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What motivated your team to print the price on the label? And have you ever gotten retailer / distributor pushback or thought about removing it?

Think you are one of the only products to do that and it goes a long way to enforcing your MSRP plus getting a lot of buyer attention. Super interesting decision and surprisingly not one many have copied.

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Do you know what the science is behind you having normal vision and both parents being blind? Were they born blind or was this an acquired condition via accident or deterioration of their vision? Also do you have any siblings that are blind?

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That sounds like entirely too much effort for a job that pays less than a starting gig at most fast food chains and a hell of a lot less than being a waiter. Why would anyone want the position?

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So it took us all of 30 minutes to figure out this guy is just as deflective and unresponsive as every other politician out there. Welp that was quick.

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Well christ I figured if he was any good as his job he'd be able to stand up to at least a couple hours of questions from reddit in the middle of a weekday.

This is like the cushiest hour to be hosting an AMA because all professionals are at work so you don't have too many heavy hitters in the comment section, mostly just college students (who can be tough but are much more agreeable to a progressive like OP). Frankly the reddit demographic is predisposed to liking him, but between his curt answers, shitty attitude, and blatant ignoring of the tougher questions, he's manage to in short order piss off what should be his cheerleading club.

Frankly a politicians job entails answering tough questions and effectively navigating the media while seeming personable and identifying with people. The fact he can't do that in a sheltered environment on the Internet is embarrassing for him and damaging to his candidacy.