Hi Reddit, we’re Milla and George, Size Specialists for myONE® Condoms and today is myONE’s 3rd birthday!

After years of hearing that condoms don’t fit and are uncomfortable, we decided we needed to do something about it. Turns out users weren’t exaggerating, because we found that standard condoms only fit 12% of penises and that was not good enough. What if only 12% of clothes properly fit? It took years of research, planning, and development, but in October 2017 we launched myONE Condoms with 60 different sizes (10 lengths, 9 widths).

Now fast forward to 2020, we spend our time having open and honest conversations with our current and potential customers about condom fit. Sometimes that’s helping them find the right size after they’ve measured and sometimes it’s giving partners the right language and tools to bring the conversation up!

We’ve heard it all, so ask us anything!

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Edit: Thank you everyone! We've gotten so many awesome questions! We're going to take a little break and finish answering questions later tonight :)

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Catapooger51 karma

When will you start carrying a latex-free option? I'm allergic and regular condoms don't fit my partner, and for medical reasons I can't take any form of hormonal bc. Help me obiwan, you're my only hope. 🤣

ONEcondoms67 karma

Hello there! *Obi-Wan Voice* We get this question all the time and really wish we had better news. If it was up to us, we could produce non-latex version today! But unfortunately there's a patent conflict that prevents us from doing so :(.

We do have a mailing list so we can notify you if/when we have a latex-free option, if you'd like to email us here: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we can add you to that list! -George

sonic_tower24 karma

I bet most dudes overstate their size. How do you convince us to get a smaller fit?

bossbozo14 karma

Those who seek special custom fitted condoms tend to do so due to bad experience with normal condoms, thus they tend to buy the correct size and when purchasing the first time, we like to do some trial and error testing by buying the next size larger and the next size smaller.

ONEcondoms15 karma

Yeah this is exactly true. People come to myONE because they just want something that fits (doesn't slip off, squeeze, or bunch). So they know if they lie about their size, they'll just get another ill fitting condom.

Bidouleroux18 karma

Any definite timeline as to when myONE condoms will finally be available in Canada? It's kinda ridiculous that I still have to buy condoms overseas.

ONEcondoms22 karma

Yeah we’ve really lagged on this one, and definitely feel your pain, we're sorry about that. Have you been ordering from TheyFit? They're all the same myONE products but we just can't ship them from the USA directly to Canada yet, that's why they come from the UK currently. We've been looking into having a Canada warehouse, but if that doesn't happen soon, we'll probably start using Amazon to house and fulfill Canada orders. We don’t have a definitive timeline (sucks for sure), but the goal is to have plan A or plan B in place by February 2021. - George

ApatheticFloridaMan14 karma

Is the size of the average condom size typically sold by other brands one of your less popular sells? I would think that people who find your brand typically aren't the people that an average condom fits well.

ONEcondoms37 karma

That's true, people definitely seek out myONE because they're frustrated at the standard condom size. Having 1 condom size is like starting a shoe store where all shoes are a size 7, and wondering why your customers complain your shoes are either too small or too big. The condoms sold in store are what are often called "Standard Size" — which legit has nothing to do with average penis size. The standard size was developed years ago kinda as a "catch all, lets-hope-this-fits-most"-size. That's why it was developed so long, and standard condoms are actually too long for about 80% of people. Standard Condoms are usually 7.5 inches long, whereas average penis is 5.5 inches. So a lot of people have to roll up the condom (which then is like a tight rubber band at the base), or it slips off because it's too big. The shortest size we can currently manufacture with the new size standards is the E length code, which is 4.9 inches. And it's no wonder why it's so popular — because in reality it's very close to average penis size (5.5 inches). The other main challenge for people is that they say condoms are too "small" — what they really often mean is they're too tight. So the wider myONE size codes are also in the top sellers. Our top sellers really are typically sizes that are shorter than a standard condom, and ones that are also wider. But we have sales of every single size code in our 60 sizes, which to us is a beautiful world.

bossbozo-3 karma

From the post itself: "we found that standard condoms only fit 12% of penises"

ApatheticFloridaMan11 karma

That's not at all what I was asking tho...

ONEcondoms14 karma

Aha, I got carried away. This often happens when you get me started talking about condom size. So to answer this: "Is the size of the average condom size typically sold by other brands one of your less popular sells?" We actually don't make that size in the myONE line, which would be a D99 size combo. Reason is if you're a lucky one that has that size code, then we have our ONE Condoms brand — the standard condom size brand (or what would be D99 on the size chart). And under that brand you do have a lot more options for styles, like studded and ribbed and glow in the dark. Does that help?

