I started out as a cam girl on chaturbate and then when my partner turned 18 as well we started making sex tapes and putting them on pornhub. eventually i started an onlyfans, manyvids avn, and admiremevip as well. In 2019 i was sought out by an agency which i don’t want to name bc i want to be able to talk shit on them if anyone asks ha. they flew me to miami to start filming pro scenes with companies like bang. my first pro video was with alex adams, the most viewed pornstar on pornhub. I quit pro stuff and camming for now but still continue my amateur content. proof: my reddit is talked about on my verified ph www.pornhub.com/pornstar/loserlexxx https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph602dded195ec1

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kwirl2531 karma

How many shares of GME are you holding?

stephenspencer69523 karma

I’m her partner and can probably answer that. GME we’re holding 3 shares of purchased at $40, $360, and $90 coming to an average of about $170 per share. Other wsb meme stocks we have: 6 NOK, 3 BB, 10 AMC, and 1 BBBY

Edit: I forgot we also have tilray, but have been investing in weed stocks before tilray became a meme.

loserlexxx150 karma


Pinewood26669 karma

Do you suffer from washing machines breaking down as much as your colleagues?

loserlexxx335 karma

i wish! maybe then i’d get more views lol

Rinaldi363323 karma

What are your plans once you start falling off and not making enough money to survive off of by doing porn? I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way

loserlexxx271 karma

i really think i won’t. not anytime soon at least. i know anything can happen but that’s why i diversify my portfolio and post on so many different sites. I’d love to get into milf porn when i get older and then maybe even eventually gilf if i live that long lol. before porn my favorite job i had tho was being a musician i played shows in bars and such and loved it if i stoped doing porn that’s what i would go back to doing

Xmeagol28 karma

please call it your pornfolio from now on

loserlexxx7 karma

lmao i love that

shadow_fox09228 karma

What’s your exit strategy?

loserlexxx140 karma

to the moon

Real_ChadThundercock190 karma

What was the biggest mistake you learned from?

loserlexxx503 karma

hmmm this ones a thinker ! i think the biggest mistake i made was working with people i didn’t know i could trust and not filling out consent forms. consent forms/contracts aren’t something i did in the beginning and wish i did. i had a girl i worked with claiming i posted things without her knowing when it was her idea the entire time. now i always fill out forms no matter how close i am to the person

lcblangdale105 karma

This is great advice, can you share an example of a standard consent form?

loserlexxx164 karma

basically anything that involves the actions going on in the video, name, date, and permission to put it on what sites im going to put it on and then also include the rate i’ll be paying them

lordluke24149 karma


loserlexxx282 karma

i haven’t met him personally but i have worked with people who have worked with him and they confirm the stories about refusing to follow the hard no list :/

lawn_gbord160 karma

is the "hard no list" the "dealbreakers"? per se? like things that actors are vehemently against doing, and he will try/still do them anyway?

loserlexxx157 karma

yes exactly

heard_enough_crap8 karma

what is your hard 'no' list?

loserlexxx5 karma

i’ve answered a few about this but race/age/pet/scat play are the ones that come up the most that i declien

Aliappos129 karma

What made you pick this path?

Also, how's your usual couple sex life after starting out in the porn industry?

loserlexxx143 karma

it’s honestly sadly simple. i just love sex! our sex off camera is very similar to our off camera life we probably have sex 2x more off camera than on

czerwona-wrona33 karma

that's not sadly simple, it's awesome :) it's always good to hear someone saying they got into this because they actually think it's just a fun fucking job as opposed to some kind of economic exploitation situation :(

so, good for you n.n !

loserlexxx8 karma

thank you!

buckbumble1988101 karma

Probably an obvious question but what does your family think about your career or choice and what is your next move after porn?

loserlexxx100 karma

my moms the only one i talk to and she didn’t love it at first but now she accepts it and is happy that i’m happy. no plans for after porn but i was able to live on just music income at one point so maybe that

swheedle87 karma

What request from a cam viewer legitimately made your jaw drop?

loserlexxx237 karma

my first experience getting requested for race play. i was super naive at the time and was/am a privileged lil white bitch with no idea that that was a kink i couldn’t believe someone WANTED me to call them slurs and such (i still to this day refuse to do it)

bobdole1212283 karma

How do you (I should start with do you) pursue relationships? Is your SO comfortable with your career?

loserlexxx150 karma

yes! he has his own onlyfans ph and manyvids as well so he totally understands what i do and respects it as much as a person can since he’s in the same boat. i do think the fact that we also are not monogamous helps a lot with the acceptance but in the beginning he was too young to make content and we also were monogamous and he still fully accepted everything. before we even got together at 17 i told him this is what i had plans to do so he better get on board now or leave me because i knew it was gonna happen haha

Spooky77681 karma

Did you ever feel any companies you worked for were exploiting vulnerable people?

loserlexxx192 karma

all of them. that’s companies for ya

crispyscone74 karma

What are your goals and aspirations?

loserlexxx189 karma

my main goals in life have a lot to do with environmentalism. i love nature so much and want to keep it safe and alive for the generations after me. i give free content and such when people pick up litter or give donations to environmental causes. I also love music and would love to record some professionally one day. thanks for asking !

