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How do you feel about laws that prohibit the sale of unpasteurized directly to consumers?

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Sorry, what's PCA?

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Is more of the money in dancing, or in sex for money off-stage? How many of your colleagues did other sorts of sex work?

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I'm glad that life expectancy for cystic fibrosis has gone up dramatically with treatment. Much of that extending life expectancy has occurred in my (44 years) lifetime.

That said, do you personally think that your end is more likely to be from CF or from another cause? When thinking about your life span, how do you plan?

Also, being stuck over here in the US with an irrationally expensive and hard to access healthcare system, I'd like to know what your out of pocket treatment costs are.

I thank you.

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You're exceptionally well-traveled. Does that make people suspicious of you? I can imagine that your unconventional ways of living, like going abroad and hitchhiking, make you look weird to some narrow-minded people who may not have gotten out much.

Do you think your chances would be better if you had gained your world knowledge through time in the armed services? Would your story be better if you were just a lawyer or something?