Hi reddit! I’m Lynda Carter, actress, singer, mama bear, activist…

You may remember me as Wonder Woman. Some of the younger redditors here may remember me as Principal Powers in Sky High. You might even know me as the President of the United States in the CW’s Supergirl.

When we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, you’ll usually find me on television or touring with my band, which includes my lovely daughter Jessica!

In any case, I am here to answer your questions. Ask Me Anything!



EDIT: I have to go now, but it was so lovely seeing you all! Feel free to keep up with me and reach out in the future on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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WatcherInformant1663 karma

Hello! Thanks for doing this AMA. Were you ever asked to reprise your role as Wonder Woman for another show, even a cameo?

OfficialLyndaCarter1698 karma

I've never been a fan of reunion shows so I never wanted to do another one!

Zedfourkay1071 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I just wanted to know, how did it feel, starring on modern superhero shows like Smallville and Supergirl, as opposed to the Wonder Woman show of the 70's?

OfficialLyndaCarter1529 karma

It's always been fun to do the superhero movies and shows, and I love that there's usually a nod to Wonder Woman! I love Melissa Benoist, and to see young women like her in superhero roles today carrying on the legacy just really makes me so happy and proud.

heidismiles1025 karma

Hi Lynda! Thanks for doing this AMA!

How did you like working on Fallout 4? Magnolia was such a great character!

OfficialLyndaCarter1548 karma

Writing music and lyrics for Fallout 4 was one of the greatest experiences of my creative life. It was so wonderful to step into the character of Magnolia! It's so much fun working with my writing team as always, and a special privilege to work with Bethesda Game Studios and the amazing Todd Howard.

clamerous981 karma

Hi 👋 I just want to know one thing. Where did you park your plane?

OfficialLyndaCarter2757 karma

I don't know! I can't find it.

dceando749 karma

What was your most funny moment behind the scenes of Wonder woman?

OfficialLyndaCarter1557 karma

There was an episode of Wonder Woman where I worked with a group of football players. Bubba Smith was very surprised that I could flip him!

threedice683 karma

So did you save your uniforms and/or props (bracelets, golden lasso, tiara) and are they on display somewhere in a place of honor?

OfficialLyndaCarter1401 karma

I have quite a collection of memorabilia! I have the original costume, bracelets, boots, everything. The costume was actually on display at the Smithsonian last year. A fan and friend named Shawn Winstian actually gifted me the original costume from Season 1.

Gay_Romano_Returns550 karma

If a Sky High sequel gets announced for Disney+, would you be willing to return?

OfficialLyndaCarter792 karma

Yeah! That movie was a lot of fun.

It'll be hard without my friend Kelly Preston there, but yes.

IanLibrarian540 karma

Hi Lynda, I just want to say thank you so much for your work! I'm a librarian who researches superhero justice, and published a scholarly article in 2018 on your depiction of justice in the show. I find your work incredibly inspiring. What is one of the biggest things you hope that other superheroes and fans will take away from Wonder Woman's brand of justice?

OfficialLyndaCarter884 karma

That is a very good question, and props to librarians like you for saving the world one reader at a time! Knowledge is everything.

I would say that Wonder Woman's brand of justice is not about superpowers, but opposing bullies in every way that you can. There are a lot of bullies in positions of power who marginalize others just because they can. That's what she primarily fights against and what I think is most important about her.

SurlyPositive494 karma

How did your fitness routine change from modeling to acting in Wonder Woman, if at all? Let's go Caps!

OfficialLyndaCarter833 karma

First of all, LET'S GO CAPS! I am a long time Caps fan...

When I started Wonder Woman, I worked with circus trainers! I would be strapped in to work on high flying trapeze rigs, trampolines...

I worked with Bob Yerkes, who is well-known by every stunt person in Hollywood. He was wonderful!

ooohcoffee443 karma

Wikipedia says you were born in 1951, how the hell do you still look so good?

OfficialLyndaCarter890 karma

Wikipedia was right for once...

I stay out of the sun! Also, probably my Hispanic mother's genes! :)

canteen_boy401 karma

Hi Lynda. When is Elder Scrolls 6 coming out?

