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We keep destroying our environment and the beautiful creatures that share it with us. How do you keep your chin up and remain optimistic about where humanity is headed? It's tough these days, and I'd love to hear your perspective.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me and, more generally, for making yourself available to the community today.

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She meant, in addition to sharing some of our intelligence and emotional abilities, that also they share some of our destructive tendencies. People aren't perfect and innocent, and apparently neither are chimps. So, to the extent there may be a tendency to see only their innocence as a contrast to our brutality, they are perhaps more like us than one would think.

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Two-Hearted. If I could only drink one beer forever, that'd be the one I'd pick.

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Why do you say this is the world's toughest row? Wouldn't the Pacific necessarily be more difficult, owing to the much greater distance? Is there something particular about the Atlantic that makes it tougher?