Sitting in Hollywood bored. Thought this might be fun. Chris Carter directed the episode. Season 7, episode 13. I worked with The Lone Gunmen and Candace Zimmer.

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DomesticApe23688 karma

How does it feel to be in one of the worst episodes of one of the best shows ever?

I was a featured extra in the nightclub scene in Matrix 3 so I think I might have some idea.

jamiemarshsagactor522 karma

LOLOLOL Thanks for reminding me. You ARE a true fan. It got SLAMMED when it came out. And it was so anticipated because Carter wrote and directed. My residual checks are exactly the same as people who were in the best episodes so..... I could never understand why people hated the episode so much. Pretty sure it was nothing I did so I was ok. I became friendly with Dean Haglund during the shoot and he explained the problem but I'm in blissful denial. Jade Blue Afterglow was smoking hot. And Constance Zimmer is HUGE now. So we were a BIG HIT!!! And now that you mention Matrix 3, I thought I recognized your attitude from that club scene. You were dressed in black right? In that section of that shot??? I knew it was you!

Dragmire800198 karma

You were good in the episode. The writing was not. As far as I remember, they didn’t even explain how the AI was physically killing people, or how Mulder managed to be taken within the program.

Also it made loads of comments over and over about how video games only exits to fuel violent male hormones. And the woman guest star created a female AI because she was surrounded by dudes all day?

Not to mention it doesn’t make much sense for Mulder to be as interested in video games based on everything we see about him. They were just playing on his general nerd vibe

jamiemarshsagactor287 karma

I am an actor. I stopped reading after your first sentence. It was all I wanted and needed to hear. LOLOLOL (sad but true)

regeya6 karma

Heh, I watched every week but the show was so uneven. When it was good, it was great. When it was bad, though; hoo, boy.

Having said that I'm just some schmuck from the Midwest so so I know what would have been better? Of course not.

jamiemarshsagactor16 karma

It was definitely hit or miss. Probably because each episode was like it's own little movie. Don't sell yourself short. Midwestern schmucks are the backbone of this country. LOL.

cellocaster-55 karma

god you're obnoxious

jamiemarshsagactor38 karma

Comes with the profession.

DomesticApe2354 karma

No actually I was wearing a flesh-coloured rubber corset and ballet shoes. I was up on the balcony helping Bruce Spence with his crossword.

Some episodes just fell flat. I don't know what happened with that ep, it was a bit too Hackers in that it was silly.

jamiemarshsagactor55 karma

Ugh. So sorry. That rubber corset must have been sweaty and miserable. LOL. "Back to 1". At least you got to work with a lead. Very nice. Isn't the food amazing on sets? That's something I miss.

DomesticApe2344 karma

The all you can eat breakfast buffet made it all worth it.

That and the money.

jamiemarshsagactor44 karma

The film industry really operates on it's stomach. Crews can't focus or work those long hours if they have to worry about eating. So everyone is way overfed. And 95% of the crews are overweight. When I am on a set I have to remember that all the delicious, high calorie food is for THE CREW and not me. I'm 5'6 and staying thin is a pretty big priority and being fat isn't an option if I want to work.

arcalumis25 karma

When I am on a set I have to remember that all the delicious, high calorie food is for THE CREW and not me. I'm 5'6 and staying thin is a pretty big priority and being fat isn't an option if I want to work.

So that’s why homer got so fat on the set of Radioactive Man? He ate the crew food.

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boddah8714 karma

i like the episode too

jamiemarshsagactor14 karma

It's all subjective! Glad you liked it! A lot of people did/do.

Reynbou8 karma

How much are the residuals?

jamiemarshsagactor8 karma

At this point like a couple hundred bucks a year or so...maybe. Maybe less.

Reynbou4 karma

You know what, kinda more than I thought it'd be to be honest. 😅

Does the income get smaller each year?

jamiemarshsagactor7 karma


jamiemarshsagactor7 karma

It might be less. I honestly don't know.

