Hi, my name is Daniel Andrei, known online as Micul Gigant (the Little Giant). I live in Bucharest, Romania.

Like any other type of entertainment, being a YouTuber puts oneself through many challenges, and much of the work is being done behind the scenes.

Living with spastic quadriplegia is quite a challenge in my day-to-day life, even more for the career that I’m following, but I’ve found my ways to adapt and overcome my limitations!

Ask Me Anything!

P.S. I will start answering questions very soon, at 8pm EET (11am pacific, 2pm eastern), during my livestream on YouTube!

My cousin, “potato” will help me with translating and typing the answers, but I’ll do my best to answer in English on my livestream!

P.P.S Here is the Lambo video recently posted on reddit:

My YouTube channel

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christophertit40 karma

You’ve become a bit of an Internet celebrity after that video. Looked like you had a blast out in the lambo! Have you suddenly become very popular in your social circle? When did you realise you went viral?

miculgigantyt40 karma

When I got into the Lambo first, I enjoyed it a lot, it was really cool, but I don't only like supercars. I also love normal cars, and I would've loved to have some friends to say "Micul, let me get you a ride". I'm not a celebrity, I am just a normal person like anyone else.

christophertit19 karma

That’s good to hear, if you’re ever in Scotland and want to experience a 750bhp (soon to be much faster) Bmw M5 then hit me up! Hopefully the lambo video will make your YouTube channel explode. I’m sure you’ll get more offers from other people to take you out, would be a good series to watch!

miculgigantyt21 karma

If I ever get to Scotland, I'll definitely hit you up!

coalthedoggo21 karma

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

miculgigantyt43 karma

I think that it's good to think about the future in some ways, but setting a huge goalmight get you to feel disappointed if you don't hit it. I really hope that 5 years from now on I will have a girlfriend, a wife maybe, or even a child. Having a family is really important to me.

peely_gonna_stealy20 karma

Besides doing the vlogs, did you ever think about becoming a motivational speaker?

miculgigantyt25 karma

I didn't really think about it because I think I have to get smarter in order to do that. Also I think that a bigger level of maturity is needed to this kind of work, I haven't yet had that many life experiences in order to attain that maturity.

TheDeBattyGroup24 karma

Daniel, I think you have a sense of emotional intelligence that some of the so-called "smartest" people in the world will never achieve. you have so much to provide to the world! Don't ever sell yourself short, or think you have to learn too much to b able to have a real impact on people's lives who may have had the same experiences as you.

miculgigantyt15 karma

Thank you!

TheDeBattyGroup18 karma

Hi Daniel! I just wanted to start off by confessing my admiration for your bravery to make your condition so public and educate others! I will never in my lifetime have that kind of bravery, even in the military. My question to you is: What gave you the courage to start the youtube channel and all of your social media accounts? I love supporting your streams even though I do not understand Romanian lol! You're a great CS player, and an even more amazing human being. Go on daniel!!

miculgigantyt19 karma

In the beginning I didn't have the courage, it just started like it wasn't anything important. When I saw that I was slowly becoming successful, I gained more confidence and more importantly, I began ignoring the haters. Thank you very much for your support!

aadingers17 karma

Do you plan on living in Romania all your life? Do you have any ideas on moving somewhere else?

miculgigantyt23 karma

My dream was to move to NYC, but I realise my family is here, in Romania. A visit or two won't be that bad, though.

JEFF_172414 karma

In the vlog with andy you said that you don’t earn enough for therapy and basic needs. do you earn enough now and has the popularity helped you pay for better treatment?

miculgigantyt21 karma

That's true, my handicap pension is really low in my country, so I struggled in the past. But now, with all the people's support, I manage to deal really well with all the monthly payments. I have the same treatment now, as I had it in the past, because it was and it is the best that is available.

JEFF_172413 karma

have you thought about learning english so that you can communicate with your international fans?

miculgigantyt24 karma

I'm doing this right now, taking english lessons in order to deliver the best content that I can!

miculgigantyt16 karma

I've recently strarted taking english lessons from someone in USA, and I'm definitely looking forward to mastering it so that I can communicate better with everyone during my livestreams!

L1quid12 karma

Hi Little Giant,

Thank you for doing this AMA! I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, are eager to know more about you after seeing that Lamborghini video.

My question: You have said you were not able to walk as a child, but now you can walk. Did this happen because of kinesiotherapy? Do you have any other physical goals you hope to achieve as a result of your dedication to this therapy?

miculgigantyt15 karma

I started doing kinesiotherapy when I was 11-12 months old. I was crying a lot back then, and my mom didn't know exactly what to do. Because of the therapy I started walking without any assistance at around 7-8 years old, but my balance was very,very bad. I fell a lot and had to go the hospital many time, because my head got cracked a lot. I had a lot of stitches because of this.

Right now I don't have any more goals regarding my physical condition, because kinesiotherapy is the only option for maintaining my current condition, and I can't make too big of an improvement anymore. Brain surgery isn't an option because it's too dangerous for now.

