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Those who seek special custom fitted condoms tend to do so due to bad experience with normal condoms, thus they tend to buy the correct size and when purchasing the first time, we like to do some trial and error testing by buying the next size larger and the next size smaller.

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I also have a separate suggestion to help get the brand out there, this is slightly more complicated:

1) find the most common length for each width, and go 1 or 2 sizes longer to encompass as many people within that width as possible

2) package each of your 9 widths in rows in a display carton (having 60 sizes all available from a shop is impossible, having 9 is very doable)

3) insert paper work in the box informing customers that they can order different lengths online

4) start offering this limited range in pharmacies/drugstores, supermarkets, sex shops and all sorts of brick and mortar stores that usually offer condoms

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Depends, how much does it pay? And can I work from home?

If you love the suggestions so much, I even have a vague design idea for the 9 width cartons.

Left to right, narrowest to widest 45mm black, blending into 47mm deep violet (think medieval luxury clothing) blending into 49mm dark blue, blending into 51mm sky blue, blending into 53mm teal, blending into 55mm green, blending into 57mm yellow, blending into 60mm orange, blending into 64mm red and for EU and future reference blending into 69mm maroon/wine.

I have many practical reasons for this colouring scheme

1) makes it easy for finding the best size via trial and error

2) makes it ultra easy to pick the exact size in consecutive purchases as the buyer will only have to remember the colour

3) make it easier for shelf stackers to fix the order of the boxes if messed up by customers/make it easier for customers to realise that the boxes aren't in order

4) the continuation via blending of colours makes it visually appealing

5) the darker "manlier" colours are assigned to the narrower sizes, making them more appealing for those who are self conscious on size

6) by having only a band of colour near the bottom of the box, rather than the whole box, it would be easier to show that it is a range rather than each being individual products, and the large font size can be written on the carton/showcase instead of the boxes being sold themselves (regular font would be used on the back), thus having a balance of easy sizing and discreetness

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D22 is 190mm long, 64mm wide,
E55 is 120mm long, 45mm wide.

Literally their widest and their narrowest, their shortest and almost their longest

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Try Skyn or Skyn Large depending on your girth, thank me on Monday