Really_bad_lipreader2 karma

There were totally worse episodes. That's what was so great about the x-files - something for everyone. Your ep is high on my list. I dont have a question, I just think you should be proud to have such a high profile series on your CV, especially a series that spawned modern geniuses such as Vince Gilligan and David Nutter and Vince Gilligan and Spotnitz and Morgan and Wong and Vince Gilligan...

jamiemarshsagactor7 karma

Thank you. That's a cool thing to say. That's the perfect way to describe it. A high profile episode. You should be my agent.

DrDingaling46 karma

It wasn’t even close to the worst episode. Seasons 8 & 9 were terrible. Plenty to pick from there. First Person Shooter was ok. It felt like a rehash of Ghost in the Machine but with video games spliced into the narrative. Not a bad one off episode. I can think of plenty of worse episodes.

DomesticApe239 karma

I think it's one of the worst episodes. It is also frequently mentioned on 'worst episodes of the x files' lists. So now you know.

jamiemarshsagactor30 karma

I think that is a wonderful distinction. It was polarizing. Admit you remember this episode more than most BECAUSE it got such shit talked about it, whether it deserved it or not. No such thing as bad press. X-Files fans HAVE TO watch this episode. So they can weight in properly. LOL. For me as an actor all I can ask myself is if i believe all my moments...and I do. I like the one where I interrupted Duchovny with the 'Let me'. he also liked that if I remember cause it gave him something to react to. On a level all art is subjective. Like ice cream flavors. You may think Cherry Garcia is a horrible flavor but it's also someone's favorite.

DrDingaling18 karma

Luckily I don’t establish my opinions from buzzfeed or buzzfeed like articles. 😉

jamiemarshsagactor32 karma

And that is why your life is meaningless!!! You need to be informed about what your opinion is!!!!

Dragmire8008 karma

Watched it a few weeks ago. Yikes it was bad. Real bad.

jamiemarshsagactor45 karma

My fingers are in my ears and I am singing loudly!!!!

jamiemarshsagactor195 karma

You guys may have seen my old M&M's commercial which used to run every year on Halloween. Until like two years ago.

digitaljestin90 karma

You should have led with this.

jamiemarshsagactor64 karma


TheSinningRobot2 karma

Screw the X-Files episode. You should lead with this.

jamiemarshsagactor7 karma

I considered that. Is there an M&M's subreddit?? Probably my fragile actors ego prefers being known for a guest star on a legendary series even if it was, as everyone hands down agrees, the worst episode of them all, rather than someone who sells candy to children.

min2themax99 karma

Is Gillian Anderson more attractive in person, and if so, how can that even be possible?

jamiemarshsagactor129 karma

Yes. It is. Her skin glows.

DoYouLikeFish19 karma

Did David Duchovny's skin glow, too? (I had such an intense crush on him when he was making the X-Files, before Tea Leoni and he revealed his so-called sex addiction!)

jamiemarshsagactor43 karma

He was a very handsome man!! I say that with my manliest voice!

DoYouLikeFish20 karma

thank you for replying, and I bet your skin glowed, too!

jamiemarshsagactor18 karma

And yours!

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

You maybe become a sex addict??? Better than drugs or gambling IMAO.

Itzli98 karma

People always talked about how gruelling the schedule on the X-Files was.

Did you feel the process was more exhausting on the x-files set than on any other show or were all the shows back then were too much work due to the 20something episodes per season ?

jamiemarshsagactor138 karma

TRUE. First night (night shoot) I was called at 6pm and released at 5am and NEVER USED. Thinking about it....that may have been a sign there was something wrong with the episode.

