Hi Reddit, My name is Andrew Zimmern and I am host of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods. I'm currently working on an amazing campaign with Prizeo to raise money for Services for the UnderServed. You can help out here: www.prizeo.com/andrew

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meltingfishes977 karma

Will international episodes of Bizarre Foods ever be produced again? Bizarre Foods America is fun and all, but nothing compares to the weirdness of the stuff you eat abroad.

Also, a few years ago my mom sent you an email inviting you to film in Costa Rica. That offer is still open if you ever find your way down :)

andrewzimmern1778 karma

We are shooting them right now.

sczmbz598 karma

Who would win in a street fight between you and Anthony Bourdain?

andrewzimmern1548 karma

That's a great question. Tony is a badass motherfucker… and lately, he's been getting MMA lessons from his fight-professional wife, Ottavia. I don't like anybody's chances against a trained fighter who is 6'4", 235 lbs… All of that being said, I would never bet against myself, anywhere, anytime in any alley. Just ask my martial arts coach, Tiger Chen, he'll vouch for me. However, I would never fight one of my friends. The question you want to ask is who would Tony and I take out in a tag-team match…discuss!

SubtleSweet558 karma

What is the most unsuspectingly beautiful location that you've been to?

andrewzimmern1152 karma

West Virginia.

djrealtalk511 karma

Andrew! My dad loves your show, he watches it all the time! My question is what is your favorite foreign ice cream you've ever tasted? Thanks!

andrewzimmern1745 karma

The hand-pounded lemon ice at the Souk in Aleppo, Syria was the best frozen dessert of any type I've ever eaten. Sadly, after a 500-year run, that business was bombed out of existence a year ago.

andrewzimmern367 karma

Thank you all for chatting with me today. Great questions! Be sure to check out the awesome fundraiser I am doing with Prizeo to raise money for Services to the UnderServed. When you make a donation you are entered to win two seats at my table at the SUS celebrity dinner in NYC. Find out more here: www.prizeo.com/andrew

7upprosounds347 karma

What do you think of the FAO report that suggests that insects will be fundamental in feeding all of the world's population? Do you think insects will ever be accepted as normal food in the western world?

Also, what's your favourite insect?

andrewzimmern713 karma

It's crucial that we expand our food horizons to account for the massive problems we face over the next 50 years in trying to feed our hungry planet. There are many insects that are delicious, nutritious and represent full-circle sustainability. I've based much of my work of the last 10 years in trying to move people away from the awful habit of practicing contempt prior to investigation.

Hitsu123321 karma

Who do you think is the more adventurous eater; you or Bear Grylls?

To follow up, would you go on a Man vs. Wild adventure with him?

andrewzimmern641 karma

Me, not even close. I would love to do a show with Bear. He and I have talked about it. I know he feels the same way. The great thing about Bear as a dining companion is he's not afraid to try anything.

hammerific302 karma

Me and my girlfriend are HUGE fans, you're basically our personal hero. Keep being awesome!

Do you trust Yelp reviews when you go somewhere to eat? What kind of easy to make meal would you suggest a broke college student to make? I'm all ears.

andrewzimmern770 karma

Never. Yelp to me is worthless. If I am going to eat in Cleveland, I will throw out a question on Facebook and Twitter, and trust the responses from the culinarians who live and work in those cities.

baconfriedpork299 karma

What are your thoughts on lab grown meat?

andrewzimmern747 karma

A necessary scientific experiment that someday might yield some positive results. This type of research is crucial. I have tasted plant-based lab created egg recently and been very impressed.

fuckin_hippie275 karma

What's the best meal you have ever eaten?

andrewzimmern932 karma

The one I have in my house every time I come home from a long trip.

Timbum266 karma

Hi Andrew! Was there ever something in your travels that you refused to eat?

andrewzimmern742 karma

Yes. I'm not stupid. Rotted food that is guaranteed to put me in the hospital is something I try to avoid. It's why in Thailand I skipped the day-old placenta in the jungle market, but ate the fresh one-minute old placenta at Seabreeze Farm.

This_Fat_Hipster249 karma

What smells the worst but tastes the best?

andrewzimmern415 karma

Great question. Overly-ripe cheeses. A great example is decomposing 60-to-90 day-old Limburger cheese. When cheese is ripened perfectly, it can smell funkier and funkier, but still taste awesome.

UFNC224 karma

What is one thng that you have eaten abroad that you wished was more common in the US?

andrewzimmern497 karma

Horse and donkey.

