Hi, I’m Andrew Zimmern, chef, author, and host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. My new series Bizarre Foods America is premiering next Monday, Jan 23 at 10|9c on Travel Channel. For the next hour I’ll be here on Reddit taking your questions from 12pm-1pm ET. AMA. More info on Bizarre Foods: http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/bizarre-foods Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/andrewzimmern/status/159314816060768256

Hey everyone, sorry i couldnt answer them all/ follow me on twitter @andrewzimmern and we can chat more over the days and weeks to come..tune in Monday to the season premiere!

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Skote07645 karma

Let's say hypothetically you were on death row. What would your last meal be? However many courses you like.

andrewzimmern1021 karma

Raw clams on haf shell, Chris COsentino's tomtato vine pasta, roast pork from Palacio de los Jugos, Lee Hefter's geoduck in salty sweet chile paste, roasted duck from taipei night market, lamb face noodle from Xian Famuous, Marea's lobster salad and uni amusee, Desserts from Salty Tart in Mpls

andrewzimmern578 karma

Hey everyone, sorry i couldnt answer them all/ follow me on twitter @andrewzimmern and we can chat more over the days and weeks to come..tune in Monday to the season premiere

raspberryseltzer524 karma

What's it like coming from homelessness and addiction to fame? Do you still keep any contact with people from that time? I'm curious as you have one of the most spectacular "rags to riches" stories I've read.

EDIT: link for those wanting context.

Great show!

andrewzimmern566 karma

it makes you very grateful and yes i still keep in touch witg many old friends.

Skwerley342 karma

This may seem like I'm being a tool, but hear me out.

Do the producers make it a point, that the audience can hear you chewing every bite of food you eat? I'm certain that someone like you wouldn't knowingly smack your food for half an hour on national television, and if this is the case, why do they do it?

There have been times when I had to mute/change the channel. It's disgusting, more disgusting than watching you eat a giant beetle.

This is a serious question, I know reality shows in all aspects are HEAVILY produced, I just want to know what the deal is because I REALLY enjoy your show, but this one thing almost stops me from watching it.

andrewzimmern474 karma

its a great question and one i ask all the time. WTF!!?!?!?!?! yuou are very correct in all your assumptions

bigsaucybob302 karma

Hey Andrew, thanks for doing this. I have been a huge fan for a while now.

One of the reasons I enjoy your show so much is because of your amazing ability to seemingly get along great with everyone you meet. Can you give us a little insight on how you are able to connect with these people that often don't speak a lick of english?

Also, how do you let someone know (politely) that you can't stand the taste of something that they have probably been eating their entire life?

I always enjoy your facial expression when tasting something delicious, and horrible for the first time.

Lastly, I wish you and Anthony Bourdain would do some more work together, I am a huge fan of your shows.

Thanks again!

andrewzimmern485 karma

i try and be polite. it goes a long way and i have a responsibility to be as accomodating as i can be. people react to that favorably. If i dont like somethign and the cook is standing next to me then i talk about the weather. i would never tell someone in a far off land, who has opened their home to me, who has just cooked me a meal that i dont like it.

Malek061302 karma

Other than your own, what is your favorite show on the Travel Channel?

andrewzimmern1069 karma

NO Reservations

SixShotSam285 karma

What is your favorite food that is a relatively normal american food?

andrewzimmern587 karma

i eat my wifes roasted chicken once a week

stratty111279 karma

What is the best restaurant in the Twin Cities that most have never heard of?

andrewzimmern421 karma

Piccolo and Tilia

PrinceOfEgypt243 karma

Hey Andrew..

What food made you the sickest? As in physically sick, hospital trip, etc..

andrewzimmern410 karma

some bad cumin in Morrocco 7 years ago gave me an awful virus. other than that, alll clean.

sliverworm231 karma

Is it true that you can't stand walnuts, if so.. why?! You've tasted some pretty horrific things before.. walnuts aren't that bad.

andrewzimmern985 karma

cant a guy just dislike one thing!

randi3423228 karma

Hey Andrew -- HUGE fan of your show! I know you absolutely hate Durian, which is big in Asian culture. Is there anything deemed "disgusting" by others that you love and think should be big in American culture?

