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When I am on a set I have to remember that all the delicious, high calorie food is for THE CREW and not me. I'm 5'6 and staying thin is a pretty big priority and being fat isn't an option if I want to work.

So that’s why homer got so fat on the set of Radioactive Man? He ate the crew food.

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That's true, but the song took two years to end up as a single, and the Tiësto remix kind of made the song famous outside of Deleriums fans.

And the first remix to hit was the Airscape remix, and it was that version that was used in the music video, so yes. The original album version was a down tempo pop song, but the commercially successful versions were trance versions.

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Is there a podcast about those bolts? I’ve been subscribed to your podcast since I saw Mars’ podcast but I listen to the episodes that intrigue me and I can’t remember an episode about break away bolts.

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How did you like Stockholm?

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At what distance should people stand nest to each other at a bus stop? 3 ft. sounds reasonable to me.