Shinjetsu0143 karma

There was a dude recently who's filled 4,000 trashbags who posted. What would he get?

loserlexxx67 karma

if he hit me up yeah! i usually do a free year sub for the litter stuff

9009028 karma

Maybe she could use her platform to promote his environmental work and have sex with him.

loserlexxx36 karma

sounds hot

killing4pizza68 karma

Do you want help with your PH banner? The image resolutions are stretched and could be more flattering.

loserlexxx60 karma

if u wanna :)

nothingtooserious65 karma

Tacos or pizza?

loserlexxx92 karma

pizza on most days but catch me drunk and i’ll probably change to tacos

idkreally10162 karma

There’s a lot of complaints that the industry does not pay their workers well. What do you have to say about that? Do you get a fair wage for your work?

loserlexxx176 karma

on pornhub? absolutely not. over 50 million views in two years and i haven’t even broke $50k on there. on onlyfans manyvids avn admire me chaturbate etc tho i think them taking a 20-30% cut is pretty fair. pornhub takes more like 50% and now they don’t even accept credit cards or have premium adrev so i’m only making about $1k a month on there and i’ve been posting almost every single day it sucks hard

ghkilla80538 karma

That’s not good pay for a video site? I thought YouTube payed even less than 1000 per 1 million views, so 50k for 50 million views is pretty damn good I thought: There’s youtubers who make 50 million views in a month so that’d be like 50k in a month, so 1000 per 1 million views seems pretty good for Pornhub

loserlexxx89 karma

youtubers get spons way more than pornstars. i still think youtube should improve their monetization too.

Netero199959 karma

What difference do you feel about amateur sex and pro sex?

loserlexxx99 karma

so much more choreography

JesseSanberg58 karma

Do fans ever walk up to you and does it get awkward?

loserlexxx123 karma

yes and yes lol. the most awkward is when they ask my fiancé to take pictures of them WITH me it’s just so funny because he’s in most of my videos too haha.

Birkeland199256 karma

How much money does a pornstar make? Just wondering if it's a struggle, or if you all live comfortably.

loserlexxx106 karma

i am comfortable but u def have to get lucky. i’m in the top 700 on pornhub and i’m not even rich haha. not everyone makes anything infact most people make next to nothing

BornAlbatross611550 karma

You sound awesome! Thanks for being so open about this. I admire women with zero fucks to give. Do other people try and shame you a lot for choosing this kind of work or is the modern world getting more open-minded?

Oh and so good to hear how much you love nature! Best wishes for you and your other half

loserlexxx48 karma

thank you! yes there is a lot of shame irl and online i do think the world is becoming more accepting but not near as much as people may think

champalejavon41 karma

Would you mind sharing your most unforgettable experience?

loserlexxx199 karma

ooo. i’d say when i was living homeless on a beach in kauai. i had no money i was only making a couple hundred bucks a month in the beginning and i had no phone service on the beach so i would hitchhike to coffee shops for internet. as soon as i connected to the wifi my phone was blowing up from friends saying they saw me on the home page of pornhub. i logged in and saw my first video had got over 5 million views and i had made thousands of dollars off of it. i’d never had that much money in my life. that was when i knew i could make it and i was so excited to keep trying

Plum1234512 karma

Did you grow up on Kauai? What was living there homeless like? I loved visiting there but I imagine it’s very different living there. My wife and I didn’t have a car for a couple days so we ended up walking to a beach that was definitely not a tourist attraction. Lots of homeless people living there.

stephenspencer6930 karma

We’re both from Idaho and moved there with only our backpacks, a few hundred in the bank, making a couple hundred a month, at 18. It was a move out of necessity for our survival: we lived in a van that broke down and we’re gonna freeze to death if we didn’t have an exit plan. Living homeless there for us was a dream(has its cons fs) and in my mind a better experience than being there as a tourist for a short time. Our most negative experiences where things being stolen out of our bags as slept and the many times we were drench by rain.

loserlexxx11 karma


nccum4r39 karma

How many more simps subscribed to you since this post ?