CoolGuy-Blake10 karma

Have you considered or looked into partnering with Health centers at colleges and Universities? I think I remember my health center at University of Delaware sells 10 condoms for $1, but they are standard Trojans, which do not fit me. So I have had to order online from myONE (which I have really enjoyed by the way!) and it would just be more convenient if I could buy them anywhere on my campus. I get why this would be a tricky thing to implement, but just a suggestion of an idea from my experience :)

ONEcondoms9 karma

We would LOVE that! Getting myONE into colleges and universities would be amazing. You're right that it would be tricky because of all the sizes. Imagine if your health center had all 60 sizes? They might need a new building lol. BUT! we are working on some new ideas to be help to get myONE into retail stores and hopefully that could help us translate it to colleges too.

In the meantime, maybe we can start with getting some flyers/pamphlets about myONE and FitKits into health centers? That might make it easier for college students to get introduced to myONE. If you had a connection to the health center at your school, we would be happy to send them some stuff like that :).

ConfirmedBasicBitch6 karma

What about a university roadshow?! Where you travel to universities, set up a table/booth in their health center or other community area? You could educate students about sexual health, promote the product, and provide samples!

ONEcondoms5 karma

that would be so fun!!

Chevelle_Wagon10 karma

As a current customer, I LOVE the changes y'all have made over time to the thinner materials and lubricants used. Any chance of adding specialty style condoms (ribbed/studded, warming, glow in the dark, etc.) to the myONE lineup??

ONEcondoms11 karma

Great question! One we get quite often :) The manufacturing of myONE is pretty complicated at the manufacturing plant, to set up the different condom lines and make sure the condom moulds are dipped properly for the right sizes. But we know what a difference the product makes in people's lives, so we're definitely up for the challenge. If you change the condom style, it add a new level of engineering and manufacturing. Doesn't mean we won't do it, we're just now thinking about what styles people love the most — so we can figure out how we want to develop the brand in the future. So any thoughts on that, would love to hear!

bossbozo8 karma

What's the deal with the weird coded sizing system? I know it used to exist on TheyFit and even more previously on Corippa with the codes being identical, but it never made sense from the start, if one wanted to find out the actual codom size it could always be reversed engineered online, and yet it is confusing for a person trying a sized condom for the first time and finding it slightly too small or too large. Why not go My.Size route and create a separate line with actual sizing? Maybe even have the size printed on the external box wrapper/on an insert between the box and the external wrapper to be easily removed by more sensitive customers

ONEcondoms14 karma

Yeah this is something we think about a lot. Some of our customers LOVE that the sizes are coded, so they are super discreet and you don't know what B21 relates to in terms of E77. On the other hand, some customers are frustrated and just want something like A, B, C, D, E in length (shorter to longer) and then width codes that work the same. When someone receives the sample kit or the 6-pack, they do see the actual measurement on the box (in mm because that's what's used in condom manufacturing). But they can throw that packaging away, and then all that's on the wrapper is the size code like B22. However — to help out with this, what we're now also doing is we're going to publicize the size chart with the measurements on our website. It's going to be interactive, real magic in works. That way, we can strike a balance of still allowing people to see the sizes & how they relate. Definitely open to other ideas and suggestions, too.

bossbozo13 karma

I also have a separate suggestion to help get the brand out there, this is slightly more complicated:

1) find the most common length for each width, and go 1 or 2 sizes longer to encompass as many people within that width as possible

2) package each of your 9 widths in rows in a display carton (having 60 sizes all available from a shop is impossible, having 9 is very doable)

3) insert paper work in the box informing customers that they can order different lengths online

4) start offering this limited range in pharmacies/drugstores, supermarkets, sex shops and all sorts of brick and mortar stores that usually offer condoms

ONEcondoms13 karma

So you ready to join our team or what? :) Love the suggestions! We've actually tried to recommend something like this to a few retailers, anxiously waiting their hopefully positive "let's do this thing" response.

rexington247 karma

What do you tell people that you meet at a bar when they ask what you do for work?

ONEcondoms27 karma

I don’t really think it makes sense to lie. I do what I do, and I love it. I whip out the FitKit tool and start blabbing about how much I love my job. Sometimes they get the wrong idea. But I keep it professional. - Milla

chubby_cheese2 karma

That's fantastic.

ONEcondoms10 karma

Yeah as a kid I always thought it'd be marine biologist. But this is so much more fun to talk about with the parents.

Healthy_Willingness97 karma

Love your products but was wondering will there ever be a condom that we can create to suit us cone shaped people?

