My short bio: Hey everyone! I am 29-year-old Adult movie actress and content creator Adriana Chechik! I have been performing in the industry since 2013 - I’ve won several Female Performer of the year honors for my work! I have two beautiful Patterdale terriers who keep me busy! I love to hike, work on my garden, travel the world, and I am also very active as a streamer on Twitch!! I’m an open book, Ask Me Anything!

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EDIT: This was so fun! Thank you for the questions, I had a great time 😈

A huge thank you to for making me their June Bang Babe!!

Also be sure to check out my fun 57 Questions (with a grand tour of my house) and Behind the Scenes footage of my TWO brand new scenes with Bang on Youtube!

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ThatsNotRight1235217 karma

It's pee, right? You drink a lot of Gatorade or pedialyte before the scene.

I have $100 riding on this, so please be truthful.

Adriana-Chechik6614 karma

Here's the deal. The answers is yes, it is pee, but you can have an orgasm while you are peeing. I have squirted clear and peed yellow, because it has a little more vaginal fluid in it. It is, but it has a lot of other fluid mixed into it.

i_call_u_faggot3198 karma


Adriana-Chechik6720 karma


CacheMeOutside2420 karma

is the 'pineapple making sperm cum out sweeter for women' theory real?

Adriana-Chechik4683 karma

100%. Everything you eat affects you. It's not just pineapple, it's a few different things you can eat.

Recently I stopped douching before scenes and my feedback from a performer was that my vagina tasted healthy. It is a HUGE compliment.

BrownRecluse902007 karma

If you had gone the more traditional route (through academia and schooling), what career would you see yourself doing successfully?

Adriana-Chechik3224 karma

I would actually be building prosthetics or working in robotics. I find it amazing and would love to build a prosthetic that would have the capability to grow with its user.

burnshimself1480 karma

How do you feel about how Onlyfans and streaming has impacted the adult industry overall? Has it been good for the existing adult film stars or is there a challenge adapting to a new platform and having a new generation coming up organically through these sites? Has it impacted the other tangential industries (professional porn production, stripping / escorting, appearances, etc)?

Adriana-Chechik2283 karma

So, I think that OnlyFans and streaming has brought a renaissance to porn. We are in an era where direct marketing and branding are at our fingertips, which is awesome. I think that newer girls might have a bigger challenge!

Totalnah1302 karma

Thanks for joining us today Adriana. My question for you is simple: Which do you enjoy more, eating ass or getting your ass eaten?

Adriana-Chechik2684 karma

You think I would say getting my ass eaten, but I LOVE when a guy has never had his ass eaten and I know i'm going to make him love it 😈

BillionaireBob1179 karma

Just lemme eatcha, one time! You gunna sleep for 3 days my baby! Ay yay yay!

Adriana-Chechik668 karma

How would u do that if I do gangbangs with professionals . Do u ever talk to the girls u bang after? I’m sure they went on about there day after. Please don’t talk a big dick game with me. It’s stupid, inadequate, and just annoying… look at my past bro rly? U rly think ull make me tired…

BillionaireBob1757 karma

Lmao, it’s a joke from Your Moms House podcast. You laughed at a Bert Kreischer comment earlier so I thought you might be familiar.

Adriana-Chechik1304 karma

Lol nooo;( sorry. Sometimes I take shit to seriously 😳

Adriana-Chechik742 karma

Also ppl say this to me all the time so of course I respond this way

ThatOneGuyHOTS-134 karma

Well being a pillow princess and sitting there isn’t really much.

My pet rock does the same with less bitching.

Adriana-Chechik156 karma

Ur a perv for watching rock porn…. Pretty sure that’s illegal shit man. U nasty!

Whitharral1236 karma

Have you or would you ever bang a fan?

Adriana-Chechik2393 karma

A fan gangbang is on my 3 month radar!

bdoubleD1501 karma

excited Bert Kreshner noises

wipes kool-aid off face

Adriana-Chechik616 karma


False-Temperature-831028 karma

On a different note and not to get greedy, how does a healthy vagina supposed to taste like?