Pavanellik12 karma

Hi Micul! Hope you are well. I have a couple of questions to you ☺️

  1. What was the best advice a friend told you after your video comes a viral?
  2. Do you had to deal with bad people trying to take some advantage of you after your video comes a viral?
  3. Are you receiving some financial advices to make your money becomes even more money in the future?
  4. In the Lamborghini video you told us that none Youtuber would like to do a collab with you. Are you facing the same situation nowadays?
  5. How people who bullied you in the past are treating you now?
  6. What your mom are think about all this current situation (viral video, donations, followers, haters)?
  7. What are you planning for your channel in the future?

miculgigantyt11 karma

  1. Not a lot of advices really
  2. Some ppl tried to take advantage, they wanted to grow their reputation when the boom happened, and then they were just ghosting me
  3. I'm not currently receiving any financial advice from any professional, only from friends and family.
  4. Yes, still there are few youtubers that would want to collaborate with me
  5. I don't really talk to to people who bullied me, but there may be people who suddenly changed because of my success
  6. My mom, as well as my dad were really impressed and happy with all the ongoing madness. They didn't expect so many people with gather to support me. Regarding the haters, she really isn't happy about it, and gets angry from time to time
  7. I tend not to think too far in the future, because doing so might lead to unwanted disappointment if things don't go the way I want them to. But I only hope for the best!

Anonn324810 karma

Do you know what your next goal is to achieve once you have achieved the goal you are currently on? Even if you don’t still love you and your CSGO gameplay and other content keep it up👊🏻🌯 Also what’s better 🥔 or 🌯?

miculgigantyt7 karma

My next goal is to make my streaming room as I've envisioned it for a long time, to put furniture and everything else in place, and after all of this, to make a trip to America.

Shaorma all day, any day, my brother!

Aystinpowers2010 karma

How was your day?

miculgigantyt13 karma


AzadIgasho10 karma

Probably there's many people with disabilities out there who consider starting a streaming career, but might be afraid of what viewers would say about them. What's your insight regarding this matter, and what would you like to tell them?

miculgigantyt11 karma

You don't have to listen to haters. In the beginning, it affected me as well, but when I realized it was all for nothing, I started ignoring them. Don't give them any thought, and if you like it, go on. If you're not passionate about it, you won't succeed

aadingers8 karma

Have you ever taken action against the doctor that you mentioned caused this during your birth?

miculgigantyt6 karma

No, Amy, I haven't. Those were different days, my parents didn't have enough money to file a suit, so no legal action was taken against him. Some years back I heard that he actually got imprisoned for malpractice, guess what comes around goes around eventually

littlesupporter8 karma

Hi man,

just need to know - how do you find so many power in yourself? I mean, you are so positive on your livestream and always sharing it with all the other people. Teach me Master ;)

miculgigantyt7 karma

My power comes from all the people's support. That's what fuels my well being and joy! And also seeing a shaorma in my hands, that's pure happiness!

Solarismun8 karma

Hi Micul, I hope you are having an amazing day :) I was curious about your admiration for minions? I see them all over your channel and id love to know the backstory.

miculgigantyt5 karma

My name means the Little Giant. I call my community "the little ones". This and the minions were a great match so I gave it a shot.

AAKEngine7 karma

What is meaning of your name? and where did you get so much inspiration from you are awesome and how did you learn to play with your foot?

I can't even play good with my hands

miculgigantyt5 karma

My name translates to Little Giant. My inspiration comes from many things, even nature inspires me. I guess everyone has to find his own way. I had to find a way to be able to play computer games, so this is how I did it, since I was 7 years old. Now it's like second nature!

Revolrcm7 karma

No question- just showing some love! Just saw the Lamborghini video. You’re a beautiful human. Much love from NY!

Here’s a question! What time is it there? At this very moment it’s 1:48pm in NY :)

miculgigantyt3 karma

Thank you! It's almost 1am right now in Romania!

tnuva7 karma

where is the best shawarma in Romania?

miculgigantyt6 karma

From Fendi Kebap, for sure!

Snoo724817 karma

What is your favorite car and what is your least favorite car?

miculgigantyt4 karma

I don't have a most favourite car, or a least favourite car. I love all cars!

ItsJethroImagine7 karma

Hey Micul, What would you say keeps you going each and everyday to reach your dream? 🤗 And I Pray God continues to Bless You More Than You Ever Expected 😊❤️

miculgigantyt7 karma

My power comes from all the people's support. That's what fuels my well being and joy, so that I work more to attain my dream! Thanks Jethrowiththeflow!

TheJosh907 karma

When are we getting you a VR headset so we can watch you play Outlast the scarier way?!

Have you tried the Xbox adaptive controller?

Are you still in contact w/ Andy? Does he know how much benefit his video has brought you lately?

miculgigantyt10 karma

I'm never going to get a VR headset for that, too scary.