ONEcondoms10 karma

Hey! Yes this a question we get a lot, too. And we haven't quite solved this one yet. It's definitely tricky on the manufacturing side I'm not gonna lie. Some penises are thicker at the head and the base, some are thicker at the base, and some are thicker at the head. So do you bring those options to all 60 sizes? I wish we could do a study on penises that are cone shaped, to understand more how to bring that into the future product development of myONE and different condom sizing. Ding ding light bulbs going off.

bossbozo5 karma

What's the deal between TheyFit and MyOne?

Will they keep co-existing and offering a wider range of sizes in Europe?

Or do you intend to kill the very largest off?

ONEcondoms11 karma

So TheyFit is the OG brand, launched in Europe when the European size regulations allowed for a wider range of sizes years ago. ONE Condoms purchased the TheyFit brand, and then brought it to USA (when the size regulations changed to allow for a wider range of sizes) three years ago. Our intention was to rebrand the TheyFit website to myONE EU... well let's get real a year+ ago. Lol. That's now still very much in the plans, so we can sunset the TheyFit branding for good. The condoms themselves are still the same product inside the wrappers.

The wider sizes (the "31" code, 69mm") are currently only cleared for sale in Canada and Europe. That nominal width is not yet covered by the new expanded size regulations in the USA. Crazy, I know. That's the only reason we're not shipping the wider sizes in the USA (not because we don't like girthy ones or anything like that hah). So we're not going to get rid of those sizes in Canada and EU, but instead are trying to bring them to the USA.

thrwawaylegalquery4 karma

What is your best-selling size?

ONEcondoms6 karma

It's a pretty close tie between D22 and E55.

Odd-Eggplant-14834 karma

I'm female have been introducing ONE condoms with my partners for years now. I've been with the same person monogamously for the past couple years now, and haven't had any issues with the average sized that I know of, but would you suggest measuring and trying different myONE sizes even though we havent had any issues?

ONEcondoms7 karma

I mean I'm always gonna say yes check it out, just in case myONE could result in even better sexytime. haha. But different partners it can make it trickier, since generally people don't want to invest in keeping packs of all 60 sizes. But we had an idea! What we're doing now is developing these sampler packs with different sizes from the 4 quadrants of the myONE size chart. So shorter & wider, shorter & tighter, longer & wider, and longer & tighter. Each sample pack would have about 12 condoms (with about 6-7 different size codes). That way, it's easier to keep some different size options available in the night stand (or kitchen cupboard), in case that does become a need.

coryrenton3 karma

are there certain industry standards or requirements for condom materials, etc... that you think are outdated? are there condoms made outside the US that you would like to emulate, but cannot because of these guidelines?

ONEcondoms3 karma

Getting new materials (besides latex) is tricky to get cleared for sale. But we loooove to tinker and innovation is always at the core of our mission. We have some pretty dope products coming down the pipeline, but they're still hush hush. ;)

eugene1273 karma

Wow, this sounds awesome! But how do I know what size to order?

ONEcondoms6 karma

Oh my favorite! We have three easy ways to find your size. 1) Print our FitKit tool and use it to measure length (in the letter codes) and girth (in the number codes). We have a Instagram video of me and George showing you how to do this (fully clothed, don't worry). 2) You can use a measuring tape (or piece of string/paper and a ruler), and then enter your measurements. Or 3) We also have a quick questionnaire about previous condom experiences so you can get closer to a better size. Sometimes people don't feel comfortable measuring, or maybe they can't print a dick measuring tool on the office printer, ya know. Also we do sample kits so you can test some sizes before you buy.

DFWPunk2 karma

What do you suggest for those of us with diminished sensitivity who find sex with a condom at best uninspired, and at worst, impossible?

ONEcondoms2 karma

Have you tried myONE yet? Send us a note at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we'll waive the shipping fee on the sample kit. ;) Sometimes if a condom is squeezing, or what our customers call the red ring of death (Xbox term I learned), that can cause lack of sensitivity. As one example. Lube is also amazing.

Thats_Life_2 karma

Completely serious, are you guys hiring? And less serious, do employees get free condoms?

ONEcondoms5 karma

Email Milla at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and let's talk. Always down to chat with people who want to get involved with the brand. And yes, employees get a lifetime supply of condoms. Can't have a condom company where the health benefits don't include free condoms....and luuuube.

Littlefox19842 karma

Happy birthday one. Any plans to make flavored lubes?

ONEcondoms3 karma

Oh thank you! What flavor you thinking about? Bacon, candy corn? We always get weird, so maybe it's time for some real magic flavor with a lube?

