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Andrew zimmern
co-creator, host, and consulting producer of the Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World.

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We are shooting them right now.

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The hand-pounded lemon ice at the Souk in Aleppo, Syria was the best frozen dessert of any type I've ever eaten. Sadly, after a 500-year run, that business was bombed out of existence a year ago.

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That's a great question. Tony is a badass motherfucker… and lately, he's been getting MMA lessons from his fight-professional wife, Ottavia. I don't like anybody's chances against a trained fighter who is 6'4", 235 lbs… All of that being said, I would never bet against myself, anywhere, anytime in any alley. Just ask my martial arts coach, Tiger Chen, he'll vouch for me. However, I would never fight one of my friends. The question you want to ask is who would Tony and I take out in a tag-team match…discuss!

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West Virginia.

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NO Reservations

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Raw clams on haf shell, Chris COsentino's tomtato vine pasta, roast pork from Palacio de los Jugos, Lee Hefter's geoduck in salty sweet chile paste, roasted duck from taipei night market, lamb face noodle from Xian Famuous, Marea's lobster salad and uni amusee, Desserts from Salty Tart in Mpls

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cant a guy just dislike one thing!

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The one I have in my house every time I come home from a long trip.

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Never. Yelp to me is worthless. If I am going to eat in Cleveland, I will throw out a question on Facebook and Twitter, and trust the responses from the culinarians who live and work in those cities.

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A necessary scientific experiment that someday might yield some positive results. This type of research is crucial. I have tasted plant-based lab created egg recently and been very impressed.