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Michael-Corben87 karma

It's a shame that they tie up Wonder Woman like that but let Superman and Batman explode everywhere. I desperately wanted an iteration of Wonder Woman in any of the cw shows...smallville, arrowverse...but there were always issues that never let anyone do it.

Michael-Corben25 karma

Were there any roles that you passed on that you regret now? And were there any really huge roles after wonder woman that you tried out for?

Michael-Corben18 karma

I'll add on to that and ask if there are any blooper reels or behind the scenes footage anywhere?

Michael-Corben1 karma

I just want to start out saying you've been a presence in my life since I was a kid and I can't thank you enough for that. When this pandemic is over do you see yourself doing any conventions? I'd love for the chance to meet you. And I'll throw in another question and ask if there was anything they ever asked you to do as Wonder Woman and you said absolutely NO?