Adriana-Chechik1583 karma

Basically a tad bit sour but mostly like yogurt… lol

brokenproto981 karma

Since you’re a farmer can you notice a difference in store bought produce and what you harvest from your garden?

Adriana-Chechik1450 karma

I grew up on farms, but I haven't successfully grown anything other than tomatoes and peppers in my own garden. I 100% notice when they use the acid wash on the produce.

PornoPaul978 karma

Whats a question you're hoping will be asked because you're dying to tell us the answer?

Adriana-Chechik1403 karma

OOooooooo oh my gosh! That is great. I would be telling you my secrets if I told you!

What do I want to be when I grow astronaut!

PancakeBananuhh953 karma

Does size really matter?

Adriana-Chechik2192 karma

No! I feel like I only fuck big dicks in porn to look cool!

twilz892 karma

Pornhub or Twitch. Where do you find the creepier comments?

Adriana-Chechik1895 karma

Hmmm twitch, because ppl are sometimes mean or just plain ignorant

memleak0720 karma

Funny or serious answers allowed: what is one of the "hardest" things to do in the industry?

Adriana-Chechik1120 karma

Oooh, that's a good one. I feel like one of the hardest things is acceptance. As a new girl in the industry it's difficult to achieve the acceptance of your elders and other performers. It's very hard to get everyone on the same page.

King_Bubel666 karma

There’s a lot of discussion about how exploitative the porn industry can be. Have you experienced any predatory practices during your time there, and what advice would you give to people new to your industry about avoiding exploitation or abuse?

Adriana-Chechik1515 karma

I think porn is run by gatekeepers, so know that. Understand when they are using you. Use them for what you need to. Don’t say yes because u think u should or someone influenced that decision. Make sure 100% of the choices are yours.All industries are exploitive in a way. If you work hard they want u to work more and if u don’t they’ll hire hungrier cheaper ppl. It’s rly not difficult from other careers. Be smarter than others. Understand how things work. Educate urself on systems and procedures. Be better than them!

ru2nizy639 karma

Hey big fan, where has been the weirdest place someone has recognized you?

Adriana-Chechik2681 karma

There is no weird place… lol maybe masked up at the grocery store with sunglasses but he said he knew that ass from anywhere lol

Accomplished-Ad7178619 karma

Hey Adriana, do you have a boyfriend?

Adriana-Chechik1050 karma

No, no boyfriend at the moment. I have a friend that I am really close to that is a male, but he's not my boyfriend.

heatherbergeron583 karma

What was your favorite video game as a kid? And any tips for self confidence?

Adriana-Chechik1154 karma

Dig Dug!!

For self confidence, I like to write love letters. Loving yourself is a relationship and sometimes you are going to be mad at yourself, but if you channel that energy into a love letter to yourself that's what works for me!

Endonian474 karma

Any tips for girls aspiring to learn to deepthroat?

Adriana-Chechik761 karma

Yes, it’s a muscle and u can stretch it or get it used to the feeling. Start small less deep and slowly urself go deeper with a lot of lubricantion!

bangsteve448 karma

if you could be BFF with Tinkerbell, but you had to give up gaming, would you do it?

Adriana-Chechik1529 karma

I would never be BFF because she's a bitch, and she fucks shit up all the time! She tries to fuck up Wendy! I would fuck all her boyfriends.

P0oky-Bear410 karma

What do you think your industry will look like 400 years from now?

Adriana-Chechik992 karma

Oh wow! That is hard to imagine. That is a crazy time span! Maybe it will just be a flower and it will be pollinating. Humans might become extinct but the planet is forever!

magpounder368 karma

How many pairs of Louboutins do you own?

Adriana-Chechik836 karma

I only have one pair of them! I actually feel like I would rather spend my money on vacation rather than shoes.

brokenproto308 karma

What do you grow in your garden?

