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Sure, but that's typical of anyone who bases their business on someone else's platform.

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Thank you for using it!

We have no expansion plans at the moment. We used to have a handful of sites for other retailers, but they just didn't generate the same level of interest that Amazon did. Eventually we shut them down to let us focus on one site.

Expanding to other international Amazon sites might be in our future, however.

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I figured plugging our site was enough spam for one AMA!

Thanks for using it. Glad to hear the Camelizer is working for you.

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The ongoing lack of shipping prices in their API data is a common complaint from our users, as is the current problem with scammer merchants. If those two things changed, we would be a lot happier, as it would mean happier, safer users.

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Third party prices are really difficult, particularly for our users. Merchants often only have an inventory of ONE item, so if it is a great price and sells quickly, the listing disappears. That makes it difficult for even the most hard-working camels to monitor.

Combine that with unscrupulous merchants who post items and then get removed by Amazon, and you have a lot of offers that don't stick around for very long.

More often than not, the old adage holds: if it's too good to be true, it probably is. $700 off on a laptop? I'd be careful.