Buddy Roemer

the 76th Governor of Louisiana from 1988 to 1992, and previously as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1981 to 1988.

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I know I'm a pretty serious candidate. I would understand it if I wasn't viable or had no previous experience in politics. I have written or called to be included in all the debates, so they know I want to be in them.

But every time I have been denied.

First, they said I wasn't a formal candidate, and then I make a formal announcement at Dartmouth. Then I was told that I wasn't polling high enough, so I then got the required 2% in the polls. Finally they said I had to raise a certain amount of money. As many of you know I take $100 limit and no PAC money.

I think there are certain powers that control this country that don't want to hear what I have to say

I was then told he had to reach another polling level and a fund-raising threshold.

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Religion should guide a candidate's personal life, not write his/her policy.

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Torture is wrong. And the denial of personal liberties and due process of American citizens is blatantly unconstitutional.

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Definatly! I will talk about liberty and freedom and I will talk about the power of the internet as long as it is free. When it is controlled by the government its power is turned against the people and that is dangerous.

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Yes, liberty freedom are the watchwords. These political moves should be stopped.

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1) Focus on money the political system. Focus on what the real problem is. The politicians are bought by special interests.

2) Drugs frighten me as a father and grandfather. I have never supported legalization of them. However, if someone shows me the safety of our living standards can be protected I would listen. But currently I am opposed to legalization

3) Once again, I am a traditionalist as part of my religious upbringing. However, I would defend the individual rights of homosexuals as proud Americans. I would allow each state to decide and not the federal government what the rules of marriage are.

4) Get special interests out of the White House and Congress. Clean up the political system. I would use a broom. Concentrate on small business as they create jobs. Fair trade with China is also very crucial. Energy indepdnence, it creates a million new jobs and allows small businesses to be successful. Speed up the patent process as there is a 5-8 year lag, I would decrease it to under a year. Each new patent is 3 new jobs, there are over 1 million patent applications, lets process them. Made in America should not be a phrase but a plan of action. I would have a content minimum of military products made in America.

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I use Social Media as much as I can to connect with people. It is the next best thing to meeting them in person.

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We need to create jobs that would help you. We also need to refinance student loan debt as you are paying between 5-8%, you should bay 2 or 3%. We will have a program to re-finance the loans to a much lower interest rate.

17.5% flat tax and a 2/3 vote to change it. First 50K income for a family of 4 is tax free everything else above that is taxes. If you make 500,000 you pay 14% if you make a million then 17%. No double tax or marriage penalty. No alternative min tax and no deductions or exemptions. Corporations pay 17% no exceptions, including GE...simple...clear....progress and clear. You can file your taxes on a post card.

Agreed, it does represent 20% of our current power usage so it should not disappear but should be made safe. We currently have no national storage space, I would open yuca moutain. It has been built and ready to go, all we need is the will to go. Nuclear can be safe but we need the oversight.

I will hold you to your support and will meet you at the polling place and see you in a better country with campaign reform.

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I'm trying to avoid that. I have experience of changing parties. There is much in the GOP that I support. The issue where we differ is money in the political system and I think they are just like democrats in that regard. I am not trying to change parties but change a nation.

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I love to say yes but the issue is paying for it. I will work two ways to make it affordable and available. 1) I will clean out the special interests 2) I would lower the costs of healthcare by putting insurance companies under the Sherman antitrust act and allowing you to buy insurance anywhere in America as you do not have that right. I would also reduce tort reform to reduce the number of lawsuits. I will force pharmaceutical companies to compete; they would no longer be protected by the law. Obama began with lawyers and hospitals; I will begin with the patients and nurses. We start at different places; I will end up with a better system.