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jamiemarshsagactor83 karma

You have a little trailer space. And a couch and place to sit and little bathroom. So you hang out in there and do whatever, read, sleep, text. You can go out and talk to people but that drains your energy and it may be hours before they use you...or one hour. You don't know. You know your lines when you get there (hopefully) but, yeah, you run them with whoever you are working with or whoever is around. And sometimes you have no idea how long they will take so you have to be ready for hours and that is tedious and draining. So I just relax and try not to anticipate too much. Not eat too much or drink too much coffee. It's way different than theater when you know exactly when you go onstage. And thank you. Actors are very insecure and love compliments.

GeeseCanSuckIt11 karma

Do they at least pay you for the time you spend waiting?

jamiemarshsagactor33 karma

Some actors say 'I act for free, It's the waiting I get paid for." LOL

PotBuzz65 karma

Why has God forsaken you?

jamiemarshsagactor91 karma

How much time do you have??

PotBuzz34 karma

I was an extra in a commercial once. I feel your pain. Godspeed brother.

jamiemarshsagactor40 karma

I've never done background work. On a commercial??? Why? That's not pain I've ever felt. Background people and grips deserve nothing but respect!! I was what you call a "Guest Star". Which is basically glorified background. edit. I'll add, I also did some other stuff, probably before you were born. Sooooo forsook or not I'm part of The Borg forever.

PotBuzz5 karma

PS: Leave a note, not a mystery. That's just good manners.

jamiemarshsagactor6 karma

My faux pas. Block print or cursive??

PotBuzz4 karma

Be original. Invent a new language. (But make sure the word "Treasure" is easily deciphered. That's fun for the whole family.)

jamiemarshsagactor11 karma

Scuzeee, me penali de fogooovee mao! Tack så mjewkut!!

deathstyle12347 karma

Is the truth really out there?

jamiemarshsagactor70 karma

Is 'there' out there?

deathstyle12318 karma


jamiemarshsagactor24 karma


deathstyle12321 karma

You really are bored aren't you? Lol

jamiemarshsagactor36 karma

Pppppffff. LOL. edit. Luckily I live right in Hollywood so I can walk around...when there are no riots. Two nights ago protestors attacked a poor guy in a white Prius right up on Sunset. He was just trying to get home. It's pretty crazy here right now. For fun I'm editing myself into premade videos. I saw this and had to be Rodney so I shot my thing under my sink and put myself in it with some music.

deathstyle1235 karma

Seen it. I would have done same thing as him. Glad he was let go. What music do u listen to? U like metallica?

jamiemarshsagactor16 karma

I do like Metallica but it's not something I put on. I like Jam bands. Phish, Dead and Co.. I like the free form improvisation...and the party, LOL. lately I've gotten really into this Psychedelic Bluegrass kid from Michigan, Billy Strings.

deathstyle1231 karma

I like your video lmao

jamiemarshsagactor1 karma


StretchMontague2 karma

I don't man. I haven't been out "there" in 6 months.

jamiemarshsagactor3 karma

To me where you are is 'there' because I'm 'here'. And that's pretty much all that exists.

BFMX44 karma

First Person Shooter was the first episode i watched. I snuck out of my room past bedtime to watch the "scary show" my parents watched. It sucked and never watched X-Files until i was 21. But when that episode came on it held a special place in my heart and actually enjoyed it. Do you have a hobby youre in love with?

jamiemarshsagactor30 karma

I really love cooking and with the pandemic i can cook all the time. Acting is actually still my hobby. LOL

CockGobblin2 karma

I really love cooking and with the pandemic i can cook all the time.

Ever try bat soup?