loserlexxx41 karma

i haven’t checked yet lol we will see

MethadoneFiend9233 karma

Do you ever catch feelings for ur co actors?

loserlexxx49 karma

yes hehe

daedalus997329 karma

Since you have sex for work and most have sex for fun and relaxation what do you do when you are done working to relax?

loserlexxx72 karma

netflix and reading books lol i’m boring. but i love outdoor activities for fun

daedalus997341 karma

So your Netflix and Chill is a genuine chill

loserlexxx46 karma

haha exactly. if anyone tried to kiss me during one of my binges i would not be down

lcblangdale24 karma

The top comment on a recent askreddit thread was something like "Young girls like this have no idea how much they might come to regret this in the future."

This didn't sit well with me, but I don't really know how to respond. I mean, young people rarely know how much they might regret anything, so it's hard to see why porn should be special. How do you respond to people who look down on your work due to their own overprotectiveness or moral righteousness?

loserlexxx40 karma

i honest agree with that person to some extent. a lot of people think bc onlyfans is mainstream that means they will be accepted but that’s not true. a lot of people also think keeping their face out of their content will keep them a secret when that’s not true either. and to answer your question i don’t really respond at all. i think shame around sex is something that will be around forever and it makes me very sad because sex is awesome so i just try and ignore it

wilbert4real21 karma

What's your favourite part about the job that doesn't involve sex?

loserlexxx19 karma

i love talking to people ! it’s awesome to hear about what the people who watch me are up to and learn about them

steampowered20 karma

What’s in a good contract?

loserlexxx37 karma

consent contract that i give my copreformers or an agency contract ?

steampowered14 karma

Interested in both, but I think picking apart an agency contract might be more interesting.

loserlexxx37 karma

i don’t know i’ve never signed one. which should have been a red flag but hindsight’s 420

Bonanza8620 karma

What is your guilty pleasure outside of the business?

loserlexxx53 karma

food and drugs

UngKwan19 karma

Do you think sites like only fans will end the exploitive side of the adult video industry?

loserlexxx43 karma

sadly no. i wish it were that simple. i was running my of while still getting exploited by my agency and i don’t think big companies like that will be going away anytime soon. i do think it helps a lot tho! it’s great that people know now they can make their content on their own and do whatever they’re comfortable with

loserlexxx18 karma

okay so i got deleted for lack of proof but i send the mods some pics and stuff and we will see if it gets put back up. this is what the text said

I started out as a cam girl on chaturbate and then when my partner turned 18 as well we started making sex tapes and putting them on pornhub. eventually i started an onlyfans, manyvids, avn, and admiremevip as well. In 2019 i was sought out by an agency which i don’t want to name bc i want to be able to talk shit on them if anyone asks ha. they flew me to miami to start filming pro scenes with companies like bang and reality kings. my first pro video was with alex adams, the most viewed pornstar on pornhub. I quit pro stuff and camming for now but still continue my amateur content. proof: my reddit is talked about on my verified ph i linked it before but i don’t want people think i’m doing this for clout it’s honestly just fun

gennac8917 karma

what made you decide to go with an agency? and why did you end up parting ways?

loserlexxx54 karma

i thought i would make more money but i was wrong. i left bc they were constantly trying to get me coked up to lose weight to an unhealthy extent. they also wanted me to shave. i realized i was much healthier happier and richer without them

TheGroverA15 karma

How has porn affected your mental health and non-porn sex life? Do you ever feel like you are being objectified?

loserlexxx33 karma

sometimes it’s hard but most the time it actually helps. with bipolar it was really hard to hold down a regular job and now with this job when i’m having a hard day i can just take a day off with no warning. my sex life is better for it bc i’ve learned so much but sometimes i don’t even want to have personal sex bc i’m so tired from work sex. some people def objectify me but i don’t think i’m the one objectifying myself

bedroomgoblin15 karma

how do u met Alex and how was it to make a video with him there was casting or u contact him?

if second how u got his contact

loserlexxx33 karma

my agency hooked us up. he was so awesome ! he was super nice during filming and also after. we had great convos about the industry and family and life in general 10/10 would recommend

AuxiliaryTimeCop14 karma


loserlexxx11 karma

1 i don’t really know bc we’ve been doing it almost our whole relationship 2 it’s honestly very similar other than i talk more and look less posed i really try to make my vids realistic 3 yes pegging! and now i do it without the camera too bc i found i like it

rcuadro14 karma

How do you come up with the titles for the videos?

loserlexxx27 karma

it’s honestly way harder than it sounds lol. usually i just think about the positions and location of the video and go from there. the tags are even harder tho i take lots of inspo from the featured page

rcuadro7 karma

You need to be the step sister or step daughter. That seems to be a popular series

loserlexxx5 karma

i have been many times

rcuadro3 karma

Good good. I hope this AMA helps you climb the pornhub ladder

loserlexxx4 karma

thanks !

