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This is definitely something I’ve noticed about myself too! I’ve learned that rather than telling myself “you have to do X for 30 minutes”, I’ll tell myself “you have to do X until 2:30”. For some reason, it is way easier to get myself up and moving with that language.

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What about a university roadshow?! Where you travel to universities, set up a table/booth in their health center or other community area? You could educate students about sexual health, promote the product, and provide samples!

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I am loving reading all of your answers and you seem like someone with so much passion and enthusiasm for life!

I am an engineer currently working in a high intensity, high stress job and it is exhausting. I get home from work (err, right now it’s moving my butt from my home office chair to my couch) and I am just drained. Completely brain dead. I find myself just sitting and staring at the walls, ignoring everything else around me, because I am that burnt out. It feels like 100% of my energy is being used up with work, and I miss having the energy and excitement to do literally anything else. Did you ever feel like that at your corporate job? Has shifting your career helped re-spark some of your zest for life?