OfficialLyndaCarter729 karma

I've asked Todd Howard, but he won't tell me. I have to wait patiently like the rest of you!

shanimay815368 karma

What would you tell your younger self if you could?

OfficialLyndaCarter694 karma

Don't be so hard on yourself!

Dudeist-Priest348 karma

When was the last time you dressed up as Wonder Woman?

OfficialLyndaCarter359 karma


Frumpy_little_noodle336 karma

Hi Lynda, thanks for taking the time for this.

What made you decide to join up in Super Troopers?

OfficialLyndaCarter470 karma

I've always been interested in doing more comedic acting. I thought the script was so funny, and I just love the guys from Broken Lizard!

DeathSpecter286 karma

Hi Mrs. Lynda 👋 . I'm a young fan from this generation , and wanted to know how much are proud of Gal as she cary your legacy to this day ? 🥰🤗 love from EGYPT

OfficialLyndaCarter501 karma


Gal is a very talented actress. She embodies the role beautifully, and Patty created an excellent framework for the character. I'm close to both of them, so proud of what they are doing, and we'll be friends forever because of how we have come to share this legacy.

TigerB65259 karma

Hi there! I have to say that I really enjoyed your performance on the Muppet Show back around 1980! I know it's a while back, but did you enjoy working with the Muppets? Was it hard to treat them as "actors" when they weren't real people?

OfficialLyndaCarter497 karma

Appearing on The Muppet Show is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done.

You could see the actors working beneath them and you talk to them, so the Muppets really felt as "alive" as anyone else. It was especially an honor to work with Jim Henson before he passed.

EDRider555229 karma

How was it doing the infamous stunt from Wonder Woman where you were hanging on from the helicopter?

OfficialLyndaCarter464 karma

It was such a spontaneous event that went by in probably 30 seconds...

I dove under the helicopter and grabbed onto it, they caught it on film, and I got into trouble because I wasn't supposed to do that! :)

To answer your question, an absolute thrill.

justpaty216 karma

Hey! Hope u are fine :) Do you feel your character, Wonder Woman, helped young girls who like super heroes, be represented? What were the biggest impacts you have been seeing?

OfficialLyndaCarter457 karma

Over the last 45 years, I have received so many wonderful letters from people who were inspired by this character. Even I'm still inspired by her after all these years. It's not about superpowers...it's about love, intellect, and justice...the spirit of what women really are! We're strong, complex, wonderful creatures. It's that discovery of who we are that is most important about Wonder Woman, and that's reflected in every letter I get.

I love to hear everyone's stories. Keep em coming!

Scary-Bumblebee-8920170 karma

Any chance of putting out a live cd or dvd of your concert? The energy at your shows is fantasic!

OfficialLyndaCarter242 karma

That's an excellent idea. As soon as we get back on the road after COVID, it's something we'll have to do!

MechaNickzilla166 karma

How was your morning?

OfficialLyndaCarter281 karma

What a nice thing to ask! I was excited to be doing something interesting this afternoon...my first AMA!

Wbgrl99150 karma

Hi Lynda! Do you have a favorite artist or band that you follow? I’ve been to a few of your shows and you are fantastic!

OfficialLyndaCarter294 karma

Thank you for coming to our shows! I hope you have as much fun at the shows as I do! I perform with a lot of musicians from Nashville and they're so talented. They can play just about anything.

To answer your question, I've always loved the Rolling Stones, John Mayer...also many singers who are no longer with us, like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

Summer_time1695 karma

Do you speak other languages besides English?

OfficialLyndaCarter212 karma

I speak terrible Spanish!

amcnewman91 karma

Do you still have the golden lasso?

OfficialLyndaCarter257 karma

I do. I use it on my kids!

beefin3991 karma

What is one of your favorite memories from the set of Wonder Woman?

OfficialLyndaCarter252 karma

I honestly have to say the pilot! It was such a big thing...I was the star, technically playing two parts...

You're a starving artist one day, then on the WB backlot playing a superhero the next.

It was a mind-bending experience. So exciting.

Wonderboy197683 karma

Hi Lynda - what would you most like to be remembered for? Not in terms of your film and TV roles, or music, bit in terms of you as a person? What do you hope people think when they hear your name?

