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So, use the various flight fare search engines to look for fares... that’s the long and short of it, yeah?

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Probably there's many people with disabilities out there who consider starting a streaming career, but might be afraid of what viewers would say about them. What's your insight regarding this matter, and what would you like to tell them?

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We used to really love going to shows at The Hollywood Bowl. But, in recent years Ticketmaster has made that unbearable. It seems that as soon as tickets go on sale to the public, they're immediately scooped up then resold right on the Ticketmaster site at 2x/3x/4x the original price! It's absurd! This should be illegal, and it is obviously being done by Ticketmaster itself. Of course, there has been no shows for a year due to the pandemic, but I doubt I'll even look at them once they return. What's the point? I just wish other people would stop buying them, then maybe something would be done.