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Do you remember any questions that you got really lucky with a guess on?

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I love that photo of you in the crocodile suit. How'd that one work for you?

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Why don't you guys just get a corporate plan?

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Great question. This is from an upcoming blog post:

I chose my words poorly. I wanted to address a few of the worst offenders head on.

"Force her to rebuff your advances"

My intended meaning: Respectfully take action. Make the first move so she has the power to make a decision on your candidacy. If you never make a move, you don't fully allow her the chance to make a decision on whether she might consider a romantic relationship with you.

How it was read: Force her to do something against her will.

"Grab her hand and put it on your cock."

My intended meaning: When consent has already been enthusiastically given, and two people are naked and fooling around, the man shouldn't explicitly verbally ask permission, "Will you touch my penis now?"

How it was read: Grab women's hands and put it on your penis, regardless of if you have consent.

"Don't ask permission."

My intended meaning: You don't need to vocally ask permission every time you want to make a move. If you are hot and heavy making out, you can move your hand up to her waist without asking, "Do I have your permission to put my hand on your waist?"

How it was read: You don't need permission to touch women. Grope away.

You get the idea. I take the blame here 100%. I wrote things that could easily be misconstrued and they were. This is harmful. It won't happen again.

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Hey Andrew, big fan. I loved the special you did on Japan when you had the horumon in Osaka, but I felt like you wasted too much time in the Tokyo episode on obscure gimmicky food that locals never actually experience (I used to live in Tokyo for years).

Do you regret not experiencing more of the ACTUAL bizarre foods in Tokyo that regular people eat?