I haven't tried it yet, but I saw it. I got used to playing with my foot, because I've been playing like this since I was 7 or so.

I'm still in contact with Andy, and he knows how much attention that video has brought to both of us. I will proabably contact him for a new vlog, but he's a busy guy.

E-Skywalker21876 karma

Hey man love your streams !! You inspire me a lot. I saw your video with Andy and I feel you man I didn't have a lot of friends growing up and I was bullied too. But who cares about them we shouldn't we should love and live our lives. Much love and support from India🇮🇳 I have a question for you. What was your motivation to start YouTube and how do you feel knowing you have so many supporters and friends now ?

miculgigantyt7 karma

My cousin was the one who motivated me in the beginning, and maybe if he wasn't there for me, I wouldn't be here right now.

I really feel awesome having so many people appreciating me and my content, I also love them back!

Much love from Romania brother!

tonoocala6 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing this AMA. Is that Lambo one of your favorite cars? And what other things do you want to do in the near future?

miculgigantyt11 karma

I can't really say the Lambo is one of my favourites, I enjoy all cars! I enjoy the feeling being able to get in a car and listening to the sound of an engine. We'll see what the future holds for me!

zeitgeist01906 karma

Hey Micul,

I watch you often play with some of your audience via FaceIt, any plans to run/stream/play a mass-audience game without the ranking requirment?

Maybe something like CSGO Gungame etc.?

miculgigantyt5 karma

I play with members from the community, if threre's room. Just leave your CS id in the chat when I stream, and I'll add you!

E-Skywalker21875 karma

Hey do you respond to messages on instagram?

miculgigantyt5 karma

I try to, but there's over 4000 of them! I'm sorry if it takes a lot, but I write really slow

marcellopasini5 karma

What are your favorite DJs and what sports do you like to watch?

miculgigantyt4 karma

Borgore, Angerfist, Mad Dog, Phaeleh, Datsik, Dr. Peacock and more! I don't really watch any sports.

life_ofleo5 karma

Will you be making a blog of your new apartment once you got it all set up??

miculgigantyt3 karma

Yes, will do. I'll make vlogs to show the progress being done while setting it up. Also I'll do one to show how it looks after everything's been done.

thecompulsivewatcher4 karma

Hey Micul , i watch your streams since abt 1 year!

Here are a few questions : what has been the reaction of your mom to the immense love you have been getting ?

And here is a slightly sensitive one : can you play games like Assasins creed ? Or play station games like Ghost of Tsushima ?

miculgigantyt6 karma

username checks :D

My mom is really amazed and happy for me, with all the love that I've been getting for a while now. I can play games like AC, although it's harder for me. I love the series, would love to make some videos with it, but ppl don't enjoy singleplayer games that much anymore. I can't really use a PS or Xbox controller, so no console games for me.

miculgigantyt6 karma

Also thank you for watching my streams for so long! Lots of love!

NTGF4 karma

Hi Micul! Thanks for making this.

After you become a successful YouTuber, what will be your dream? Will you stream on other platforms such as Twitch, or take on future endeavours?

miculgigantyt6 karma

I think about doing Twitch. I don't think about doing anything else besides streaming, it's the thing I'm best at and this is my future for sure.

jackvegas3 karma

How do you find the will to stay positive and find your motivation?

miculgigantyt3 karma

My online community is what keeps me going. I keep going because of the love people show to me everyday!

Ademkanso3 karma

Hey Daniel, keep up the great work!! Do you have any plans to travel after you have made your streamer room?

miculgigantyt5 karma

Yes, my dream is to travel to America!

GohanBJM3 karma

Hey micu , cand imi primesc salariul?

miculgigantyt3 karma

tie nu ti dau salariu, tie ti dau shaorma cand ne vedem in Bucuresti !

Equivalent_Hunter4593 karma

Ce ai dorii sa faci în viitor cu cariera ta?

miculgigantyt3 karma

As vrea sa duc totul cat mai departe, sa fac totul din ce in ce mai bine, sa ma ajute Dumnezeu sa duc toate greutatile cat mai departe posibil si sa fim sanatosi, ca asta conteaza. Poti avea toti banii din lume. Daca n-ai sanatate, n-ai nimic frate. Probabil foarte multi acum au zis, Micul a reusit sa-si ia apartamentul in cateva zile, a avut noroc. Dar n- a fost noroc, au fost zile si nopti nedormite.

Freedomfries4520203 karma

Daniel, you are the man bro!! You are a huge Inspiration man. Do you play Minecraft at all? If so would love to have you join my realm!

miculgigantyt3 karma

Thank you! I play minecraft sometimes, but I'm not so much into it.

Good_Independent_5962 karma

Probably there's many people with disabilities out there who consider starting a streaming career, but might be afraid of what viewers would say about them. What's your insight regarding this matter, and what would you like to tell them?

miculgigantyt3 karma

This identical question has already been answered previously, check the comments