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Would you please tell us about your pets? We’ve seen your dogs on Instagram more than once, but do you have any other (camera shy) pets?

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You seemed to pretty openly back Biden-Harris in this election. Whenever you did so on social media, there was always a (thankfully small) number of commenters expressing how disappointed they were in you, reflecting the hyper polarized environment we live in today (and conveniently forgetting that even celebrities are allowed to have political opinions and use their voice to support their favourite candidates). What do you think it’s going to take to re-unite us as nation over our polarization as conservatives and progressives?

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I read once that your original passion was music and that you ended up in pageants, modeling and acting by accident. Is that so and, if so, are you happy how everything worked out with you still acting and also touring as a musician? Would you have done anything differently, given the chance? Either way, we love seeing you at JALC when you’re in town and can’t WAIT for things to settle down with this virus so you can tour again! <3 <3 <3