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It sounds like she’s doing a lot of hard work in her day-to-day life. Maybe she’s stressed out? Studies have shown that video games help with anxiety and depression, so she may be turning to games as a form of self-medication. I remember being addicted to video games at that age as an escape (I was also an overachiever student). The games I played were a wonderful creative outlet for me, much like Fortnite is for your daughter. It’s also a hell of a lot more mentally stimulating to play video games than to sit and watch TV for hours at a time.

I know that doesn’t help answer your question, but it sounds like your daughter is on the right track. As long as gaming doesn’t interfere with school, chores, or her social life, I think it’s fine.

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Oh man, I remember my husband’s dating profile before we met. All of his pictures were of him with a long beard, sunglasses, and taken like 30 feet away, focusing on hobbies (like motorcycling in a helmet that completely obscured his face, lol). I was a little hesitant before meeting him, because I felt like I didn’t really know what he looked like!

Well, I took a chance on him anyway, and when I got to the cafe, in walked this insanely good-looking, polished, clean shaven guy with a nice jawline, wearing fitted, fashionable clothes. I didn’t greet him at first, because I didn’t realize he was the guy I was meeting! Part of me is glad that he didn’t market himself too well, because he might’ve been snatched up by someone else before I met him! lol

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I would go to Shiraz to finally meet my cousins, uncle, and grandmother.

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Because you had to be hidden for much of your childhood, I imagine there probably weren’t very many public photos of you growing up. Did your dad ever keep a photo album of you through the years? Or is there a large gap in the photos from the time you went “missing”?

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