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FlyffyWiking3 karma

Any plans on making special versions (ribbed, flavored, faired at the head like magnums, or narrow at the head like RFSU profil, etc.) of your 60 size line up? It kind of sucks that all 64mm condoms are just straight walled with no special gimmick.

How do myONE determine what condom sizing you recommend? Can we get data on risk of breakage/slippage at various girths? How do you test for that?

Do you have any NSFW pictures on how a condom should fit and not fit (without the needlessly overdramatic ones where you can spot that it is too big/small from miles away)? Every company only gives shitty illustrations.

FlyffyWiking2 karma

Do you have any metric chart Like this that shows when a size is too loose or too tight or just perfect?

You should add cm to the FitKit tool.

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Why not team up with a major university and make a proper scientific study on penis size and shape?

Of course, no kudos if you don't also make the data public.

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How come all companies has the same widths, like there are only 60mm, 64mm and 69mm condoms, why not any 62mm or 67mm condoms? is it regulations that ban these other sizes?

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Have you even realized that your naming scheme makes it perfect for vending machines?