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Do you believe that we have a moral duty to give all people health care when they need it? If so, how do you propose we pay for this needed health care?

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What do you think of the push to give the suicide prevention phoneline the three-digit number of 988?

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Senator Sanders,

I greatly appreciate your running for president. There aren't many people who have the gumption to stand up for the poor the way you do. You've fought for lowering taxes and improving government programs so every American can climb the ladder of success. Yet I can't help but think that part of the reason many Americans can't climb that ladder is it's really a labyrinth that only the rich can navigate by paying others to help them do it. The tax code is a great example of this. One of the biggest things the government could do to help the poor IMO is simplify the tax code and make the process of paying taxes much easier.

My question: what are your thoughts regarding the simplification of the tax code, perhaps by replacing the entire tax code with a universal transaction tax like described at the website below?


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What's the most gratifying case you've ever worked on? Why did it bring you such satisfaction?

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Thanks for your reply, and thanks for your hard work in suicide prevention! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.