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is there any truth to the the myth about consuming pineapples?

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Hey man awesome content always! In fantasy football
-Do you tend to consider home field advantage when choosing starters?
- Is opposing team defense one of the 3 most important factors you consider when choosing a starter?
-For week 1 would you play Garaopollo over C. Wentz? (Garopollo is playing last season's worst defense)

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thank you Lori and Natalie. I'll continue to eat pineapple regardless. I like pineapples and so does my girlfriend :)

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what maximizes sexual performance and durability of the act? (Exercise, meditation, is it just pure passion, being horny, a diet of healthy foods [fruits, vegetables, non-salted nuts...], or anything else you may think of)

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Well thats a great daughter. Keep enjoying life!