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

Trying to avoid that flavor.

speeb37 karma

  1. I thought you were saying there was a FPS X-Files game. Do you think such a game could possibly be any good?

  2. As an actor, what has life been like the last few months? Is Hollywood starting to get rolling again, and if so, how have things changed?

jamiemarshsagactor32 karma

I honestly haven't played video games in a while. But it seems like games made for a concept tend to be lacking. Games that come out of an original idea seem to be better. But who knows. I think an episode from 20 years ago isn't going to inspire a game. But I can still sound the same if they want to use my voice. LOL. I do look about 20 years older. #2. It's nice and not so nice. Like everyone. Luckily I have saving, residuals and unemployment so I'll survive. It's made me creative. Not sure this is the place but I was so bored I saw a viral video and decided to edit myself into it. Seriously. This is what I'm doing to not go crazy. And I had no idea who Trailer Trash Tammy was before I made this. Had no idea who they were I just knew i had to be Rodney. So people are thinking outside the box creatively because that's all we can do. LOL

ThisPlaceisHell3 karma

I just want to say for someone who doesn't even really play videogames, your take on what makes for good and bad game designs is actually on point. I guess that's general creativity and design philosophy that can be applied to anything though.

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

I used to play a lot. I think in all art when someone has their own concept it usually works better than something commissioned.

XenAlpha202030 karma

Hey! Contrary to popular opinion, I loved that episode btw. I was wondering if you're acting in anything right now, and if so, what?

jamiemarshsagactor34 karma

No episodic TV in a while. Need a better agent. I was set to do a play in NYC when the pandemic hit. It's a one man show about Truman Capote called Tru.

Butt_Plug_Bonanza25 karma

Who's better equipped to survive the apocalypse, John Connor or Queen Elizabeth?

jamiemarshsagactor61 karma

QE is a Sherman tank. She is as durable as a fire hydrant. My money is on her.

Zoltansmom18 karma

What was it like working with The Lone Gunmen guys? They crack me up

jamiemarshsagactor48 karma

Those guys were....CANADIAN!! Tells you everything you need to know. Super awesome funny down to earth and just a little off.

Zoltansmom7 karma

They seem like they’d be pretty hilarious

jamiemarshsagactor14 karma

Dean and I are still in touch. Super guys. Those days were fun...but even still...lots of pressure.

Zoltansmom3 karma

I can’t imagine what the schedules must have been like. But, probably better than dealing with the quarantine stuff now!

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

Anything is!!

shit_post_her15 karma

Did David fuck everybody on set?

jamiemarshsagactor68 karma

Garry Shandling was there the whole time.....and they did go to his trailer alone a bunch. I don't want to spread rumors but Duchovny did require a special makeup called Dermablend to cover up all the scratch marks on his face and neck. And Garry had very long fingernails so you do the math. It was hush hush. You know Hollywierd! He also turned me onto a great hair product. American Crew Fiber. Still use it. edit /s not sure how seriously people will take me.

shit_post_her14 karma

Thanks for the juicy details!

jamiemarshsagactor13 karma


gallina_libera13 karma

I write from Italy. I watched all the X-files episodes on television when I was a youg girl and I'm reviewing them now on demand. It's amazing to chat with an actor who was on set. Thank you! 👏

- At the time of your performance, did you ever think we would talk about it here after 20 years?

- Why, in your opinion, X-files has withstood the test of time?

jamiemarshsagactor16 karma

No one could have predicted reddit so no. LOL. But I knew it was an iconic series that would last and last like Star Trek. So I knew it would follow me for the rest of my life. Wasn't planning to be in the 'worst' episode. That was a bonus. I think it's the writing and acting and most of all storytelling. It's a really well made show. And it will hold up under time because the work was honest.

Adrien_Jabroni8 karma

It’s only the worst episode with mulder. Not the worst of the series.

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

Thanks for that!! Makes all the difference.

clipboardpencil33 karma

I think its better to be in the worst episode than just a mediocre one no one remembers.

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

I agree!!

gallina_libera3 karma

Thanks for the reply 😊

At the time, X-files had fascinated me because each episode ended leaving so many doubts pending ... I believe that this is still its strength today. In addition to the professionalism of the people who worked on it, like you.

Good luck for your new theater project! And we hope that Covid-19 will soon allow us to restart.

