What I stand for: I have based my campaign on fighting the corrupting influences that special interests have over our political system. Politicians in Washington, D.C. are completely beholden to special interest groups to fund their political campaigns. It is time that someone stands-up against the power of the big checks, the bundled checks and the corporate checks. This is why I take no PAC Money and have a $100 donation limit.

I believe a good job is the key to freedom and happiness. Yet today we have fewer people working than we did a decade ago and those who do have a job have, on average, not seen their wages increase on pace with the rest of the economy. We need to reinvest in our workforce and rediscover what ‘Made in America’ really means. Our current tax code is unfair, unreadable and unworkable. The corporate loopholes written into law by the special interests in Washington reward the few at the expense of the many. It costs small business far too much time and money to comply with our current tax regime, while at the same time many large corporations exploit this system and pay little to no federal taxes at all.

A little about me: I grew up on a farm in Louisiana, graduated from public school. I went on to receive my undergraduate degree from Harvard College and my M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. I served four terms in the United States Congress from 1981 – 1988 as a conservative Democrat who often broke ranks with his party to vote with President Reagan.

After I was Louisiana’s Governor from 1988-1992 as both a Democrat and Republican.

During my tenure in the Governor’s office, unemployment in the state dropped by approximately half, the state budget was balanced all years despite inheriting a huge deficit. Most recently, I served as the founder, CEO, and President of Business First Bank, a small business community bank with approximately $650 million in assets that took no bailout money from the federal government.

I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with my beautiful wife Scarlett, and I am the father of three wonderful children. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/buddyroemer Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/buddyroemer

*EDIT: Thank you for joining. I plan on being back in the next few weeks to answer some more questions. *

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notable_bro471 karma

How come I've never seen you at a debate? WHY AREN'T YOU AT THE DEBATES?

BuddyRoemer981 karma

I know I'm a pretty serious candidate. I would understand it if I wasn't viable or had no previous experience in politics. I have written or called to be included in all the debates, so they know I want to be in them.

But every time I have been denied.

First, they said I wasn't a formal candidate, and then I make a formal announcement at Dartmouth. Then I was told that I wasn't polling high enough, so I then got the required 2% in the polls. Finally they said I had to raise a certain amount of money. As many of you know I take $100 limit and no PAC money.

I think there are certain powers that control this country that don't want to hear what I have to say

I was then told he had to reach another polling level and a fund-raising threshold.

z0han255 karma

What is your stance on religion in politics?

BuddyRoemer832 karma

Religion should guide a candidate's personal life, not write his/her policy.

BroBuzz248 karma

If we can get you the 5% in New Hampshire, will you talk about SOPA in the debates? No one else seems to be doing that it seems.

BuddyRoemer385 karma

Definatly! I will talk about liberty and freedom and I will talk about the power of the internet as long as it is free. When it is controlled by the government its power is turned against the people and that is dangerous.

zaren213 karma

Getting this question out of the way for the geeks in the audience - what are your feelings on SOPA / ProtectIP? Have our "rights" as Internet users been co-opted by Big Media?

BuddyRoemer368 karma

Yes, liberty freedom are the watchwords. These political moves should be stopped.

fetusdongle211 karma

What are your thoughts on the NDAA?

BuddyRoemer486 karma

Torture is wrong. And the denial of personal liberties and due process of American citizens is blatantly unconstitutional.

Mowgli3171 karma

Hi Buddy! I've heard a lot about you recently, and I hope you get the attention you deserve.

1) As a supporter of the Occupy Movement, how do you think the movement can maximize its effectiveness?

2) How do you feel about legalization of marijuana?

3) How do you feel about gay rights (specifically, same sex marriage)?

4) What do you think is the best way to fix the economic crisis and get Americans back to work?

Thanks for all you do!

BuddyRoemer231 karma

1) Focus on money the political system. Focus on what the real problem is. The politicians are bought by special interests.

2) Drugs frighten me as a father and grandfather. I have never supported legalization of them. However, if someone shows me the safety of our living standards can be protected I would listen. But currently I am opposed to legalization

3) Once again, I am a traditionalist as part of my religious upbringing. However, I would defend the individual rights of homosexuals as proud Americans. I would allow each state to decide and not the federal government what the rules of marriage are.