Adriana-Chechik615 karma

Ok! Well I actually just feed the butterflies! I am redoing my garden to put mesh above it to protect the different plants. I actually get Monarchs and I clip the eggs and put them in incubator to raise them.

SteelCityGamer297 karma

Where's the best place you've hiked and do you travel the world with hiking spots in mind?

Adriana-Chechik442 karma

So I do travel with a hike in mind, whether it's hiking or rafting. One was in South Africa, Skeletons Gorge, was amazing.

Zambia I rafted down the Zambezi River. For me that was a once in a lifetime place!

amazingbollweevil237 karma

Where is your favorite vacation travel spot and what makes it your favorite?

Adriana-Chechik340 karma

I have so many places I haven't been, so I can't accurately answer that. If I had to pick, I would say South Africa. I also aspire to travel to space, I would love to do that.

HazeAsians228 karma

You kept the sanity of me and 6 other guys while we were deployed.

Thank you for your work. Do you have any pets?

Adriana-Chechik264 karma

Thankyou! These are the reasons I love my job! I’m happy I can offer anything in comparison. Thankyou! I have two pets. Two beautiful dogs. Pork and God

windysan175 karma

Do you have a good borscht recipe?

Adriana-Chechik302 karma

No I don't! I think you are thinking that because I am serbian or russian. I make great sausages and other cultural treats!

Nixplosion156 karma

What are your favorite games to stream on twitch?

What was your first introduction to the world of gaming? (For example my first games were FFVII and Crash Bandicoot)

What's your set up?

Porn questions!

Who was the best to work with? Male or female? I have this notion that performers and crew are all fairly laid back.

How professional are directors on shoot?

Do they keep everyone focused or is it kind of out of hand some times?

How long does a 1 hour finished scene take to shoot?

Adriana-Chechik409 karma

  1. Currently Resident Evil Village, Returnal. And anything Star Wars!
  2. I was 15-20 playing WOW. I was in school for Bio Chem and I would do 6 hour raids. I was leveling up characters and selling them in college.
  3. I am setting up my second PC. I use a Sony Camera, I have two computers with a dual setup. The tech specifics of the computers, I've had built for me! I used to have a fellow streamer fix my stuff, but I actually wanted to learn how to do it myself! I think anyone that is great with PC's computers are self-taught. I have a great discord community.

Porn Questions:- 1. I always because I can't give anybody a good answer to that, because it changes so often! One day I'll go to set and work with Zac Wild and I love it, but then I go fuck another performer and I love that. 2. It's so crazy! Porn is sooo professional! Every director has been amazing. I have encountered unprofessional people (not just Directors) when I was newer. 3. Normally porn is a minimum of four hours on set. It depends on what you like. Different types of sets/styles take longer than other.

brokenproto128 karma

What gets you giddy and excited outside of the adult industry world?

Adriana-Chechik304 karma

Disney! If you don't know me, Disney! I love going to anything Disney. Rollercoasters and traveling to go on them.

Sunny2marrow111 karma

What does a bad day at work look like to you? Like how do you deal with a bad experience on the job since it's not just work it's deeply personal and important and what not.

Adriana-Chechik345 karma

I rly don’t have them. I stopped putting myself in situations years ago where that could happen. If something goes wrong u just confront it. Talk about it and reschedule or move forward. Sometimes dicks don’t work. So u don’t add more pressure. Sometimes u can’t clean out for anal so u tell the director ur body isn’t agreeing today and it’s easy to handle.

DanaScully_69103 karma

What do you do for self care? Mindfulness practices? Mental health? Self love? Do you find that your work is emotionally draining at times? What activities do you enjoy that provide rest and relaxation? How did isolation during quarantine effect your mental health?

Edit: reporting back that last night, I learned i watch more pr0n than my boyfriend ;P and that I am a bigger fan of Adriana's than he is. Also, definitely had great sex last night.

Thanks for bringing joy to my life, AC!! ;D

"My heroine. And I don't mean I want to listen to jazz and inject you. "

Let us know when Bret and Tom are gonna DP you, we are all looking forward to it.