Remembrance213 karma

Would you rather eat 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

andrewzimmern460 karma

I would rather have a nice mixed grill that includes both horse and duck, two of my favorite meats.

blockingaww212 karma

Durian, Walnuts, or Mc Nuggets, if you had to eat a bowl?

andrewzimmern334 karma


compuwatcher211 karma

Star Trek or Star Wars?

andrewzimmern573 karma

I'm 52 years old. I grew up watching every Star Trek that ever aired. James Tiberius Kirk is in a league all his own. Star Wars changed so many ways in which we create media and watching those movies with my young son has been one of the great thrills of fatherhood. Too hard to choose.

baconfriedpork210 karma

What is your favorite up-and-coming food town in America?

andrewzimmern523 karma

Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Kansas City, San Jose, and Denver.

zblinks199 karma

Mr. Zimmern you are a Minnesotan, what is your favorite Minnesota eatery and what community is it in?

andrewzimmern271 karma

I live in Minneapolis and I wish I got to eat out in my hometown as much as I get to dine on the road. Piccolo and La Belle Vie are my two favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. There are a dozen more that could put into that conversation. Check out AndrewZimmern.com. We have a great list of local restaurants that I like.

vertigounconscious197 karma

What is something that you have not tried that you would like to try?

andrewzimmern360 karma

There are thousands of animal and plant species that I haven't tasted just in the same way that I've been to 100 countries, but still have a long way to go before I've seen the world. The fun part is the journey.

nickyacullo197 karma

Since you travel a lot and food is prepared in less than satisfactory conditions I'm sure you've had your fair share of food poisoning.

What/where was the worst case of food poisoning you can remember?

andrewzimmern501 karma

Worst case was in Portland, Maine eating mussels at a crappy restaurant that I shouldn't have been eating in in the first place. On the road, in the third and fourth world I have not gotten sick.

panda58194 karma

I love your show, I think it is the best travel and food show on air. How long do you typically stay in a destination while filming? Is it all business or do you and the crew get a day to sight-see?

andrewzimmern278 karma

It's all business. We work 14-hour days. A show takes between 5 and 9 days to complete.

ElCornGuy185 karma

  1. Are you ever in any danger in certain places you go? Like is there a threat that something could kill you at any moment?

  2. Do you ever pretend to like food that actually tastes awful for the people who made it?

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andrewzimmern595 karma

  1. Yes, many times I would rather be a polite guest than a dorky TV food guy who makes a joke at somebody else's expense. In our show, many times, a family will part with one-third of their net worth just to feed us. How could I do anything other than clean my plate and graciously say thank you?

eggshi180 karma

Do you like any fast-food?

andrewzimmern503 karma

I love food that is served quickly. If you are talking about McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc., the answer is no. I would say I end up eating a McDonald's hamburger once a year simply out of horrific circumstance, and I always regret it.

CitizenTed162 karma

Hi Andrew!

What's your favorite all-American dish?

andrewzimmern382 karma

Roast chicken, stuffing and gravy.

unchargedmisconduct148 karma

Andrew, throughout the years you've visited some dodgy areas but you always seem so welcomed! Has there ever been a location where you felt it wasn't completely safe, despite it appearing so to the viewers?

andrewzimmern239 karma

In fact, this is often the case. Many times we acknowledge in the show that some circumstances are unsafe, but most of the time we'd rather spend our airtime telling the stories we went there to tell. Making TV is a privilege, but it's often risky business.

pharbero140 karma

If you were forced to eat the food of only a single, distinct culture or geographical region (outside North America, let's say) for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Also, any jealousy of Bourdain being on CNN now?

andrewzimmern294 karma

Dead heat between Chinese and Japanese.

IAm_Mrs_Nesbitt138 karma

Hi, Andrew. First off, I love your show! And second, when you came to Providence, RI, did you enjoy filming with my uncle Chris Morris?

andrewzimmern199 karma

Yes! Say "hi" to him for me.

eggshi125 karma

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

andrewzimmern323 karma

Frozen supermarket or gas station pizza.

NynaAndromeda120 karma

Do you have a medical crew with you/antibiotics everywhere you go?

andrewzimmern249 karma

Yes, and a hazmat team.

Salacious-116 karma

Have you ever eaten an endangered or otherwise threatened animal? If not, have you ever turned down such an opportunity, and what was it?

andrewzimmern249 karma

Never knowingly. Sometimes I can't vouch for what's in the stewpot in tiny roadside food stalls in the middle of the African countryside.

GooBerry105 karma

What's the most misunderstood foreign dish among Americans?

andrewzimmern233 karma

Goat and small fish with the heads still on them. This seems like an easy answer, but it is universally true that we lack the fundamental understanding required to expand our diet to even the most obvious "next" protein choices.

Eep133778 karma

Possibly controversial, but are you happy with only traveling in the U.S. for your show?

andrewzimmern230 karma

No, I don't like the idea of being just a domestic show or just an international show. I'd like to simply do the same show wherever the best stories take me.

Pain_Austen75 karma

What is your favorite weird/unconventional food? Did you like it the first time you tried it, or did you have to develop a taste for it?

andrewzimmern161 karma

I never think of food or my tastes in the way the question was intended. Like a musician who has played an instrument well since childhood, I can't ever remember a time when I wasn't happy to try new foods, and generally delighted with most of them. The biggest barrier to exploring new foods is our personal psychology.