AllAvenues12 karma

Big fan of the natural bush. Is that a personal preference thing? Or something to differentiate you in the market?

loserlexxx34 karma

it honestly all started when i was homeless and didn’t have a razor to shave with or anything like that. i realized after letting it grow i was so much more comfortable like this and i wanted to keep the bush around. it definitely helps with the market differentiation tho too!

imcrowning11 karma

How important is good hygiene on set? During a scene when someone is about to go down on another, that person will nope out of it. Leading me to believe that it smells too bad to enjoy.

loserlexxx20 karma

showering and deodorant is definitely a rule on set haha

amadorUSA10 karma

Spanish omelette... With or without onion?

loserlexxx7 karma

with love onion

Netero199910 karma

Is 6 inch a small dick size?

loserlexxx36 karma

it’s above average so no! but i wouldn’t call it big either i still think it sits on that line of average

tonoocala10 karma

how did you choose your agents? what do you now know you should look for, based on past experience ?

loserlexxx11 karma

they reached out to me. now i would definitely look at what models left and why instead of which ones stayed and why

wolfenstein39 karma

What would you recommend to someone new starting out ?

loserlexxx23 karma

marketing marketing marketing. plug yourself everywhere at every opportunity (spam is not an opportunity but ukwym)

Vallerta219 karma

How does the pay structure work and how much you making?

loserlexxx15 karma

pay structure is different every site but most sites i’m on i get 80% of what people give me. on pornhub atm it’s only $0.50 per ph thousand views

icvy9 karma

how does your parents react to your decision? supportive, proud, mad, disappointed?

loserlexxx15 karma

disappointed at first but now acceptance

YourOwnTime8 karma

My gf tried to start an onlyfans but was unsuccessful. What would you recommend?

loserlexxx30 karma

sorry for that mean comment if i’m being honest looks have way less to do with things than people may think (just look at my partner lol) it’s 90% about marketing and onlyfans doesn’t market for you like sites like manyvids and pornhub do. reddit is pretty okay for marketing but i think twitter is even better. i’ve done polls before and it seems like 75% of my subs come from my pornhub tho

angrath7 karma

What was the most thoughtful gift someone has ever given you? What was the most thoughtful gift you have ever given?

loserlexxx12 karma

i really like this question so i’m gonna really think on it don’t let me forget to come back

WaitinForAStarToFall3 karma

here's a lil reply in case you thought up the gift answer!

loserlexxx22 karma

my moms boyfriend gave me a tent and a jet boil and water bladders when i went off to be homeless in hawaii and i used them all everyday for months it was so thoughtful and useful and i really want to get him back one day and have been thinking about how for a while.

the most thoughtful gift i’ve given isn’t exactly one gift but i really love writing letters to my friends and family and i love when they send me pictures of them rereading them years later

Peabush7 karma

What would you never ever do at work?

And how does new friends react to your profession? Does it bother you knowing that they may have seen you naked?

loserlexxx19 karma

i never do anything that i think wouldn’t be a good example of what sex is. or anything that would hurt someone outside of the video ( ie raceplay and ageplay)

my friends are all really cool with it if i meet someone who isn’t cool i drop them. it doesn’t really bother me knowing they’ve probably seen me naked but it is funny to think about

[deleted]7 karma


loserlexxx12 karma

my scene with bang. i couldn’t believe they got an assistant to get cake and balloons and all this stuff and also that was my first time with splooge

Mathewdm4236 karma

My gf wants to do OF content but doesnt want to show her face. She has been looking at a couple masquerade masks.

Do you think its a waste of time/putting herself on the internet for no reason, or is there a good enough niche for that? I dont plan on showing myself when im.needed, id be the one doing the marketing side.