Adriana-Chechik257 karma

I see a therapist, I also take a lot of hikes with my dogs…. I find that doing any kind of “stunts/scene” where you are pushing ur body physically and also ppl are praising you. You will have a come down. I often do a big scene then feel sad the next day. However I know it’s just my hormone levels are drained and I remember I don’t actually feel this way and push threw it. I went threw the same phases as everyone I think. Happy…. Then super sad, then stressed. Now I’m just happy to see faces again.

EyeAndI97 karma

I know you've said you really do enjoy the sex in previous interviews, but so you have a standout scene or two that was on another, "Holy crap that was amazing." level for you?

Unrelated question, what non-obvious act gets you going? Shoulder rub, back of the knee kisses, footrub?

Adriana-Chechik231 karma

Lol yes my first triple scene. How could that not be amazing. Also a scene with Shyla Jennings as a cowgirl. When a girl forgets there’s a camera I do to. I rly do just fall in love for the moments I’m with someone. Also kissing is amazing for me. Kissing and dry jumping lol

IansGifsandPics79 karma


Adriana-Chechik159 karma

I don't think anything will change. I think we will be safe for a while, but after that we will overcome and be more sanitary. I think everything will eventually go back to the way it was before! Wishful thinking here.

Iamthedrunkenwizard58 karma

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into porn?

Adriana-Chechik155 karma

YES! This is a great question but also one of the worst to get asked. If you want to be a sex worker, the best thing to do is follow your own path. Don't take anyone's path, the only thing you can guide you to do is put a home video up on a model site and see how the reactions are. Go to a licensed agent or reach out to companies, it would be better marketing for you to establish rapport and your brand.

Diabetesh55 karma

Do you find that above average use of lube and/or friction on skin in performing creates hard wear and tear on your skin? If so, what do you do to combat it?

Adriana-Chechik142 karma

So shooting anal so much has actually put a tad of scar tissue in one part of my hole. However it’s tiny, and is something that doesn’t effect my current shooting. Using lube is always a great idea and if it’s the right kind only benefits ur holes

Wtkgifd54 karma

I love your work! Do you smoke weed? And if so, bong, blunt, or bowl?

Adriana-Chechik144 karma

Yes, Sativa, joints.

Emperor_Leto51 karma

How did your relationships with family/friends change when they found out your profession? Did they get better or worse or stay the same?

Adriana-Chechik98 karma

They have stayed the same. I actually didn’t have much for a past when I started porn so I didn’t have a ppl to treat me differently

TastyUnits28 karma

Was porn an active choice or desperate choice?

Adriana-Chechik88 karma

An active choice. I chose this and would again.

TastyUnits20 karma

When I saw your first scene for mofos, I never thought you would last a year or two in the industry. Does your longevity surprise you ? Not just because of your skills and work ethic, but porn careers can be very fickle.

Adriana-Chechik76 karma

No. I am a door to door salesman. I have always achieved what I set out to. So not rly. I never doubted my ability to win. I never do.

smellydawg48 karma

What’s you favorite non-pornographic movie?

Adriana-Chechik221 karma

This is so hard! I have sooo many. Finding Nemo tops it. It is very calming and when I saw it I was going through a tough time and I have such fond memories of it.

Currently it's a toss up between There Will Be Blood and It Follows!

lanababyyyyy46 karma

Can you share your diet ? Or your workout routine ? Also, were you ever conscious of your body ? If so, how did you overcome it ?

Adriana-Chechik136 karma

I always judge myself. I am way to hard on my image. This stems from my mom and her ideals as well as Instagram. I see girls on IG and get overworked wishing I looked this way or that or why I am not better. However I pull myself out of it. I think it’s ok to have negative ideas or image faults but it’s more about noticing them. Not allowing them to rule ur body. When I feel that way I actually look at photos of myself that I liked and say aloud I am sexy, fit, and happy. The older I get the more I I understand that body image is not ur image. Ppl like ppl, personalities, and traits so fuck em if I’m not their type. I’m someone’s! Also I currently hike with my dogs and I just try mindful activities. So parking ur car farther, taking the stairs, even going to get food rather than ordering it all burns calories

huh_phd44 karma

What's something you do for fun that no one would ever suspect?

