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The band is stranded on mars, there is an escape pod but it only holds one band member. Who lives and what song is playing as the pod jettisons away?

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Freedom isn't free

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You can order them on Amazon. I ordered a bag after my buddy who's also a corrections officer told me about them. They're good but not mind blowingly good

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What's the best type of cake in your opinion? I like German Chocolate

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It seems the key to success in the culinary industry is to work your way up then work out of it. Become an exec for a few years, become a sales rep, write a cookbook, get on tv, or get in with a company that provides other services for the industry like for instance a cutlery company. Even highly renowned chef owned restaurants will close or admit to poor profits. It seems kind of disheartening to think that the ultimate aim of my career is to make 60k a year working 80 hours a week, 6 days a week as your average exec or 30-40k a year as your average sous working 50-60hrs a week. Do you agree with this sentiment?