Shes also planning on streaming twitch gaming, but there would be no crossover if she sticks to keeping her face covered

loserlexxx16 karma

i truly don’t think covering your face works. not trying to discourage you at all it’s just something to consider

Punchl1ne10016 karma

what's your favorite band? your boyfriend has long hair so i assume he enjoys rock n' metal music?

loserlexxx18 karma


spaghettibeans6 karma

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

loserlexxx5 karma

dead. before that he was a fedex driver

Sakkyoku-Sha5 karma

This may seem like a weird question. As a girl who grew up with social media most of her youth, to what extent do you feel like high school and collage aged girls are pressured or incentivized to enter adult entertainment?

loserlexxx5 karma

tiktok is such a hub for this. i honestly hate it. i want people to want to be pornstars for real reasons not because of over glamorized reasons someone shows you online. i wish people were more honest with the downsides and then people could maybe get into it for the right reasons.

mdotali5 karma

Mojojo or "him" ?

loserlexxx10 karma

idk what this means sorry. powderpuff girls ?

wolfenstein35 karma

You mentioned you wanted to be able to talk shit about the agency that introduced you to pro porn. What’s been your best/ worst experience with them?

loserlexxx18 karma

best experience was that they hooked me up with alex i have a ton of love and respect for him. i also loved that they booked out all these fancy sugar daddies houses for us to shoot in it was always so fun. worst was the body shaming and the fact they made promises they couldn’t keep. i was making better connections and booking myself mote than they were

gajjartejas5 karma

What will be your future plans in terms of your profession?

loserlexxx23 karma

step one: become a milf step two: become a gilf

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EndoliteMatrix10 karma

proof = titties and a sign. The mods will need that... Urgently

loserlexxx8 karma

i sent me holding a sign into them even with the date but still got it taken down 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jrkochenderfer5 karma

Do you plan on changing anything about your body ? (Not saying you need too) It seems that many people women and men change as they progress through.

loserlexxx13 karma

i love changing my head hair! i’ve been grey and blue and black and red and it’s such a fun way to express myself. rn tho i’m working on healing my hair from all the color so that i can get back into that and still have it be healthy and long

maximvm3 karma

How's your relationship with your father?

loserlexxx5 karma

he’s dead

intellectualnerd853 karma

What do you loath about the industry? Has the profession changed how people treat you?

loserlexxx2 karma

i hate the expectations and prejudice that comes along with it. it has definitely changed the way people treat and think of me and i really don’t think it should. i am so much more than my job and should be treated as such but 🤷🏻‍♀️ watcha gonna do

fn0000rd3 karma

Is the income from doing your independent stuff better than doing pro shoots, or does it maybe have the potential to get there?

Pro shoots are... unwatchable for me, they look incredibly un-natural and, to be honest, pretty painful.

I’d love to live in a world where porn is made at home, and can provide a good living for the people who choose to make it.

loserlexxx5 karma

in my experience i’ve always made more on my indie stuff than pro that was one of my reasons for quitting. $1k per scene is an average rate where i make multiple thousands sometimes on vids i made at home (they’re more hit and miss tho)

pro shoots ARE unnatural they give that vibe bc it’s accurate imo

i’d love that world as well

Cibernetize3 karma

What would you say is the biggest benefit to this career? Biggest downside?

loserlexxx4 karma

biggest benefit is choosing my own schedule biggest downside is dealing with assholes

fluffypuffyz3 karma

How do you protect your vagina of pain? If I even try to have sex each dayy vagina will hurt... A lot. We do foreplay and lube but still... I wonder how pornstars get it together!

loserlexxx7 karma

i honestly don’t have a good answer to that i just stop when it hurts and then take a break. sometimes i do multiple scenes per day and others i don’t it’s all just about listening to your body bc when it hurts it’s probably for a good reason and you just have to take it easy

Mosfar3 karma

What's the best and the worst thing about your job?

loserlexxx7 karma

best thing is being able to work on my own schedule worst thing is dealing with assholes (which is think happens in every job but especially in this one)

plaze62888 karma

well u have to touch literal assholes LOL

loserlexxx3 karma


DingDingD0ng3 karma

Which chemical compound is tattooed on your left arm? I asked a friend of mine who studies chemistry and he couldn't tell...

loserlexxx3 karma


AsrielFloofyBoi3 karma

can you drive a manual?

loserlexxx3 karma

yes i actually first learned on one

illimitable13 karma

I am a porn consumer. I like self-produced porn the most. I think part of the attraction is feeling that it is less exploitative than other porn. What do you think?

Also, do you feel that doing this work has changed the way you have developed in your sexuality as a young adult compared to your non-sexworker friends?

loserlexxx3 karma

i def also enjoy self produced content for the same reason. i agree

almost all my friends are sex workers so that ones hard to say but i def think i’m more open and experimental

Psilologist2 karma

Whats the chemical tattoo of on your shoulder?

loserlexxx6 karma


nccum4r1 karma

Does your partner live off of his inheritance?

loserlexxx4 karma

his family is on welfare lol

asiangangster0070 karma

Why'd you think this was worth an Iama?

loserlexxx11 karma

i mean i have almost 200 replies in 30 minutes i don’t think it was a thought it was a fact