4) Get special interests out of the White House and Congress. Clean up the political system. I would use a broom. Concentrate on small business as they create jobs. Fair trade with China is also very crucial. Energy indepdnence, it creates a million new jobs and allows small businesses to be successful. Speed up the patent process as there is a 5-8 year lag, I would decrease it to under a year. Each new patent is 3 new jobs, there are over 1 million patent applications, lets process them. Made in America should not be a phrase but a plan of action. I would have a content minimum of military products made in America.

salsal24103 karma

Thanks for coming on Reddit Buddy, we appreciate you doing so! Alot of us never see a candidate we're considering in person and this is the next best thing. :)

BuddyRoemer141 karma

I use Social Media as much as I can to connect with people. It is the next best thing to meeting them in person.

MyNameIsBruce267 karma

Hi Mr. Roemer,

I’m a recent college graduate who has been looking for a job, but I’ve been working part-time since May. My loans are $450 per month, which is almost my full monthly wage. What would you do to make college more affordable and help those of us who have already graduated but are struggling to pay our loans? (Need a communications person on your team?)

I’ve read your tax plan on your website and I understand the need to be brief in order to get your basic points across. But could you go into further detail about your income tax and corporate tax rate plans? I know there would be less government spending, but will this plan cover what needs to be covered? Couldn’t we pay a little more and not have to raise the age of SS and Medicare benefits instead? Will you cut the bloated defense budget?

I like most of your energy plan, but is nuclear power really necessary? People say it’s safer than it sounds, but I think having more nuclear power plants would be a “not in my backyard” situation. I know I wouldn’t want to live near one.

That said, your financial regulation plan is, dare I say, downright progressive. I like that you don’t take corporate cash, and I think we should all show support of candidates that do this. So as much as it pains me to register Republican, I’ll do so to vote for you in my state’s caucus.

BuddyRoemer104 karma

We need to create jobs that would help you. We also need to refinance student loan debt as you are paying between 5-8%, you should bay 2 or 3%. We will have a program to re-finance the loans to a much lower interest rate.

17.5% flat tax and a 2/3 vote to change it. First 50K income for a family of 4 is tax free everything else above that is taxes. If you make 500,000 you pay 14% if you make a million then 17%. No double tax or marriage penalty. No alternative min tax and no deductions or exemptions. Corporations pay 17% no exceptions, including GE...simple...clear....progress and clear. You can file your taxes on a post card.

Agreed, it does represent 20% of our current power usage so it should not disappear but should be made safe. We currently have no national storage space, I would open yuca moutain. It has been built and ready to go, all we need is the will to go. Nuclear can be safe but we need the oversight.

I will hold you to your support and will meet you at the polling place and see you in a better country with campaign reform.

dalmoore258 karma

Thanks for taking the time, Governor. I've been following you on twitter and Google+ and registered here at reddit to ask this:

You've shown your willingness to switch parties when you find yourself no longer agreeing with them, do you think it's time to do so again? Why not run as an Independent since your opinion on many issues is not only contrary but the opposite of what passes for a Republican these days? Isn't it time to admit that the party has changed into something that doesn't represent you?

BuddyRoemer93 karma

I'm trying to avoid that. I have experience of changing parties. There is much in the GOP that I support. The issue where we differ is money in the political system and I think they are just like democrats in that regard. I am not trying to change parties but change a nation.

NotSureWhatToBe48 karma

Why do you want to be the President of the United States?

BuddyRoemer62 karma

To change the direction of our Nation. To have a economically stronger Country. To have us uphold our commitment to our children and grandchildren of fairness. I would like us to change our direction and become more powerful, more peaceful, more fair.

serious_black45 karma

Do you believe that we have a moral duty to give all people health care when they need it? If so, how do you propose we pay for this needed health care?

BuddyRoemer78 karma

I love to say yes but the issue is paying for it. I will work two ways to make it affordable and available. 1) I will clean out the special interests 2) I would lower the costs of healthcare by putting insurance companies under the Sherman antitrust act and allowing you to buy insurance anywhere in America as you do not have that right. I would also reduce tort reform to reduce the number of lawsuits. I will force pharmaceutical companies to compete; they would no longer be protected by the law. Obama began with lawyers and hospitals; I will begin with the patients and nurses. We start at different places; I will end up with a better system.

burning2132 karma

Thus far, I've been very intrigued by what you have to say. But I'm also concerned about the feasibility of making the kinds of policy changes we really need to make, given the state of our government. How do you plan to garner the support needed to get legislation passed/repealed/changed in the ways it needs, knowing full-well that our congressmen are essentially spokespeople for special interest groups? I support your direction, but is there a plan for this?