Also, when are you opening up a Bizzare Food restaurant in NYC? Soon I hope!

andrewzimmern401 karma

there are plenty of foods that i wish were more popular here but tops on the list is donkey. its AMAZING tasting, like veal, but with a little more oomph. In CHina, Italy, South America they are very popular and i think if more amerians tasted them it would open doors to a more sustainable eating system in our country.

i_am_Kevin222 karma

What was it like cooking on Iron Chef with the Greatest Iron Chef ever Morimoto?

andrewzimmern312 karma

i cant wait to do it again. cooking in Kitchen stadium is fun and cooking with him was a blast, we are friends.

[deleted]206 karma

I've seen you struggle to eat a few different things but in all of your travels has there ever been something too repulsive (possibly dangerous) that you have refused to eat?

andrewzimmern418 karma

raw putrid chicken guts. wouldnt touch it, i knew it was a trip to the hospital for sure...

GummyZerg187 karma

Have you ever encountered any dangerous situations when eating food? This can involve a potentially poisonous food, an allergic reaction or moment visiting another country.

andrewzimmern259 karma

all the time...I have been eating stone fish, fugu, poisonous frogs and snakes and such every time i am in a tribal situation. its scary as hell.

_bigb173 karma

I've read about that you struggled with alcohol and drugs. Now that you've made a name as a famous TV host and chef, how does your past affect you now?

Also, your commercials about teaching children about healthy habit are great. Thanks for doing those. :)

andrewzimmern580 karma

i was a terrible active addict and drunk for many years, this January 28 i celebrate 20 years sober. I am very prpoud of that. those experiences affect my work every day I am more accepting of other people and cultures i am more patient and tolerant i am more grateful re the kids stuff. i believe we are given a huge responsibility if we are graced with a large platform like i have been given. i want to use that for common good

kavorka2154 karma

If I want to take a culinary tour to a developing country -- what's the best bang for my buck for a one week trip? In terms of spending the week traveling in a single country. I don't need "bizarre" foods necessarily but I want the best, most interesting foods.

andrewzimmern293 karma

travel thorugh mexico, from one side to the other.

americanslang59141 karma

Andrew, love the show! Great work!

  1. What is Anthony Bourdain like in person?

  2. What chefs do you respect the most?

  3. I am very interested in pursuing a career in food/travel journalism. Similar to what you and Bourdain do. What is the best approach to being able to eat unique foods and travel the world for a living?

Edit: I wanted to commend you on a specific thing: Your ability to not offend people when you don't like something. You have an extremely optimistic outlook on everything and I love that you choose to point out the good parts of a dish.

andrewzimmern534 karma

TOny in real life is a pretty decent kisser, a little too 'handsy' sometimes. Chef i respect: Andres, Batali, Cosentino, Fratelli Voltaggio, Adria, Blumenthal, Dufresne, Brock, Humm, WHite, Colicchio, Morimoto, Love, Gauranaschelli, Zakarian, Symon, Hamilton, Achatz, Bayless, Hefter, Cole, Franey, Schlow, Helou, LAzarou, gagnaire, Arzak, Adrieni, i could go on and on

glassuser138 karma

Do you and Bourdain really hate each other a little, or is it just a TV feud?

andrewzimmern399 karma

i never 'get' this type of question. we give each other a lot of shit whenever we can, we get to mess around like that because of our jobs but we are friends. we socialize with our spouses etc....he is an amazing man and a great guy

troxrawr137 karma

Has there ever been anything that you guys couldn't show on television? If so, what was it?

andrewzimmern194 karma

plenty, most of it funny beghind the scenes stuff. most of what i want to show that doesnt air are bloopers, or alternate acts that the prod co doesnt feel measures up to the plot threads...