Johntalan2 karma

Is there a size that goes wider than the u22/g22? The length is fine but the base left a red ring.

Edit: Where is the best place to order for import?

ONEcondoms3 karma

We do! We have a size wider, our size 31 width, but right now it's only available in the Europe and Canada through our TheyFit site because it hasn't been approved for sale yet in the United States but we're working on it! All of the different condom sizes have to be tested and studied and ultimately approved by the FDA because condoms are actually considering medical devices.

We hope to have the size 31 for sale in the United States sometime in 2021. *Fingers crossed*

jaykayenn2 karma

How do you manage inventory? Does your production method allow you to arbitrarily make any size and quantity on a dime?

ONEcondoms1 karma

Having 60 sizes is real tricky inventory challenge, not gonna lie. For example you gotta make sure the condoms (that all look the same except a tiny D22 or E55 on the back) go in to the right packages, get the correct size labels and lot coding goes on the retail packs. When it comes to actually making the condoms, it's a major manufacturing challenge. Condoms are made with these cylindrical glass moulds, that get dipped into the latex. So for myONE you have molds in 60 different sizes. Imagine over 3,000 expensive glass on a production line for each size of condom. And then making sure they get dipped exactly the right length, and the wrapper gets the right size code on the wrapper. So the production usually happens once or twice a year, making millions of condoms at once.

TopherRocks2 karma

Absolutely love your work and and myONE line. I truly hope you get the widest audience possible to spread the importance of finding a proper fit.

Has there been any talk about expanding the size of the condom tins? I use size O22 and they're a bit too wide to fit in the tin without needing to get crammed in there. It'd be great to have a tin that fits as well as a properly sized condom does.

Edit: Pretty sure I met Milla for an office tour a few years back during PAX East! Thank you again for opening your doors to me, it was very educational and gave some great insight on how ONE operates.

ONEcondoms2 karma

Oh hey Topher! We miss you here are ONE HQ. I think it's time we send you another goody bag? Yes, the condom tins is another thing in our R&D pipeline. The myONE wrapper diameter is slightly wider than the ONE wrapper (to account for the larger myONE sizes that thus have more latex inside). Those wider tins should be coming out in February 2021. Oooo maybe for Valentine's Day. ;)

FlyffyWiking1 karma

How come all companies has the same widths, like there are only 60mm, 64mm and 69mm condoms, why not any 62mm or 67mm condoms? is it regulations that ban these other sizes?

bossbozo1 karma


ONEcondoms1 karma

There are condom standards that are pretty universal that set how long and short and wide and narrow condoms can be — which has to do with the way condoms are tested for safety. It took really long for those standards to be updated. But finally they were, which now allows us to sell this variety of sizes. Let's hope other brands follow suit and provide more sizes.

harcipulyka1 karma


ONEcondoms3 karma

Never bought followers. Maybe we just have boring content? Give us a little like so we don't feel so bad.

Traust1 karma

Will you ship to Australia at some stage?

ONEcondoms2 karma

Hi! We actually currently ship to Australia through our UK site, here: https://www.theyfit.co.uk/ ;)

bossbozo1 karma

Has the pandemic effected sales? Are people having more sex during lockdowns?

ONEcondoms1 karma

Our sales show people are doing it now more than ever.

Zogak1 karma

Happy THIRD Birthday guys! I love that a condom company tries so hard to please their customer base, aesthetically and physically! Keep up the great work, y’all. :)

ONEcondoms1 karma

Blushing. Thank you!

NYCgiver1 karma

You are the only condoms I've ever enjoyed using, so thank you for that.

What kind of data did you use to arrive at the sizes you did?

ONEcondoms2 karma

You are welcome, we're here for you. The brand was originally called TheyFit, which launched 7+ years ago. When they launched, they had 95 sizes. NINETY FIVE, cool right? But then over time they paired down some of the sizes that didn't have sales. So while we didn't originally develop the sizes, we were definitely involved. What I can say is they were developed to cover a vast range of girths and lengths, and looking at studies that have been done around the world to try and understand the range of penis sizes. There's also still limitations (especially in the USA) when it comes to what sizes you can actually bring to market, due to condom standards (which relates to how condoms are tested for safety).

Gantores0 karma

Hello myOne! I have been a user and subscriber for Perfect Fit Condoms for over 2 years now! I love the product and even advocate for it when I am around other sexy people.

I am wondering as I have been asked a number of times now, but is there a non-latex version in development? If so, any rough idea of a time line?

ONEcondoms1 karma

Unfortunately not yet, but hopefully soon! There's a patent conflict in the USA that currently prevents us from doing so.