OfficialLyndaCarter210 karma

I would hope people would think I was a kind person that was a really good friend, and a good wife, mother, and daughter.

sawozny81 karma

Would you please tell us about your pets? We’ve seen your dogs on Instagram more than once, but do you have any other (camera shy) pets?

OfficialLyndaCarter176 karma

We have a black lab (Sasha, 10) and a yellow lab (Brady, 7).

We just got a third dog, a rescue named Riley! She is a dramatic diva who has captured the hearts and minds and time of every single person in our household.

She is the draw that brings my adult children back home. ;)

nomommydont72 karma

What advice do you have to share with the children of today?

OfficialLyndaCarter197 karma

If you're struggling with something in life, whether it's school, or something at home, or something else, don't be afraid to ask for help. You may not know it, but there are probably other people you know in the same boat. You are not alone.

heelstoo68 karma

Hello Lynda! Thank you for doing this AMA. My question: if you were to play a Marvel Cinematic Universe character, who might it be and why?

OfficialLyndaCarter218 karma

The Hulk, because why not?

So don't make me angry >:)

ganache9801260 karma

Hello! I grew up watching Wonder Woman and have always thought you were the most beautiful woman. Can you please share your favorite skincare products so I can have the hope of having skin as beautiful as yours someday?

OfficialLyndaCarter212 karma

My favorite skincare product is the shade. Stay out of the sun!

demilio12358 karma

Hi Linda Carter. Do you like to cook ? ,and if so whats your favorite dish to make ?

OfficialLyndaCarter145 karma

Ha! I'm not a cook but I love to make my Mexican grandmother's tamale recipe.

My adult children are amazing cooks and they learned nothing from me in the kitchen! ;)

LivingBad187858 karma

What are you proudest of, career-wise?

OfficialLyndaCarter118 karma

Wonder Woman, of course!

freeyou4855 karma

Thanks you for this AMA . Your son had a great idea.
the first time i saw Wonder Woman in France, it' was a great choc for me ... i was 10 y old.
I have the DVD box of season 1 and 2...
Did you visit France before the Pandemic ?

OfficialLyndaCarter93 karma

Oh yes, I've been to France! Many times! I especially love the French countryside. We are so sad that we are unable to travel right now, because I'd love to return when I can. I think the French people are one of a kind!

eskimoexplosion49 karma

What's the best type of cake in your opinion? I like German Chocolate

OfficialLyndaCarter89 karma

My mother used to make a great German Chocolate cake, so I'm with you on that.

However, I still think a Coconut cake or a Red Velvet cake baked in a Southern home is best.

OfficialLyndaCarter77 karma

(The best one I ever had was in a home in Bloomfield, KY.)

Starmoses44 karma

Besides Wonder Woman, who is your favorite superhero?

OfficialLyndaCarter146 karma

Shuri from Black Panther!

Cultural-Strain-266744 karma

What is one role you haven't performed but would still like to play?

OfficialLyndaCarter88 karma

I would love to do a comedy! It's not a type of acting I've done much of, but it would be so much fun.

William-Half-a-Bee43 karma

Lyle Waggoner seemed pretty cool with playing the love interest to your hero, and I like how they brought that back in the newer Wonder Woman films. There is something really great about a relationship where the guy is helping the woman but he obviously knows she's the one capable of doing the job. How did Lyle feel about playing that part?

OfficialLyndaCarter70 karma

Lyle was signed before I was! He was the first person to be hired by the producers.

He had a lot to say about who ended up with the Wonder Woman role, and he was a delight to work with. He knew exactly what the role was and he was very supportive in the entire experience.

MightyShort543 karma

I just bought my son a Wonder Woman book, and he's really responding to all the bright colors (he's very young).

What do you think Wonder Woman has to offer both boys and girls?

OfficialLyndaCarter112 karma

She shows all kids that women can be smart, powerful superheroes! She disrupts gender stereotypes. Representation matters.

robdatruth2940 karma

When you were casted as Wonder Woman what was your reaction when you heard the news?

OfficialLyndaCarter127 karma

I was down to my last $25 when I got the call from my agent and he said "Hello, Wonder Woman!"

My first reaction was joy at the knowledge that I was going to be able to pay my rent. I screamed!

