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CoolGuy-Blake10 karma

Have you considered or looked into partnering with Health centers at colleges and Universities? I think I remember my health center at University of Delaware sells 10 condoms for $1, but they are standard Trojans, which do not fit me. So I have had to order online from myONE (which I have really enjoyed by the way!) and it would just be more convenient if I could buy them anywhere on my campus. I get why this would be a tricky thing to implement, but just a suggestion of an idea from my experience :)

CoolGuy-Blake1 karma

I’m not on campus this semester so I haven’t had to go to the health center recently at all, so my connections now would be quite limited unfortunately. But I’m glad to hear this is something you’re interested in :)

My health center only had “one size fits all” (which it very much does not 🤣) condoms and I remember when I asked the lady there if they had any bigger sizes she just didn’t seem to understand .... so I would very much love if you were able to push your product into retail stores!! 😁