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

Shucks, thanks. It starts at the top and that's Chris Carter. You didn't get near that set unless you were a pro. You are 100% right about the unanswered thing. Now I know how to properly answer that question. That IS what it is about the show. And the production value but like all good entertainment it leaves you satisfied but needing more.

ThomasOMalley7711 karma

Holy shit... just looked you up on imdb. You were in the movie Brainscan with Edward Furlong? How was he to work with?

Brainscan is one of my all time best guilty horror pleasures... awesome movie.

jamiemarshsagactor26 karma

No shit? Wow. Such an obscure film. It is good though. I was Kyle his best friend. He was very nice and so was his family. i didn't realize but at the time he was being molested by his tutor (female) who was in her late 20's and he was 15. It definitely screwed him up. But back then he didn't even smoke pot. I loved making that movie cause I only had to work like 10 days but had to be in Montreal for 6 weeks. Thus the actor saying location/vacation. Montreal is gorgeous in the spring and summer. So amazed you know that movie. Thanks. That was actually the first thing I did after my two year run on Broadway.

ThomasOMalley772 karma

That's fucked up. Didn't know he was molested. Can you tell more about what happened? I feel bad for him because his life has been a rollercoaster ride. Now it makes sense. I've always thought he's a good actor.

Well as far as I know Brainscan have gathered a small cult following. The movie is very grounded and when I watch it, I always feel as if it could happen to me at any minute. A very nerving and satisfying movie to watch.

Did you get to work with Frank Langella? If so how is he to work with?

I just read that John Flynn died in 2007. He also directed Lock Up and Out for Justice, besides Brainscan. He directed a lot of legends during his career. How was the mood on the set and how did John make sure all people working there was comfortable?

Thanks for your answer to my first post. Very exciting.

jamiemarshsagactor4 karma

Wow. Found the link I'll post. I'd rather not comment. Rode fromt he set to the hotel with Mr. Langella once. Took about an hour. Nice man. Lots of stories. John Flynnwas a great guy and wonderful director. Classy and elegant. The set was French Canadian. Very easy going with beautiful stylish people and great food.

arcalumis8 karma

How did you like Stockholm?

jamiemarshsagactor11 karma

I LOVE Stockholm. Having lived there as a kid I see it as a sort of home.

arcalumis5 karma

Well, if you’re ever around some time hit me up.

jamiemarshsagactor11 karma

Hell yeah. I was last there in 2017 but I plan on coming maybe next summer. I stay right near Humlegården. My friend has a place he lets me use when he goes på landet.

arcalumis5 karma

So you already have a bead on all the cool places, that only mean that you can show me all the cool places to go. Being born and raised here can sometimes mean that you miss some stuff :)

jamiemarshsagactor6 karma

I like Gamla Stan for the Irish pubs. But Sodermalm is of course where to go.

arcalumis2 karma

Except when Hammarby is playing. All of söder just turns into frantic fans. But Gamla Stan is nice. I read your wiki article, how long did you stay here?

jamiemarshsagactor3 karma

I was there for 3 years in the 80's

arcalumis3 karma

Nice, I looked at your show reel on YouTube, your acting is pretty good. But I think you were typecast as the 90s computer nerd. Highly energetic but still a bit disconnected from the real world.

Are you finding new gigs these days?

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

I sort of fell into that groove/rut. I'm in the process of getting new representation. I had commercials running which paid my bills so I let things slip agent wise a little. I'm finding where I fit as an older 'character actor'. Going back to my roots in NYC theater when it opens back up and doing a one man play about Truman Capote called Tru.

klsi8327 karma

How many people hit on Krista Allen or asked her about Liar Liar?

jamiemarshsagactor6 karma

Honestly, the only time you saw her in that outfit was on the set. She was a young mom in sweatpants, otherwise. No makeup and just as beautiful. Even though this was before 'me too' someone in her position on a set would get none of that. The sixties must have been fun. LOL Or not.

SushiNommer7 karma

Ice cream or pizza?

jamiemarshsagactor22 karma

Yes!! But reverse the order!!