Adriana-Chechik99 karma

Clean… I love cleaning.. like on my knees scrubbing the floors. Idk it satisfies me to clean..

pornaltthrowaway1744 karma

Hey adriana as a traveler and pornstar where was/is your favorite destination to have sex?

Adriana-Chechik129 karma

Hmm, definitely Brazil, I did it on a surf board in the ocean in Ipanema, the sun rises and sets on the same beach there during he summer and it was rly magical to bang during that sunset.

grinr41 karma

Do you use bath bombs and if so, what kind do you like?

Adriana-Chechik82 karma

No actually, ever Lush products which are all natural and organic I don't use. Even Epsom salt makes me ezcema flare! Oof!

mikemojc47 karma

TIL my occasional epson salt soak may be contributing to my eczema flair ups.

Adriana-Chechik71 karma

The best thing is aquifer and ur own sweat. Put some on and don’t shower for a day or two. Ur own body oils are the best at healing. If it’s rly bad try buying powdered Brest milk and making it into a past then apply it to ur skin.

Adriana-Chechik37 karma

Omg! 100% it is.

SenorRock37 karma

Any suggestions for a 40 y.o. male wanting to break into the porn industry?

Dofleini158 karma

first rule of porn: you don't "break" into the porn industry, you "bust" into the porn industry.

Adriana-Chechik108 karma

lol. good one.

IansGifsandPics36 karma


Adriana-Chechik94 karma

Oooh, I would love a Centaur. They are strong and they are handsome. They have great hair too. It would be hysterical to ride up to the club on a Centaur.

spartenkiller45635 karma

Do you consider yourself a size queen? What do you consider small? What's the smallest penis you'd get with? Also are there any plans to do sph content in the future?

Adriana-Chechik158 karma

Ughh no I’m not a size queen, I want bug dicks to look cool on camera obviously. But I rly don’t care. I haven’t been with a micro cock yet so idk if it would be to small. However I don’t do a lot of on camera humiliation or femdom only because I have to know they like it and are consenting. My goal is to uplift ppl.

Axes4Praxis31 karma

What's the best kind of soup?

Adriana-Chechik75 karma

The best type of soup is homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

ominus23 karma

My family and I are going to WDW and universal Florida in February of 2022. Anything you recommend we not miss that would be not well known or as popular as other things?

Adriana-Chechik74 karma

100% make sure right after the fireworks at Magic Kingdom you run towards the juan yes mansion and enter the back way to fantasyland and get a picture holding the lantern from the movie Tangled . The line gets cut off and is only there sometimes so be fast! For universal definitely the dragon breathing fire. Otherwise Dudley do Wrights ride! It’s so unique and has a rly crazy history.

TastyUnits23 karma


Adriana-Chechik78 karma

I do pay 97% of the guys I work with. Otherwise I get a signed model release…. No I actually don’t push myself to be hardcore I just do what I want. I did have a period where I was injured and pushed myself thinking I had to. However once I got away from my agent and I also just started to vocalize the issue and things I felt no one was mad. No one hired me less. It was the unspoken pressure I was keeping that made it an issue. Now I’m older and understand better

PurchaseTheSlump20 karma

How much pressure is there for girls in the industry to get surgery?

Adriana-Chechik51 karma

I can’t answer that correctly as I haven’t asked. I honestly think most ppl booking or hiring u don’t want u to surgically modify urself

SuccessfulWolf245420 karma

Hey Adriana just saw your reply on a question that you wanted to be astronaut, how did things turn up? Why are you now into adult stuff?

