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How long until you're medically cleared to beat that guy's ass?

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I'm hoping I make peace with it eventually. I'm only 38, but let's face it, better people than I have died far earlier. I have no reason to believe there's anything after this (and I've tried several flavors of religion LOL). I guess I kinda feel the way a small child feels about going to bed. Even when they're tired, they don't want to MISS anything!

What if I die before humans achieve interstellar travel? What if the year after I pop off, we make contact with another planet, or discover time travel, or alternate dimensions? What are people going to do after I'm gone? I guess at this point in life, I just want to be able to know the ending of a story that, realistically, is never going to end.

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I'm in Germany and if it's not a long haul, I might be able to see if it's still there.