Reidcjr296 karma

Are you doing any project at the moment?

jamiemarshsagactor11 karma

Not a lot going on but production is slowly gearing back up here in LA. I'm going to be doing a play called Tru about Truman Capote in NYC when theater opens again. At the moment I am just editing myself into funny videos for shits and giggles. Cause I can do that in my apt. This was my very first effort to make a funny video. I stared with one that was already pretty good.

Lonelyexistences6 karma

Do you feel famous? Do you still get recognized? Was it a dream of yours to be famous? Was getting famous a result of your goals?

jamiemarshsagactor23 karma

No. No. Yes. My goal was to actually act. When I was a little kid I saw kid actors and I wanted to do that. Not for any reason except it looked super fun. My first big job was on Broadway and the money and acclaim was sort of a bonus compared to actually getting to freaking act in the show. But then you get used to it. I'm not famous. If you met me you would have no idea I'm an actor. I think more recognition would make my life and career easier at this point. But I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have spent my life doing what I love. It would be nice to have a steady acting job again. Just to relax a little. I guess my goal is to be a regular on a TV series so if that made me a familiar face then the future answer to your question would be yes?? I think??

Lonelyexistences5 karma

Allrught, very interesting answer, thank you! I hope something like that will happen for you!!

jamiemarshsagactor4 karma

Thank you. That's the fun thing about my business. Your life can change in a week.

ImaginarySel46 karma

What's your favorite X-Files episode and what's your favorite X-Men movie?

jamiemarshsagactor23 karma

Obviously mine because I get residuals (money). LOL I mean, the first one holds a special place. But First Class is my personal favorite.

ImaginarySel45 karma

did you watch new mutants, it's like x-files meets x-men

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

Not yet. How is it??

ImaginarySel47 karma

critics are trashing it but I personally liked it

it's worth checking a look once it hits dvd

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

It's on my list for sure! Thanks.

ImaginarySel42 karma

also check out the Helstrom show on Hulu October

it's another marvel horror show

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

Ok. I switch back and forth from Netflix to Hulu because i don't need them both at the same time. When I go back to Hulu I'll watch.

robikini6 karma

You’ve mentioned residuals a couple times. How does that work? Do you get a check every so often? How is it figured out?

jamiemarshsagactor23 karma

Yes. I get a check every so often. I have no idea how it is figured out. When they show it somewhere I get a few pennies and it adds up. Got one a few months ago for like $300. I get that once or twice a year now....I think. From that show.

robikini9 karma

That’s pretty neat given it was 20 years ago and only one episode! I wonder if watching the episode over and over on Hulu would get you more money...?

jamiemarshsagactor20 karma

If it did actors would never leave the house. LOL

dubleon3 karma

What is best in life? Is it Gillian Anderson?

jamiemarshsagactor9 karma

Probably for that Canadian crew member she married.

pehmette3 karma

Did you ever play The X-Files FMV game?

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma


throwawayrightthere3 karma

Are you rich? Is breaking in as tough as I’m told? Do you need to have another job until you’re like the star of your own show?

jamiemarshsagactor18 karma

Not rich. Not poor. Have been flush and broke. It's usually feast of famine for actors. LOL. I have been SUPER lucky with commercials. Breaking in in incredibly tough and i got super lucky when I was 24 and got cast in a Broadway play when I was totally unknown that became a huge hit.

yeskitty3 karma

As Australia wakes up I have to know - are you still bored?

jamiemarshsagactor3 karma

Perpetually!!! (I'm assuming my character said that...I need to watch the episode again, LOL)

travisdeahl7243 karma

Have you met any famous person besides the x-files people?

jamiemarshsagactor12 karma

I co starred with Kevin Spacey in Broadway in 1991before he was famous. In my work you do meet working actors some of who are famous. Some handle it better than others. Fame is just a form of power.

travisdeahl7246 karma

Oh alright, what was it like working with Kevin spacey?