Minifig81119 karma

Hi Andrew!

Massive Fan here, I've seen every episode since the very first one! My questions:

Have you ever thought about putting together a Bizzare Foods Recipe website that details out all the recipes you've tried over the years?

What state are you looking forward to the most in Bizzare Foods: America?

Ever thought about doing another show with Adam Richman?

Can I join you once? I'm a super-taster and I love to eat unique foods. I've often told my friends I'd happily take your place if you ever need to step down for some reason. :D

-Andrew, from Mishawaka/South Bend, Indiana.

andrewzimmern175 karma

We are working on a cookbook right now, shouuld be out in a year. i cant wait for people to see all our shows for the new season starting monday, its our best season yet! I would love to have AdaM on my show, i love having guests on and for some strange reason despite the fans wanting it more and more, no one takes it seriously. send an email to Travel Channel, it would help

skadeda114 karma

What's your favorite foreign dish that you have had, that isn't available in America for FDA reasons, but should be because it's that good?

andrewzimmern175 karma

Kudu meat from South Africa...simply the best

Skote07110 karma

I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but hell, I'll only get one chance to ask the man himself. What's the worst tasting thing you've ever eaten?

andrewzimmern196 karma

mostly strange fruits like Bakut, or stinky tofu. the 14 day old stuff, not the two day old stuff

favorite_joke105 karma

Hi Andrew Zimmern! As someone who was traveled the world and experienced many different cultures, what is your favorite joke?

andrewzimmern427 karma

Raw foodism. i just dont get it

emonegarand104 karma

Having eaten brains of several different animals in your travels have you ever been worried about the possibility of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease? Have you ever been wary of eating anything due to potential health risks in general?

andrewzimmern232 karma

i worry sometimes but i try to make sure that i know waht i am eating. And i dont eat sushi at gas stations, if you get my drift.

wyfy10893 karma

Hi Andrew! I love watching your show!

Say you have 10 people in a room. People who eat boring food and don't step much out of their norm.

What 3 dishes would you have them try to change their world?

andrewzimmern167 karma

braised beijing style donkey mixed grill of small head on fish i tried in sardinia deep fried baby bird from Hanoi

unknownfy2491 karma

What's the coolest country you've ever been to?

andrewzimmern206 karma

BOtswana in Africa. nicest people on the planet

eraserh89 karma

What's the most run-of-the-mill, boring, off-the-shelf food that you can't get enough of?

andrewzimmern211 karma

greek yogurt

You-Mad-Bro81 karma

What's it like traveling the world to eat food?

andrewzimmern275 karma

i am the luckiest man in world,

ZeOppositeOfProgress68 karma

Would you ever pull a Bear Grylls?

andrewzimmern136 karma

yes, in terms of a survival experience, we have even done a Survivor Special

CheekySprite68 karma

Being that you're such a brave guy when it comes to what you put into your mouth, does your son emulate that? Does he want to try lots of things? Do you let him?

andrewzimmern190 karma

he does, and i encourage him to have a broad food palate. kids are predisposed to eat anything, its the parents and the culture that shut that spigot down.

BadVogonPoet64 karma

you've made a name for yourself by eating things that most people wouldn't dare be in the same room with. What's underneath the shock value? Why do you do what you do?

andrewzimmern424 karma

its not about shock value. its about learning culture through food, but the best food stories are from the fringe. and rememember its only shocking to you and your culture. its also about not practicing contempt before invesitgation and about being patient and understading in a world where we need to practice that more and mmore

HeroDiesFirst53 karma

What is something you typical do not enjoy eating?

andrewzimmern159 karma

poorly cooked food, i have no patience for it and it makes me angry.

standrightwalkleft52 karma

So you've obviously eaten a lot of stuff that's really horrible to an American palate, but what food have you been most pleasantly surprised by?

andrewzimmern136 karma

all the blood food like dinuguan in the Phillipines, all the offal stews, that stuff suprises me all the time.... but it needs to be cooked properly

