.

TheThinWhiteDookie1 karma

Can you see them if they’re standing to the side?

oscarbower092 karma

Ohh... I do not have the halo on at the moment. I’ll make that clear because the original comment wasn’t. When I had the halo on, people would stand to my side or behind me and talk and I had to ask them to stand in front of me so I know who’s talking.

azrael694726 karma

So how much motor function do you have now?

(You also doubled up the text in your post)

oscarbower0921 karma

Oh I did? Haha. Didn’t realise. I’ll try fix that. And what do you mean by motor function, sorry?

ynthrepic18 karma

Will you be able to walk, dance, perform gymnastics as before?

oscarbower0933 karma

I can definitely walk. I hope I can dance! I’m a big theatre lover and was in this years production (now I’m backstage).

ynthrepic4 karma

Sounds like you got very lucky then! So how do you feel about extreme sports moving forward? Take up skateboarding? BMX? Base jumping? 😆

oscarbower0914 karma

None of the above! I’m not breaking another bone! I have stuff planned for the future and I’m not taking anymore risks. I’ll be down for a pool party though.

oscarbower0926 karma

Why did I mention the pool party.

JackG793 karma

Because... its summer... and pool parties friggin ROCK

oscarbower093 karma

Winter here!

I_simp_4_FJM1 karma

Oh Oscar! You little rascal

oscarbower094 karma

I do like myself a pool party.

bilalgag22 karma

I also broke my neck, about a year and a half ago, in two places. My doctors opted for the rigid neckbrace, which I wore for months.

Did you also notice that your neck staying 100% still 24 hours a day seemed to cause more aches and pain than the original accident? That started for me about 2 weeks in.

They also told me my posture had improved by several percentage points once I got it off! Did the same thing happen for you?

Congrats on getting through such a tough injury and remember - our necks are now stronger than everyone else's!

oscarbower0922 karma

Glad to hear your ok too! I remember standing in the kitchen crying because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I just wanted to yank the halo off and call it a day.

PenroseSyracuse9 karma

You seem to be doing well, do you feel good?

oscarbower0913 karma

I am feeling great thanks. Hard with the neck brace but it’s better then the bird cage!

Hecc_hooman8 karma

How did you become such an excellent writer at your age? Big props my dude! I hope you keep it up.

oscarbower094 karma

How’d you know I’m such a good writer haha?

Hecc_hooman12 karma

I looked upon your post and saw that it was good.

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mak015 karma

Be careful about revealing personal information on the internet. Maybe rather link to them through another anonymised google drive file?

oscarbower091 karma

I honestly don’t mind about my Discord.

Hecc_hooman2 karma

Alas I’m too old and lame to use discord, but I’m sure they’re great!

oscarbower0910 karma

Your never too old or lame to use Discord!

redditbeforeu5 karma

Hope you heal up fast! Did they say how long you'll need the halo and if you'll get full range of motion back?

oscarbower098 karma

Ah. I mentioned in my story that I did get the halo off. I am getting physio or however you spell it when the neck brace I’m currently wearing is removed.

RelsircTheGrey3 karma

How long until you're medically cleared to beat that guy's ass?

oscarbower098 karma

I’m not going to... I forgave him before he could say sorry.

sneaky_donut2 karma

How was school with the halo? Did you have to get any special accommodations for classes and such? Also, obviously you couldn’t move your neck, but how much could you move your arms and legs?

Glad you’re feeling ok! I can’t even begin to imagine the relief you felt getting the halo off lmao

oscarbower092 karma

School was interesting to say the least. More people looking at me. I could move my limbs fine though.

CornCobMcGee2 karma

What's it like being banned from r/neverbrokeabone? And on a slightly more serious note, have you thought of any fun fake stories to explain the break? Or do you think you'll stick with the truth forever?

oscarbower097 karma

I have told someone that I broke it fighting for toilet paper.

Danimal92 karma

What type of floor did your head hit?

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oscarbower091 karma

I don’t feel anything towards myself really.

The_Derpening1 karma

How's your neck now? Any lasting pain, range of motion issues? Have you gotten tired of your friend apologizing?

oscarbower093 karma

My neck is fine thanks. No pain at all and I can move it slightly. And the only time the friend apologised was after the accident in sickbay.

The_Derpening1 karma

Will your range of motion ever return?

oscarbower092 karma

Hope so!

The_Derpening1 karma

Are you in physical therapy or occupational therapy? Can you walk?

oscarbower092 karma

Physical therapy. Also, I can walk.

summaday1 karma

What are the effects of a broken neck?

oscarbower091 karma

What do you mean, sorry?

Moal1 karma

Oh gosh, I am so amazed at your strength with everything you’ve been through! What a terrifying ordeal. So glad that you’re ok. Was the arm-trend game something you saw on TikTok? If you could warn other kids about it, what would you tell them?

oscarbower093 karma

Thanks so much! I wouldn’t call myself strong per say... but then I don’t know what to call myself! Could you send me a video of the arm thingo? I don’t have tiktok I don’t know! Anyway, I’d tell kids to have a safe word or set a whole bunch of rules that their friends should understand and respect if they were doing it.

ooogoldenhorizon1 karma

Dang.. I'm sorry you had to go through all that! I bet it felt amazingly good to get that halo off!
Was the car accident before or after the falling accident?

oscarbower091 karma

Wayyy before the falling accident.

ooogoldenhorizon1 karma

Well it's lucky you survived all this!

oscarbower092 karma

Very lucky!

rabbitburger1 karma

After you fell, were you able to move, did you try to move, and did anyone try to move you?

oscarbower092 karma

Yes... I had to walk to sickbay myself.. with help of course, but had to walk across the school there.

schmo0061 karma

What games do you play?

oscarbower094 karma

I hope you mean video games! Roblox, Minecraft, Red Dead, Animal Crossing... that’s it basically.

demonspawns_ghost-2 karma

I screamed at him to put me down. He did, but I was off-balanced. So I fell and landed on the left of my head.

So what actually happened?

oscarbower094 karma

I landed on my toes and leaned forward if that makes sense. And since my hands were in my pockets, I lost my balance and fell forward,

302-LSD-psychonaut-5 karma

Feel better dude. Hope u learned if play stupid games sometimes win STUPID prizes. Glad u survived. Did y’all record it?

oscarbower092 karma

No... we didn’t record it. I was at school at the time and we have a strict no phones outside of lockers during the school day.

H8rade-8 karma

Did you die?

oscarbower092 karma

Uhm.. no. I’m still here.

Nuckin_futs_-31 karma

Why do you keep trying to milk your injury for attention?

oscarbower0910 karma

I’m not trying to. I just thought I should share my story. :(