BuddyRoemer44 karma

Yes, I need your help. The congress needs to hear from the people and when the public will vote for us it will say a lot. I will use my veto power and my first bill will be campaign reform. Speak to the Congress. I am the only guy running who has been a Congressman and a Governor. I know how to pass legislation and it starts with the people.

StromMcCallum31 karma

Hey, Governor Roemer. Whats your stance on textile and aquacultural tarriffs? Over the last several decades, thousands of textile mill jobs have been shipped offshore as a result of "free" trade with China, and more recently with NAFTA. This has left many American workers unemployed. On aquacultural tarriffs, consider this. In 2003, 3% of Catfish consumed in the United States came from non-domestic sources. By 2009, that figure was up to 57%. These issues are important to my fellow South Carolina voters. What's your stance on these tarriffs, in particular?

BuddyRoemer71 karma

I'm oppsed ot free trade agreements. They are false and hurt America. I support fair trade. I support tarriffs or adjustments when products are being made by forced labor or prison labor as well as with no work standards. I think we should revoke the normal trade agreements with china and insit on fair trade. a president should stand up with our working people. I would do away with NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO.

AdamVR431 karma

Glad to see you on here again Buddy. Tweeting the link to your IAMA right now. Let's get more people on here asking good questions.

BuddyRoemer29 karma

Thanks Adam.

medstud4ever20 karma

Hey Buddy,

First, I admire your stance on money in politics. Two questions:

1) In your opinion, why is it so difficult for intelligent, moderate republican candidates such as yourself and Jon Huntsman to achieve critical mass with respect to media attention?

2) What happened to the republican party of Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, and Eisenhower? I'd be a member of that party....

BuddyRoemer40 karma

1) In Huntsman’s case, it is not money as he is spending millions. He has been in every debate. Out of 16 national debates, I have been on zero. That is the difficulty of my campaign. Not our ideals or record but that I cannot get on a national debate. It is unexpected and I do not know the answer.

2) Long gone! We have to get that party back, the democrats are become puppets of the campaign finance system and so have the GOP. 100 years ago, teddy Roosevelt asked "Would you be the party of privilege and wall street or the party of main street and the American people."

TehNoff19 karma

Governor, I do not, at this time, have a question. While I wouldn't classify myself as a Republican the way the "mainstream candidates" set themselves up, I do find myself agreeing with you on several things, and respecting your opinion on others.

Good luck sir, I hope the US has an opportunity to listen to what you have to say.

BuddyRoemer16 karma

Thank you.

Jethuth_Chritht15 karma

With all due respect to you Mr. Roemer, despite your great ideas and values, it looks as if you won't win the Republican nomination without any unforeseen circumstance. If this is true, do you see yourself campaigning for president in 2016, potentially holding more traction and popularity?

BuddyRoemer29 karma

It does not look that way at the moment. But the election is nearly a year away and our message is a powerful one if we can get it to the people. As for 2016, I plan to be helping you to run for President but I expect us to have a different country then. A country with jobs and fairness, where special interests are not running the nation.

[deleted]12 karma


BuddyRoemer15 karma

1) It needs to be audited and annually and publically as well as needs to eliminate humprhrey hawkins and should focused on currency evaulations. All board members who have confilct of interests with large banks should be taken off the board.

2) Lyle Lovett anything he produces is the best.

3) Recruit! Be a campaign manager in your state. Ask family, friends, and fellow students to get involved. Don't lose faith we are going to change america for the better

CrystalCanDoThat9 karma

Hi Buddy! Baton Rouge resident here. I am sure I have seen you around town. What made you switch to the GOP and would you consider yourself a moderate or staunch conservative?

BuddyRoemer16 karma

On economic issues, a strong conservative and on social issues a moderate. I have always been this way. The Democratic party left me and I have tried to improve the Republican party in our State to make it stronger. I also changed parties because when I was Governor the democratic party controlled everything, I wanted a choice and the Republican party was mine.