jamiemarshsagactor33 karma

Yeeeeeaaah. Everyone pretty much knows what it was like to work with Kevin. I was 24 so I was an adult and he never really crossed a line. He put out creepy vibes and I actually switched from briefs to baggy boxers because I had to do a quick change backstage right before his entrance and someone told me he would stare at me. That wasn't cool. I was always amazed that he never realized it would all catch up with him. Because he really is a brilliant guy in many ways. He was allegedly abused as a child. Not that that's an excuse. He's honestly lucky he's not in jail and Anthony Rapp and the other accuser deserves whatever money he can get from him in court.

travisdeahl7246 karma

Oh ok, what was it like to work in Broadway?

jamiemarshsagactor18 karma

Relentless. Thrilling. Exhausting. I did Lost in Yonkers 800 times in two years. With two two week vacations. It's your life. It's always on your mind. You are always aware of how long until you have to be onstage. I had three alarm clocks. It is so satisfying (if you are in a good play) because you get to do your whole performance and get instant rewards. Applause. People at the stage door asking for autographs. Strangers in restaurants telling you how amazing you were earlier that evening. It can be a heady ego trip. But the work is relentless and hopefully that grounds you if you have a strong technique and love what you are doing and the play.

travisdeahl7242 karma

Oh ok, I saw Aladdin on Broadway and bunch of shows at new world stages. What were some of your favorite restaurants in new York city?

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

Joe Allen and Orso are the places to go in the Theater District.

dangil2 karma

Are you sure you are not Bill Mummy?

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

Danger Will Robinson!!! I'm busted. As a kid i was so jealous he got to be on Lost in Space and play with the robot!! He is my personal Will Wheaton!!

imadragonaniloveit2 karma

What's the possibility of being an extra on a show or movie and how much money does that kind of job make?

jamiemarshsagactor6 karma

Very possible. If you just want to see what it's like you can do non-union background which can pay $50- a few hundred for the day. You can find that online in Backstage or Actors Access or something. You get treated like cattle but you are on a set and get to see how it all works. You'll be bored before the day is done....unless you're 'special'. LOL.

Permanenceisall2 karma

How did you get into acting? I was planning on relocating from the bay to LA to get serious about work but obviously that seems pointless now. Would you recommend giving it a shot or waiting until work picks up again? Btw don’t worry I don’t think we’d ever read for the same thing. Props to you for doing it! Acting can be grueling but nothing feels better than getting to do what you love and getting a paycheck for it so more power to you brother!

jamiemarshsagactor5 karma

You def have to be here or NYC to do it right. It's going to pick up soon. Unless you are incredibly good looking, take a class. Have some chops.

Sventington2 karma

what are you reading, if anything, these days?

jamiemarshsagactor9 karma

I'm working on a one man show about Truman Capote right now called Tru. So when I'm not memorizing the two 45 minute monologues I'm reading his stuff. Conversations with Capote is amazing. Also Other Voices Other Rooms. I think I was somewhere and read a pamphlet of a book 'Pure Drivel" by Steve Martin. Perfectly titled. I've always loved Steve Martin. Also the Mike Nichols book. Where people talk about him.

TheDreamreamer2 karma

Is the this only moment that you define your life by? Or has there been other things that are worth sharing?

jamiemarshsagactor4 karma

Nope this is the peak. it's downhill from here.

therankin2 karma

I'm definitely a huge X-Files fan and watched it every week.

First Person Shooter still sticks with me.

Have you heard any mutterings of another possible reboot, or was the last one pretty much it?

jamiemarshsagactor8 karma

No one has contacted me! I'm available!!

TheMysticFez1 karma

Do you like The Beatles?

jamiemarshsagactor2 karma

Am I human??

PorchHonky-2 karma

Have you ever seen a titty?

jamiemarshsagactor7 karma

My favorite movie as a child was Titty Titty Bang Bang!