I was by myself in my apartment and spent some time calling my family to share the news. Lots of jumping and dancing around. :)

ArtDSellers39 karma

Speaking as the still-learning dad of a little about-to-be-three-year-old girl... is there any little nugget of wisdom you can share to encourage this little one to be her best self? To give her some good life advice and to be able to truthfully tell her that Wonder Woman gave me that advice for her... well that would just be about the best damned thing ever.

OfficialLyndaCarter62 karma

You are the most important person in her life, so I would say that she'll be her best self if you lead by example and encourage her every day. Keep going, Dad!

CONVERSE199139 karma

What is your favorite movie?

OfficialLyndaCarter97 karma

The Shawshank Redemption

The_Ironhand37 karma

Who's the most wonderful woman you know?

OfficialLyndaCarter91 karma

My daughter, Jessica Carter Altman.

It is a privilege to be her mother! I don't know how I ended up with the husband and children I did, but they are extraordinary and so accomplished.

joemondo35 karma

Lynda, you were a shining light in my childhood and you still are today. Thank you.

You always seem so confident and grounded in your values. Is there one habit or discipline you have maintained for a long time that helps you stay strong and looking forward?

OfficialLyndaCarter76 karma

Fake it til you make it.

OfficialLyndaCarter71 karma

It's important for me to step outside of myself and count my blessings. I try not to take anything for granted. When my empathy for others grows, so does my confidence.

p2p_editor31 karma

Did you have a particular emotional response to your WW outfit ending up in the Smithsonian? How did you hear about that, and what was it like?

OfficialLyndaCarter68 karma

It was a great honor, and so humbling. I found out because they asked me to loan it to them! It was fun to watch them handle it so carefully with white gloves and everything...

hammurabis_toad31 karma

When you make a salad, do you peel off the outer leaves of the head of lettuce or just throw it all in?

OfficialLyndaCarter69 karma

I'm not a barbarian!

karenbanker29 karma

u/OfficialLyndaCarterI love your singing and got to see you live a few years ago. You mentioned you were working on your 4th album. Is it still in the works? I have the others, and am super excited about the next, especially the songs you wrote!

OfficialLyndaCarter45 karma

I am working on a single right now and will be putting together an album next year!

lewisnwkc29 karma

Is there anything that you would like to say to my dad? He is 50 and was very likely to have been enjoying your films in their prime.

OfficialLyndaCarter59 karma

50 is a bit young. Ask him if he remembers me!

But seriously, I hope he found the Wonder Woman (or Man or Person) for him.

Scary-Bumblebee-892026 karma

What are your plans for new concerts? We fans are really missing your shows!

OfficialLyndaCarter48 karma

Thank you so much! I am dying to see the fans and enjoy your company. As soon as it's safe, I'll be back on the road!

Michael-Corben25 karma

Were there any roles that you passed on that you regret now? And were there any really huge roles after wonder woman that you tried out for?

OfficialLyndaCarter45 karma

There were quite a few movies that I wanted to do, but just couldn't because of scheduling. But I have no regrets!

celtic188822 karma

Have you put any of your own money into your video slot machines? Did you win anything?

I'm sure you've heard it before but you were definitely a lot of early Gen-Xers first crush

OfficialLyndaCarter42 karma

No, I'm not much of a gambler! (Though now I'm reminded of my friend Kenny Rogers...)

nocluejoe22 karma

Hi Lynda, is there a process to get a signed photo of you?

OfficialLyndaCarter49 karma

Come to a live show! I always sign autographs afterwards :)

jamawn21 karma

What are the best and worst parts about being an actress?

OfficialLyndaCarter42 karma

Stepping into the life of a character is really fun, especially since you're contributing something that is all your own, like I did with Wonder Woman's spin.

However, it can be very physically tough on a person.

Two_Spirit_Charlie17 karma

What modern song would you love to cover?

OfficialLyndaCarter40 karma

Anything by Sam Smith!

ScottsdaleFanSteve3 karma

Hi Lynda, any plans to play Scottsdale Center for the Arts in the future?

OfficialLyndaCarter7 karma

I think that's a great idea and I will try to see if I can get Scottsdale on my new schedule when COVID is over. :)

rebelbaserec1 karma

Who's your favorite Ska band?

OfficialLyndaCarter2 karma

What's ska?