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Someone make this man home secretary.

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Hey Micul,

I watch you often play with some of your audience via FaceIt, any plans to run/stream/play a mass-audience game without the ranking requirment?

Maybe something like CSGO Gungame etc.?

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Plenty have said it but: Congratulations. You look awesome.

Whilst not quite the same, I had really bad crowding with my upper incisor teeth and it always dug into my self confidence and i didn't really like to have a full smile. Was never referred for braces when i was younger and then finally got them when i was 19/20. Now had them for nearly 2 years and my teeth look so much better and I can smile without thinking they looks freaky.

Feels good. but yeah. you look great. good shit.

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The whole soundtrack is on the game CD I believe in RedBook format, so it should play in any commercial CD player as far as i know!