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I also broke my neck, about a year and a half ago, in two places. My doctors opted for the rigid neckbrace, which I wore for months.

Did you also notice that your neck staying 100% still 24 hours a day seemed to cause more aches and pain than the original accident? That started for me about 2 weeks in.

They also told me my posture had improved by several percentage points once I got it off! Did the same thing happen for you?

Congrats on getting through such a tough injury and remember - our necks are now stronger than everyone else's!

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Yep, I had those moments too. Perfectly normal and nothing to feel ashamed of. I also had other injuries due to the accident that caused the breaks, like you did, including other broken bones. I remember lying flat on my back in bed the first night after being discharged and just being in shock about how much pain I was actually in! Towards the end, I became really glad for the experience because it gave me insight into how difficult regular everyday tasks are for people with lifelong disabilities and made me newly grateful for my health and the chance to fully recover from this injury. Also, I'm not sure what your doctors have said, but I was told to expect a chance of enduring pain and after doing 100% of my PT, I literally have 0 pain or lasting effects of any kind (except a bunch of scars which IMO look cool.) Just make sure you do your exercises!