Warlizard49 karma

  1. Favorite food?

  2. Favorite TYPE of food?

  3. How did you get the show?

  4. What's next?

andrewzimmern176 karma

Shellfish Seafood, especially Asian cuisines sheer dumb luck up next, more books, new shows, new web projects, clothing line, a personal gastrointestinal clinic with a bizarre foods theme, astronaut trianing, playing in the NFL

MickeyFinns47 karma

Have you ever eaten dog? I have the opportunity to in a couple weeks and am deciding on whether to or not.

andrewzimmern112 karma

i have triied it several times, and i dont care of it because its not that remakable.

Guatemaulin46 karma

I heard that your favorite soda is Ale-8-One. True? - Proud Kentuckian

andrewzimmern97 karma

nope...favorite is Empire root beer.

JmeHatesYou42 karma

• What was the first "bizarre food" you ate? What set you on the path of touring the world to try things most would find repulsive.
• I really like your "Adventurous Eats" piece you did for Disney Family Fun magazine. Would you ever consider a show focused at getting kids to try more adventurous dishes? My (American) kids love Tagines, Sushi, Kefta, and lots more but I'm always looking for more foods to introduce them to.
• Ever considered eating a Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken? I double-dog dare ya.

andrewzimmern77 karma

my parents gave me a great start in life. they were adventurous in the extreme and growing up in NY helped I am working on many kids projects and would never eat canned meat. yecccchhhh

Bravissimo42 karma

Heard you were just at Royal-T in Los Angeles. My friend Sophia is the VP there. How did you like it???

andrewzimmern56 karma

it was amazing i cooked a pop up there last friday evenign

r0ckarong42 karma

I know this is a bit personal but I've read in an interview with you once that you were homeless at some point and went to some pretty harsh times. Can you tell me what caused your life to take such a bad turn and how you managed to get out of it?

Thanks anyway for doing this, love the show.

andrewzimmern102 karma

i was a mess. then one day when i was sick and tired of being sick and tired i did what other people told me to do. and my life keeps getting better and better. It really works.

RadioSoulwax39 karma

It's a dark night out, and you must take Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman for a midnight snack. One expects you to give him the finest in local cuisine, and the other loves his westernized food. What to you do to ease the tension?

andrewzimmern176 karma

take them to where i wanted to go in first place and who cares if they like it or not....but they would

TofuTofu33 karma

Hey Andrew, big fan. I loved the special you did on Japan when you had the horumon in Osaka, but I felt like you wasted too much time in the Tokyo episode on obscure gimmicky food that locals never actually experience (I used to live in Tokyo for years).

Do you regret not experiencing more of the ACTUAL bizarre foods in Tokyo that regular people eat?

andrewzimmern80 karma

you should look at our other Japan episodes, we have made three and covered all the bases. Also our last Tokyo episode was supposed to be shot for Bizarre Worlds and got changed in edit room to a bizarre foods and i was freaked out and pretty angry. i thought the show suffered but its still a great episode

bearyhot28 karma

Are you really friends with the metal sculptor from a couple of your episodes? I saw him on Cash Cab actually. He seems like a great guy.

andrewzimmern33 karma

Steeel Neal is amazing and a great artist. a cool guy who i respect a lot

nicolletavempls11 karma

Andrew - as a resident of Mpls, I love the farm-table concept, however I'm wondering if it's oversaturated the Twin Cities with many new openings in the past 1-2 years. What do you think, how do you like this trend?

andrewzimmern29 karma

its not a concept or a trend i endorse...i believe it should be simply the 'way to do things". even shitty mall restaurants have tag lines on their menus saying they buy and source locally. its become meaningless like the word organic

raisedbyrobots11 karma

It's great to see you on here, I love your show! You have undeniably one of the coolest jobs out there, but what are some of your hobbies you still spend time doing when not traveling the world for work?

andrewzimmern17 karma

sports, photogtraphy, reading, crossword puzzles