Adriana-Chechik54 karma

Because this is just where life took me. I will definitely goto space. Just not with a degree…. I think… also math. I suck at it.

pissed_off_neeson17 karma

Have you ever been to Halloween Horror Nights?

Adriana-Chechik38 karma

Halloween is my favorite! I absolutely LOVE it! I have been for the last 10 years! I go to FL and CA.

Mob_Rules199414 karma

Any thoughts of filming non porn movies, or spanning out to direct and/or produce any kind of movie?

Adriana-Chechik15 karma

I do everyday on my own site!

mobilelawyer12 karma

Adriana, have you thought about entering the NFT world at all, especially with the looming Onlyfans no-adult ban coming?

Adriana-Chechik54 karma

Yes I have. I have created a set of them, and I have it on the back burner for now. I am waiting for regulations to happen, and I want to make sure I am making the right decisions when the market has been established.

Daveit4later10 karma

What is the best album you've listened to in the past year?

Adriana-Chechik18 karma

MOOD by mild minds

Googke9 karma

Have you been in Europe and been recognized? What's your image of men actually, as they are the main audience of porn...

Adriana-Chechik35 karma

Quite often! I have gone to Prague which is a huge porn hub and I was recognized! I want to say that my year I won AVN Performer of the Year (2017) was the year that it switched where people were recognizing me in public a lot.

R6_Squad6 karma

What's a game you'd like to see remastered?

Adriana-Chechik46 karma


greatatemi-2 karma


Adriana-Chechik7 karma

I think if there is a market for it, and the girls are using the market then there is nothing wrong with it. I think it's ironic because if I could do it on there I would, I just do it on other sites. I think that Twitch's algorithm makes it more difficult for gamers and newer performers to get traction.

False-Temperature-83-8 karma

Dear miss. Chechik, huge fan for a very long time ..

What do I need to have already accomplished in life so that I'll have a chance at being in a relationship with you or someone of your caliber?

What do you look for in a man. Is finishing Medical school good enough for you to give it a chance? Does one have to be a millionaire?

Best regards and thank you so much for sharing your experiences with all of us.

A long time fan,

Adriana-Chechik14 karma

Hey, Honestly be a kind, man. Have a car u own and property. None of which need to be flashy or expensive. I just want someone who understands investing smartly. I’m sure u probly have a lot of medical school debts but make sure you pay them before u start spending money to look cool. Lol

Adriana-Chechik9 karma

I also like clean, understanding men.

Afk94-14 karma

How much cocaine do you do pre-shoots?

Adriana-Chechik21 karma

None, I can’t work, or operate at the level I do on drugs. To ask or think that is just ignorance.

dcmband03-18 karma

How do you feel about ex adult or current adult actresses using Twitch as a platform to farm money from coomers? Do you feel Twitch should have more standards and rules as far as banning and regulating what should and shouldn't be on Twitch?

Adriana-Chechik108 karma

Wait, why would I even think ppl are farming?!? First off building ur brand however u want isn’t farming. It’s more so direct marketing. Also why would I think twitch needs to implement more rules. Obviously there’s a market and willing consumers… why is that wrong?

aboycandream-33 karma

Why did you bully August Ames to the point of suicide?

Adriana-Chechik42 karma

This is a smear campaign. I did not comment to her, if you stop to see the real tweets you’ll see that I commented back to one girl who stated “gay performers don’t test the same” by simply and shortly communicating the truth. That they do uphold the same industry standards. The only reason ur saying this is because of a well known pimp blasting fake news about me. I have been open about the negative sides of porn. I did not bully, nor comment anything to august. I’m sorry you want to blame me and are so angry. I’m not what you read nor feel.

Nitemarex-258 karma

What happened in your childhood that you are in the porn industry?

Adriana-Chechik319 karma

My childhood traumas may have help shape me and my thought process, however they did not push me into anything in life. It’s wrong to assume that pain would push anyone to sex work. It’s wrong to try and stir up my history with such a idiotic question. Who hurt you? Why do you ask such things? Did ur trama make u this way?!?