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Simply put did you have to go to physical therapy to learn to walk again or did you maintain your ability to walk

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Had some major issues with my knees and my feet a few years back. Started sleeping on the couch. Got used to sitting up watching TV and falling asleep. Now a few years on, I can go to bed lying down, but I ALWAYS Wake up sitting up against the headboard of the bed, or a lot of the time I go out and get on the couch in my sleep and sleep sitting up... The real odd part is that now I can actually lean on the counter in the kitchen, or against the bathroom sink and sleep standing up... its the oddest thing. I got to where the bed felt like an enemy. My anxiety wouldn't let me rest in bed very well. I'd literally wake up stading at the coffee maker with my arm on the counter and my head on my arm.... The pain of standing up for hours in bare feet on a hardwood floor is what would usually wake me up

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Because... its summer... and pool parties friggin ROCK

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Oh I do... I do buddy. But a few hours of standing still sleeping is tough on the old legs, feet, tendons and ligaments.

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Yes, for sure. Thanks man. It has caused some issues. One night I was sleep walking and took a bottle of pills. Ended up on the phone with poison control, then had to prove to the DMV that I don't have narcolepsy and that I'm safe to be on th road.