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miculgigantyt43 karma

I think that it's good to think about the future in some ways, but setting a huge goalmight get you to feel disappointed if you don't hit it. I really hope that 5 years from now on I will have a girlfriend, a wife maybe, or even a child. Having a family is really important to me.

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When I got into the Lambo first, I enjoyed it a lot, it was really cool, but I don't only like supercars. I also love normal cars, and I would've loved to have some friends to say "Micul, let me get you a ride". I'm not a celebrity, I am just a normal person like anyone else.

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I didn't really think about it because I think I have to get smarter in order to do that. Also I think that a bigger level of maturity is needed to this kind of work, I haven't yet had that many life experiences in order to attain that maturity.

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I'm doing this right now, taking english lessons in order to deliver the best content that I can!

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My dream was to move to NYC, but I realise my family is here, in Romania. A visit or two won't be that bad, though.