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Just wanted to say thanks for the radiation exposure video. I sent that one to a co-worker, telling him he had to watch the "great twist ending." He wandered over to my desk afterwards and told me he was quitting smoking.

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Ok, super early to ask this, but:

Does the team have any idea of what the next Kuiper belt target might be, and how many more years it'll take to get there?

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Did you have a particular emotional response to your WW outfit ending up in the Smithsonian? How did you hear about that, and what was it like?

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I cannot even conceive of Destin not wanting to do this. Whether it's feasible, I cannot say...

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Do you run power tools at normal 110/220 voltages? Or have you converted all the tools to run at 18 or 24VDC or something like that?

What kind of amp hour storage does it take to keep the shop going?